The "Seagull Program" is a typical LGAT as far as I can tell from your
page; first level is called "Basic", 4 days $495.

Day 1:  

Why are you here?  ( 5-6 hours of sharing)
Trust walk process (I trust you etc . . .)
Buddies (with the person you picked as someone you would trust least)


Day 2:  

More Why are you here?  or processing of those whose buddies blew out.
Red Black game - Its more of a how do you screw other people in life process.
How is this a mirror of your other relationships.  What was the goal?  What 
does it mean to win?  Can there be a true "win" when there is a loser?
I almost abstained from voting when I did red-black.  I did not want to
play a win lose game with the other group; or with those in
my group.   Got everyone to agree to vote Black but we could
never tally the vote (wich required recognizing every

Feedback Arcs (Living Mirror) Process

Clear Plastic Bag - 
The basic process (lasting about 15 minutes) is to imagine a
clear plastic bag.  Then to put everything about you in the
bag.  Everything: beliefs, attitudes, your body, your car,
your feelings about your car and on, and on.
The climax is to notice that YOU are not "in" the bag -- you
are who is observing the bag."


Day 3:   

Sharing, maybe a trust fall,
Emotional release of Mom, Dad, others, self -- beating on chairs
Inner Child experience (this was pure magic for me, wonderful!)
John Denver's "I want to live"
Dinner break  (Day one and two start at 6:00pm; day 3 and 4 at 11:00)
Victim accountability lecture
Sing "The Impossible Dream" solo on stage (break through the last walls of fear)
Hug confront - Line up in two circles facing each other. Voting is by showing
fingers. One for no contact. Two for looking at each other, three for shaking
hands, and four for a hug. Most everyone votes to hug. 


Day 4:    

"Be Ye therefore Perfect" lecture

"What do you want" process

Dinner break -- touch a stranger's life in a positive way
Sign up for next level
Retreat building process (again, very powerful for me) - Imagine 
building a "retreat" in your favorite place in nature. Describe
your feelings about that retreat as a reflection of your self.


Level 2 is called "Advanced", starts at 11 am each day

Day 1: 

Clearing, sharing, creation statment
Lecture on levels of awareness
Alternative names  Get in touch with that part
of you that is holding you back from having what you say you
want.  For some it may be their perception of themselves as
ugly, stupid, whimpy, overly analytical, violent, disloyal,
etc.  Whatever.

Then on the dinner break, ask your buddy for assistance:
What is your most nerdy quality; then come up with an
alternative name for each other.

After dinner the staff and trainer suggest names.  Mine was
Judge, Jury, and Executioner (hit my self-aggrandizing 
button fairly hard).
Others include: The exterminator, Daddy's plaything;
Barbie's grandma; Jabba the Butt; Sell-it cheap, stuff it
deep; Grateful Dead, Death wish Junkie . . . etc.

Lifeboat Process

Day 2:  

Sharing about how the alt name is a mirror of your life
Catharsis -- like Mom and Pop in Basic but in
freefall, I've seen some real lasting "miracles" here for many
people in the training.
Then a guided visualization to the retreat from
Basic, and discovery of your contract: (Eg I am an abundant,
caring, joyful man) and the alternative name is torn up.

Later comes a lecture on how we will always be our nerd. 
Nothing changes.  There is no hope.  The way out is through.
Love your nerdy part to heal.

Then the staff comes out from the back table dressed as
nerds (which is the most fun moment in staffing) and opens
the space for the trainees to take on their stretch
assignments -- from nerd to whatever . . .

Contracts  "I am a . . . . (wo)man


Stretch group assignments


Day 3: Stretch day!

On Stretch day in "Advanced", they have maybe 10 groups of
trainees, with 5-9 in each group; gouped together by their
nerdy qualities.  Each stretch is very different.  The idea
is to stretch first into your nerdiness, then into your

Other stretches are: 
Punk Rockers to Cupid and Mother Nature
Morticians to Kiss 
Soap Opera whiners to Paula Abduhl
Jimmy Swagart/Jim Bakker to Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Spoiled yogurt to butterflies
Cows to Belly Dancers
Cartoon heros to Ballerinas
It sounds stupid, I suppose; but it was one of the best days
of my life.  Seagull sets it up as a very powerful stretch --
first identifing what is holding you back; then owning the
opposite of that.  For me, I was always the nerdy kind of 
guy in high school; really feeling like a rock star, and
receiving all that support from 60 plus others watching us,
was something of a turning point for me.

Abudance table - Just before
the abundance table in Advanced, they tell the story of Mary
washing Jesus' feet and then play Neil Diamond's Mary
Magdelene.  There are bowls and washcloths and most trainees
choose to wash each other's feet before sharing the food on
the table (mostly fruits and small deserts).

Tunnel of love (hugs)

Day 4: 

I don't remember all the details.  Creation statements are a part of the day.

"Leadership Program" is 3 weekends over 7 weeks with phone calls during
the week.

First weekend:  A FANTASTIC ropes course, trust falls, The
Perch, The Ring, Lifeline, Acid River, Shark island, Partners, The Wall.  

Second weekend: Abundance (affirmations etc)

3rd weekend Enrollment (vision sharing and signing up
friends for the next Basic)

4th weekend: Celebration; flying each other, etc.