498th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)
498th Medical Company (Air Ambulance)

This website is dedicated to those  Aviators and Crew Members who served with the 498th in The Republic of Vietnam.


The 498th Medical Company (Air Ambulance) was originally constituted in the Regualar Army as Company C, 57th Medical Battalion, on 13 January 1941, and activated on 10 February 1941 at Ft Ord, California. On 10 September 1941, the unit was reorganized and redesignated as the 498th Collecting Company, and after serving in WWII, was inactivated at Camp Shanks, New York on 24 October 1945. The 498th was designated the 498th Preventive Medicine Company on 11 September 1950 and activated that year at Fort Sam Houston,Texas. The Unit was reorganized and rededicated the 498th Medical Company on 19 June 1953, only to be inactivated on 24 September 1956 at Ft. Meade, Maryland. On 23 September 1964 the unit was activated as an Air Ambulance Company at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas and, under the Command of L/Col. Joseph Madrano, was deployed to Vietnam, and served in Vietnam until October 1971 when it was relocated to Ft. Benning Georgia. The 498th was inactivated on 16 May 2006 (see link to cermony at lower-left).  A PROUD HISTORY!



It’s a voluntary assignment with a job description that reads, “Individuals must be willing to fly unarmed helicopters into war zones. To rescue the wounded. Under enemy fire.” What kind of individual willingly accepts this type of job? Meet the men and women of DUSTOFF – an historic and heroic term born of the Vietnam War from the call sign of the helicopter ambulance units and their crews who transported the wounded off the front lines of battle, provided medical care in transport, and delivered them safely to the rear for further medical care - or died trying. This Dustoff legacy has its roots in the Vietnam War and continues to present day Afghanistan and Iraq…a legacy that Arrowhead Film & Video first explored in its award-winning documentary, In The Shadow Of The Blade.


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Check this web-site often and pass the info on to other members of the 498th.  Get the word out, pull pitch and help all you can!

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