Ma's breug bhuam e, is breug dhomb e.

This week in Haunted Scotland / Taken from Issue 1 / E-Published 11th January 1997

Spring Heeled Jack

    Ex-Army Officer Mr. Marshall, now works as a salesman and it was on one of his regular trips to Ayrshire that he contacted me regarding a strange and rather disturbing encounter he experienced in the summer months of 1986. Although at first quite embarrassed to tell me the details, he stressed that he was not a person who usually experienced these kind of things and did not believe in ghosts, UFO's etc, but he had to at last get it off his chest and this is the first he has told anyone of the experience.

    While in South Heredfordshire, Mr. Marshall, (Who does not want his Christian name known) was at the time riding along a quiet country road not far from the Welsh border. A movement in the field to his left caught his eye and he was astounded to see a strange figure of a man physically leaping high hedgerows in great bounds, in fact it looked as though he was gliding above the ground.

    Suddenly the 'man' leaped onto the road and as he glided past Mr. Marshall he slapped him so hard across the face that he fell to the ground, leaving the red imprint on his check for several hours afterwards.

    As he slapped Mr. Marshall, Jack if indeed that is his name, gave out an almighty cackle of a laugh and carried on with his journey across the fields. It all happened so fast Mr. Marshall was dum shocked with his senses haywire. He describes 'Jack' as wearing a type of black ski-suit and having an elongated chin. Other than that he cannot say only he seemed to defy all the laws of gravity pertaining to man.

    As most people know 'Spring Heeled Jack' terrorised London in the 1900's. A terrifying spectre who pounced on his unsuspecting victims, before bounding away with impossible large leaps.

    Fire breathing Jack would sometimes cause severe injuries and shock to his victims. He is first mentioned as being in existence in 1817. He dresses in slan tight suits and has protruding eyes, He has also been reported as wearing, "An ornate crest .... and in gold the letter W ". (Maybe we should change his name).

    As his name suggests 'Spring Heeled Jack' is able to jump fantastic heights and lengths in a single bound. His appearances petered out around the turn of the century. Although there are reports of him re-appearing in the 1970's around the Liverpool area. Any person out there with information on this evil, enigmatic figure, then I would love to hear from you.

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