Annam & Tongking

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Stamp Issues

Dates: 1888 - 1892
Currency: 100 centimes = 1 franc
Album: Indo-China Territories


Annam flag
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Tongking, also spelt Tonkin, is the northern part of Vietnam. Annam comprises most of central Vietnam.
Capital: Hanoi
Frontiers: Tongking is bounded by China (north); Gulf of Tongking (east); Annam (south); Laos (west). Annam is bounded by Tongking (north); Cochin China (south); South China Sea (east); Cambodia and Laos (west).
Language: Vietnamese and French.
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism


1884 Annam & Tongking became French protectorates following war with China.
1887 Included in Indo-China with Cambodia and Cochin China.
1888 (21 January) One issue was released with 9 stamps. These stamps were French Colonial Commerce types overprinted A&T plus a surcharge of either 1 or 5 centimes.
1892 The issue was replaced by stamps of Indo-China.
1893 Laos was added to the union.
1949 (14 June) Annam & Tongking became part of the new colony of Vietnam.
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