California Academy of Sciences Library


Coast Redwood Forest Ecology and Management

A thesis by Terry A. Spreiter, James F. Franke, and David L. Steensen.


A Coast Redwood Primer

Facts and tidbits on the Coastal redwoods.


Humboldt Redwoods State Park - Day Hikes

A description of fun summertime activities and hiking trails at Humboldt Redwoods State Park.


Index of Species Information; Species: Seqouia sempivirens

U.S. Forest Service plant/tree database.


Northern California Redwood Groves

Presents information about Northern California’s Coastal Redwoods - the Ancient Redwoods.


NPF Guide, Muir Woods National Monument

A thorough guide about Muir Woods National Monument forest including directions, accessibility, lodging, etc…


Redwood Genus Description

Descriptive physical traits characterizing the Redwood (Sequoia).


Save the Redwoods League

A non-profit group dedicated to the preservation of redwood forests.


Sequoia sempivirens

Includes descriptions, photos, distribution maps from a Gymnosperm database.


WHY NO CUT? My trip to the Redwoods by Russell D. Hoffman

A consideration of the complicated environmental and political issues regarding the California Redwoods with links to landscape photos of various Redwood forests.

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