The Secret History of the Other Hollywood
  Adult film star and director Jane Hamilton a.k.a. Veronica Hart
July 23, 2001

Court TV Host: We're going to be talking toVeronica Hart a.k.a. Jane Hamilton. She was on last night's documentary The Secret History of the Other Hollywood. We're very pleased to be joined by adult film director and star Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart. Welcome!

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Thanks, it's great to be here!

Court TV Host: Before we start, what did you think of the documentary last night?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Unfortunately, I had a houseful of teenagers and didn't feel it was appropriate to watch! I need to see the repeat!

albert_300: The TV show last night seemed to indicate that porn films are now mainstream. Would you agree?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Well, they're now legal and being talked about by the New York Times, radio shows and Primetime Live. I'd say we're much more mainstream than we used to be!

mustang_man72: Has your acting ability helped you in your directing ability?

chickenliver10016: How hard was it to switch from being a porn actress to being a director?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: I think it helps the more jobs you know on a set. I had directed plays before - got a B.A. in theatrical arts from UNLV. I think it does help to be an actress. I don't ask anyone to do anything I wouldn't do or at least wouldn't fantasize about!

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: It wasn't hard switching over. I was married to a cameraman/lighting director - I always hung out with the technicians. It was pretty natural.

sdoh23: How did u get into porn?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: I rented a room in NY from Roy Stuart and he used to get into the movies by bringing ladies in. He saw my acting resume and my modeling pictures, and he knew I liked sex!

afirefighterguy: What are you looking for when you choose your stars?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: It depends on the part that I'm casting. If the story requires a lot of acting, then I need a good actor. I love working with people who are happy doing what they are doing and who care about their work. Obviously, they should be good sexual performers and be attractive too!

skysdli465: Was it hard to get into the business?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Not really. Like most things in my life, it wasn't something I sought out, it more or less just happened. I had to make the choice, and I had to say yes, but that was it!

sandman270us: Does your houseful of teens know what you do?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Of course, my kids know what I do. It's very important that they know who I am as a person, even though my personal choices sometimes make their life more difficult. One of the other young ladies is the daughter of Kelly Nichols so obviously she knew. As for her friend?????

docko_99: Do you let the actors and actresses try to be themselves or do you have specific ideas in your head to put on screen

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: A lot of times I have very specific ideas. I'm a director, and I like to tell stories. So, when I cast, obviously I try and cast them in parts where I think they will be successful and believable!

Preston_RC: What impact do you think that the Internet has had on the adult film industry?

Marty2634: Hello Veronica, describe what "impact" the Internet has had on the adult porn industry, and where do you see it heading in the future?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Well, I get to talk to you all, and I haven't even left my office! Seriously, it's made our business a lot more accessible than ever before. We've always pushed technology. Adult was huge in VHS tapes, huge in the Internet and now huge in DVD markets. VCA has some amazing products. If you like the genre please visit

EvrEddie: What is the likelihood that there will be more effective "cross-over" movies? (i.e., "Flashpoint" moved things forward w/regard to better plots, but still can't touch even the worst Hollywood movies)

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: See my film "Taken." It's pretty good. Ginger Lynn is amazing as an actress. We were close in the early seventies but then the VCR technology shot us out of the water. France is doing "artcore," and I think that's the most successful blend. Like "Romance" and "Baise Moi." They're too violent and not my kind of movie but at least they are combining sex in movies instead of just having a sex film.

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: I'd love to make that film that had maybe one or two hard core scenes in an otherwise "legit" movie. Wow, imagine showing sex as a natural part of life and relationships, but not the only part. Just think...

johnny_rockin: What did the porn industry teach you?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: That even though I'm involved in the business, I'm not responsible for everyone in it and all the products that are made. It's like anything else, there are great people and projects and wretched ones as well. It made me be a normal person in that it allowed me the attention I craved as a performer!

altlit: You had a small role in P.T. Anderson's BOOGIE NIGHTS? How did that come about?

hockey7142001: Was "Boogie Nights" an accurate depiction of the industry?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: PT is a great guy and a fan of the genre. Ron Jeremy got me in touch with Paul. I think he's amazing and has done a lot to mainstream us by writing a movie about our business that in itself wasn't pornographic. He's turned into a friend.

bobbyed53: Sharon Mitchell spoke very highly of you in the previous chat. What more can you and other filmmakers do to help the people she is reaching out to?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Sharon is amazing and helps so many of the people in our business as well as the companies. What can I do? Be a decent human being is a good start.

cefrey68: Do you find that the porn industry has been bad to women?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Have regular movies been bad to women? Is radio bad to women? How about printed material? There are some projects I don't like and I think are misogynistic. I don't stand up for them and don't care to defend them. But at the same time I realize there are people out there that think what I do is as heinous as what I think other pornographers do that I don't like.

myladykira: Why do most porn movies have that awful music? Can't they use more contemporary songs?

e_lust: Hi you have any plans to change the soundtracks to porn movies?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: I like the music in my movies. I use a lot of songwriters. But obviously our budgets are limited. What I contract for is not always what I end up getting. Check out my movies on VCA and we'll talk about particular instances. Also, it makes for great cliches to use that "chukka chukka pow pow" music to satirize stuff. If you don't like the music, turn down the sound and put your own music to it!

adultdvdtalk: Veronica - can you tell us a little about your new movie "Crime and Punishment?"

