Friday February 8th

by René “Arres” Valen
Far Cry 2 Community Developer

In a prior video post, our Producer LP asked for your questions regarding the PC and console versions of Far Cry 2. In today’s update, our dev team answer some of those questions. Please note that due to the volume we were unable to answer every single one.

Dominic Guay – Technical Director

Will Far Cry 2 be the same game for all platforms? (posted by Achilles)

--It will be the same game. We push to make use of each platform’s specific strengths, to offer the best possible quality for each player. We do not hesitate to make selected things differently if it is for the better, say for controls or user interface for example. But at the core, it is the same game experience, with the same game features and the same game world.

Will the console editions come with a level editor? (posted by man_o_brass)

--The game will ship with a level editor/map maker. There will be a PC level editor and a console level editor and although a bit different, they share most of the functionalities.

Can't remember if this has been discussed, use of Physx hardware? (posted by bren2106au)

--No Physx hardware. However, the engine and game makes extensive use of multi core or multi GPU systems.

Clint Hocking – Creative Director

What kind of maintenance/repair will be required to keep guns working properly? (posted by man_o_brass)

-- Guns don't require ongoing maintenance. The reliability simulation of fire-arms is limited to a constant slow degrading of the weapon over time and through use. The longer you have a weapon and the more you use it, the more likely it will be to misfire. When a misfire occurs, you are forced to either switch weapons or to un-jam the weapon (or in the case of rockets or grenades that fail to launch - you better run). Over the course of the game the player is able to acquire field manuals for each of the game's weapons. These manuals effectively slow the deterioration of the players weapons, making them last longer, and making them less likely to misfire.

It seems we'll be out in the wilderness for a long time. Will we be required to eat? Drink? (posted by man_o_brass)

-- No. We didn't simulate the need to eat and drink, however, we have fresh food and water pick-ups liberally scattered around the world that act to restore a small amount of health.

Will there be animals, and if so, how many? And how significantly do they affect gameplay? (posted by SplinterCell_37)

-- Yes there are animals. Lots of them. We have concentrated our efforts on creating and simulating the behaviours of large herds of grazing herbivores - gazelles, zebras, buffalo, wildebeest - etc. Animals do not have a major effect on gameplay, but they can complicate the situation on occasion. Typically animals will flee the player or enemies when they detect them. Sometimes, enemies will chase or shoot at animals.

There are two obvious consequences that most often emerge from these simple behaviours. First, the player will sometimes be detected by animals when he is trying to stealthily approach an area. The alerted animals will flee and they can be detected by the enemy AI. The enemy will wonder what scared the animals, and this can lead to the player needing to adapt to a suddenly aware enemy, or can push him to withdraw and find another approach. Second - and this one is helpful to the player - sometimes enemy AI will see an animal and will leave his post to stalk and attempt to kill the animal. When this happens, the player is sometimes able to take advantage of the hole opened in the enemy defences to enter an area.

In both cases, however, it is only patient and cautious players who are likely to witness these behaviours. Run-and-gun types who charge headlong into every encounter with guns blazing are likely to scare away any animals and alert any enemy AI before they even see a gazelle.

Could you further clarify to what extent the malaria will influence you both in terms of appearance as well as traits? (posted by Achilles)

-- Malaria has no impact on your physical appearance; however, it has an important impact on your health. Essentially we manage the health progression over the course of the game using malaria. In the beginning, the player's maximum health is very low and he is very vulnerable. He has constant malaria attacks and needs to get medicine. By working for the civilian Underground the player will be able to get medicine to ward off the symptoms of his malaria and increase his maximum health. However - at the same time, in order to complete his mission and assassinate the Jackal, the player will need to take missions for the two factions and will begin to earn a reputation as an infamous bastard.

Eventually - depending on how you play - your infamy will become so apparent that the Underground will stop trusting you and will refuse to provide you with medicine. At that point, your health will start to fall and your malaria will start to worsen, and you will be forced to be even more ruthless and cold-blooded in order to press your advantage and complete your mission before you succumb completely to your disease.

Does wind speed affect grenade trajectory? Flame propagation speed? Hang gliding? Sound travel? (posted by man_o_brass)

-- Wind direction and speed does not affect bullet or grenade trajectory. At the typical engagement ranges in Far Cry 2 - often around 20 to 30 meters, having wind impact these factors would make hitting a target close to impossible. Wind does not affect vehicles or hang-gliding speed - though we are not finished tuning the behaviour of the glider, and this is something we will investigate in the polishing phase. Wind does not physically affect sound propagation, speed, or travel; however, we have numerous dynamic audio filters in place so that sounds have much more resonant booms depending on the terrain and weather.

