EA's Godfather engine retooled for five different franchises

An industry analyst claims that Electronic Arts plans to make back its investment into the costly Godfather engine by using it to power five different games, including a sequel to the original Godfather game and EA's new Simpsons title.

By Eugene Huang

According to a report today from GamesIndustry.biz, Electronic Arts is aiming to counter the financial losses incurred through development of the open-world engine used in their Godfather series of games. According to industry analyst Todd Greenwald, the publisher plans to adapt the engine for use with five more titles, including both the company's high-profile Simpsons title, as well as a planned sequel for the Godfather series.

In Greenwald's report, written shortly after personally visiting EA's Redwood City offices, the NCP analyst shows confidence in the company's upcoming lineup, particularly their brand new Simpsons title. As for The Godfather 2, Greenwald states that the timing of the title's release is currently "unknown", given its early stage of development.

Also receiving praise was MySims, currently in development for the Nintendo Wii. Greenwald feels that the title will do well with Nintendo's staple demographic, especially in the Japanese territory.

As for his assessment of Pogo.com, EA's venture into the casual market, the analyst currently believes that it has room for improvement.

"Pogo.com looks like an undervalued asset within EA. [It] has yet to meaningfully expand beyond the United States," he concluded.

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