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: It's with Ashlyn Gere who is a most amazing actress. She plays a dual role in it - the girl is just not right! She's a cop whose best friend is murdered and she sets out to find the killer. Ginger Lynn makes an appearance in the movie. Herschel Savage, Kylie Ireland, Wanda Curtis, Nick Mannings, Tyce Bune, Mark Davis and Alex Foxe are also in it.

wolfie_AA: Hi, Jane. That was you as the dead porn star on Six Feet Under? I laughed my ass off!

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: You bet that was me. But those were not, I repeat, those were not my breasts. They were prosthetics that took about four hours each morning to put on! What an amazing show to be a part of. Alan Ball and Kathy Bates rock. And they are down to earth real people as well!

sparrow992001: Do you think the industry has changed for the better or did you like it better when you were performing?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: It's a mixed bag. But on the whole I think I liked the way it used to be.

albert_300: Do you remember an actress named Serena, from the early 70's? She made a film or two with Johnny Keyes as I remember. Just wondering what happened to her.

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Serena got out of the business and has since moved away from San Francisco. She is one who has chosen to distance herself from this business. Yes, there is life after porn!

lilithot: Do you expect growth in your industry in the next five years?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Of course. It is and will continue to be huge. Sex appears to sell!

oc1285: Have you ever done anything that you regretted later?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Not on the screen, except for over acting and things like that! In my personal life, I have hurt people unintentionally and those things I regret. But that happens very seldom. I love my life even when it sucks!

ki_tree: Was the softcore film "Cleo/Leo" done from a "neo-feminist" point of view ?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: What's a neo-feminist point of view? Obviously he realizes what a chauvinistic pig he's been by having the experience of being a woman!

sandman270us: Are you as a person accepted by mainstream society, or frowned upon?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Yes. Both, people are either very intrigued and glad to know me or repulsed by my chosen profession. It's more difficult on our families than it is on us.

EvrEddie: Porn is always on the cutting edge, technologically. What is the next big innovation?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: I'm not sure. And I can't give any secrets away on the things I do know about. Virtual sex, with real interactivity would be a great thing. DVD's are our biggest innovation right now. Fantasex is fun - you actually get to be part of the action and feel like you're the one making love to our stars, like Marilyn Chambers, Juli Ashton, Ginger Lynn, Julie Meadows, Chloe, Kylie Ireland and Stacy Valentine to name a few!

grefter2000: What is fantasex?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: It's where you get to be part of the action. We shoot the sex from a point of view so it looks like its your hand or other body part caressing touching probing or prodding our delectable ladies. It's the safest sex you can have. And how often do you get to make love to a star?

tenaciousd27: Any truth to the rumors that the mob has its hands deep in the adult entertainment industry?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: Boy, I wish you really were tenacious d. Those guys are great. The mob had its hands in everything at one time. But everybody has gotten so clean and so corporate and so legit now, they can't even be guaranteed a comp in Las Vegas anymore!

sandman270us: Do you finance your own movies? What is the avg. cost?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: No, I'm lucky to work for a fabulous production company called VCA Pictures. They finance the movies. Budgets can run anywhere from $25,000 to $200,000. Mostly they are between $30,000-60,000.

Court TV Host: A number of people have asked about safe-sex precautions that you take on the set...what are they?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: VCA is a condoms-only company. All of the sex except for oral is done with a condom. Even if you're married to the performer you're having sex with.

posthumorly: So what are your new projects and what's new in them?

Jane Hamilton/Veronica Hart: "EdgePlay" with Marilyn Chambers. She's incredibly hot in this one as well as always being a fabulous actress, "Taken" with Ginger Lynn, "Dangerous Games" with Chloe, Sinful Rella (a farce) with Julie Meadows, and now the upcoming "Crime and Punishment" with Ashlyn Gere. Also, look for an animated series that I produce and that the amazing Michael Ninn directs called "Playboy's Dark Justice". Check out Michael's stuff at He is just an amazing artistic animal. And thanks so much for your questions. I'm sorry I didn't get to answer even more of them. Please look for as well as my own - should be up in a month or so! Much love and a happy, healthy rewarding sex life to you all!

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