Finally - yes - absolutely wind direction and speed (and all weather factors) impact fire propagation, direction, and speed. Fire is a core element of the gameplay and learning to read the wind and use it in combination with fire can be a powerful advantage in combat.

LP Pharand - Producer

How will the console versions affect the release date? (posted by Portchyboy)

--We are making one game for all platforms. PC being the main one, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 being the others. But it’s not just any port: it’s the same game, and as of today, the console development has caught up with the PC.

So what that means… PC will always be ahead of the other two, but these two are close behind.

What is your team work division like for these titles? (posted by CuZ)

--We were able to create a very effective pipeline from the start so we could have a minimal PC requirement that would be accessible to a lot of gamers. That development permitted us to make a cost efficient cross over to the console. We are not making three different games; it’s the same game on all platforms.

It’s not free, but let’s say that the console team are rather small and mostly engineers and a few people from each department. Our great engine (and great engineers and craftsmen) give us a lot of flexibility. You guys will see soon what I mean.

Alex Amancio – Art Director

Will/does the game look better than Crysis? (posted by bren2106au)

--This question is obviously very subjective and there are always people that will both try to compare and vouch for either title as looking better than the other. However, the games and universes portrayed are very different and extremely hard to compare. While Crysis went for a hyper realistic style, a tropical island setting and an obvious sci-fi feel, Far Cry 2 plunges into something grittier and more primal. Our game changes the setting drastically and leads the player to a stylized, gritty, low tech universe where the player is forced to get down and dirty. Everything in the game is built around this principle and the universe is ever evolving on all fronts; from the destructibility, to the dynamic time of day and weather system, to the vehicles that you drive and the guns that you shoot that get dirtier, older and end up malfunctioning, Far Cry 2 is built around a living universe. The PC version of Far Cry 2 will hold up to anything out there… and not just on an insane PC configuration. As for the console versions… we are confident that we will redefine next-generation games.

How will console version look like compared to pc? (posted by Andrey992)

--The console versions will hold up to the quality benchmark established with the PC version and redefine console graphical excellence. The truth of the matter is that Far Cry 2 on console is far from being a simple port; it is its own distinctive custom configuration with a very unique artistic pipeline; and this truly shows.

Patrick Redding – Narrative Designer

Who put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop? (posted by man_o_brass)

--Okay, fine. I give up. It was me. I put it there. But I had nothing to do with the dip that’s in the dip-de-dip-de-dip. That was some other guy. But I’d like to shake that guy’s hand. Or possibly shoot him in the face with a spear-gun.

Check back frequently for all-new updates!

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List of comments (36)
Thank you guys for answering those questions.

Of course you guys could not answer all questions, but in case you haven't notices, some of us are dieing to know more about the Multiplayer.

I will leave some questions here, and I hope you can address them soon.

We know there will be a Multiplayer component in the game, and I can guess all versions will have it, no need to aks if console will have multiplayer :)

1-What multiplayer modes will FarCry 2 have?

2-What anti-cheating system will it use?

3-How many players a server will be able have at the same time?

4-Cooperation mode for "single player" seems to fit quite good in this game, for many reasons, will you include this?

5-Will you include the possibility of creating keybinds and colorful names, just like in FarCry?

By the way, in IGN website FarCry shows to be released in September 2008 as someone posted in the Uk Forums. Does Ubisoft confirms this information?

Thank you,

Posted by Pimpi_TAW, 2008-02-11 17:56:02
Ummm Id like to see more info on the physics in the console versions. Also Will their be less lag than in FC IP like seriously, I play multiplayer in that game with 16 people in it lags realy bad. Well thanks for the answers I hope to see farcry 2 running on my console by the end of the year! Great Job!
Posted by stickgore1, 2008-02-12 02:22:33
Wow, incredible. You guys are awesome. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to answer all of those questions.

(The map editor is already sounding like a whole reason to buy the game...=D)
Posted by SplinterCell_37, 2008-02-12 04:04:19
console version and the pc version will look the same????
tats bull****
the pc is one or two generation ahead of the console its graphics have to b supirior
Posted by shark522, 2008-02-12 07:47:45
Mr. Patric Redding, is there a message in your answer? Spear-gun sounds good to me...
Posted by Pimpi_TAW, 2008-02-12 13:10:21
Thanks for the time you have taken to look at all the questions posed by the community and for giving clear and extensive answers.

I look forward to more new information, especially when it comes to multiplayer :).

