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Because You Smile when I Sing (Manga) V01 (End)

Because You Smile wh

Teen 13+

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From the Creator of Fruits Basket!

Pop band vocalist Atsushi, has always been thought of by others as a 'scary person' because of the facial expression he was born with and his disinclination to speak. For him, Anzu was the only one who had ever smiled wholeheartedly upon meeting him, but when they are to meet again in high school, Atsushi discovers Anzu has changed completely. What can a boy do to see that smile again? Featuring a collection of heart warming short stories from Natsuki Takaya!

Release Information

Release Date: 10/08/2008
Format: Manga
Catalogue: HA78900
ISBN: 978-981-276-321-1

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