Posted by hanz_h, 2008-02-12 15:56:57
Thank you so much for answering our questions so articulately
Posted by bren2106au, 2008-02-13 01:35:29
yes some multiplayer informations are very nice
Posted by rimo11, 2008-02-13 13:49:19
I wonder iff the enviroment will be self generating as in it will play differently depending on how you approach a situation ala half-life2 episode one.
Posted by cat662007, 2008-02-14 07:50:21
All I want to know is, are you really at beta stage? If so, that must mean this September release date I've been hearing is false, right?
Posted by bongomast3r, 2008-02-14 08:43:29
Again not answering the questions people really care about -.-
Posted by Portchyboy, 2008-02-14 11:32:38
Can't believe no one asked about "is there going to be an SDK". When can the modding community get to ask some hard hitting questions about the engine, polys, texture hits etc and the possibility of modding support? I can see how the question of do we have to drink took priority though ;)
Posted by UBW_Clivey, 2008-02-15 13:44:56
Will there be 4 player split screen available for system-link action?
Posted by uttski17, 2008-02-15 20:31:53
Will their be good physics with water in MP? Like if your in a sealed cargo container or something will the water be their or will it only be able to come in if theirs an opening unlike in FC IP, lol if it was below sea level no matter what water came in. Ty, srry for many posts.
Posted by stickgore1, 2008-02-16 18:46:22
If the game is really coming in march, why have we seen so little on it? Or if that question can't be answered, what's the new release date?
Posted by Nutcrackr, 2008-02-16 23:13:49
Ok 2 questions will we at least expect to see a playable demo before its scheduled release date, and will the multiplayer map be reduced in size so it doesnt take hours to find a single online opponent
Posted by bullstone1, 2008-02-17 04:19:48
Well that makes a lot clear. I was just wondering if you guys had some sort of a weapon customize thing kind of the thing Crysis had where you could customize you guns on the fly. Also how many weapons can I expect to see in the final Game?

Posted by farcrypedator, 2008-02-19 12:04:30
does anyone know wat the expected release date is?
Posted by Seany-2K8, 2008-02-22 16:22:55
i am glad i read this blog...i havent been here for a long time and missed quit abit ..i love far cry and i will most certainly buy fc2

Posted by thurman1938, 2008-02-24 16:20:56
I want to know if the feral abilities will still be there.That WAS the game.

Posted by TheClubNemo, 2008-02-28 02:47:28
release date plz
Posted by jedman, 2008-03-01 00:45:39
We are dying to know the release date for Far Cry 2. i have heard February, March, September and October. The last date i heard was 14th April. Can you Ubisof dudes please confirm the release date?

Posted by RobertBond, 2008-03-03 20:25:48
My impression after looking at the screen shots is that the environment or visual quality is some how less than the first farcry. I guess if that is true then I won't be buying. Does it also come in 64 bit version? Does anyone know?
Posted by ntaajsoftu, 2008-03-06 21:56:03
every question of mine has been pretty much answered, im pretty sure that my question has come up but what are you planning to do about a melee system? its incredibly amazing what you guys are doing to the gaming scene with all of the realism, but how will it end up when you have a blood crazy militia man in your face, and u have no ammo? will you be able to lunge at him and attempt to take his weapon? is it possible to really simulate a struggle for life. I mean if i was in that situation i would do all i could to make sure he doesnt pull that trigger, or kill me of course. Thats pretty much all i want to know.
Posted by Carver_117, 2008-03-07 12:48:10
Posted by hnda8888, 2008-03-07 15:59:34
Wait I thought that you healed yourself and there wern't any med kits, whats all this about Malaria and meds?
Posted by Kamuelaa, 2008-03-08 18:29:14
I hope you made the snipers a little harder to shoot !!!!!!
Posted by puffpuffpassdn, 2008-03-12 01:38:54
Will there be a sand box on the new FarCry2, where you can build a map from the ground up just like on the previous FarCry games?
Posted by Trevor360, 2008-03-18 21:58:24
When do you think there will more video information on the new FarCry2, if so could you talk about map editing.
Posted by Trevor360, 2008-03-18 22:51:43
Will your hands be on the handle bars of the 4-wheeler on the new FarCry2 instead of the ones in the past?

Will the vehicles handle diferent?

Will you be able to use the trigers instead of pushing forward on the analog?
Posted by Trevor360, 2008-03-20 22:15:32

Thanks for all the answers.. but what i really want to know is the thing about release dates.. most stores are saying september 2008.. but a big store here in my country says september for xbox and ps3.. but june for the pc version.. gives may the 30th as a release date.. and you guys are saying the pc version is ahead of the console ones.. so it has to be released earlier then sept..

Im so looking forward to this game.. counting down since i read the first thing about fc2..
Posted by Darkpaz, 2008-03-26 01:53:05
but the question no ever asked is if there will still be predator and will you still be jack carver???
Posted by pillowcraper, 2008-05-04 05:46:26
is there going to be any preditors as in lions or cheeta
agressive animals
Posted by groundedforlife, 2008-05-05 21:51:30
how many licks will it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop
400,500 maybe 600 tell me im intrested
Posted by groundedforlife, 2008-05-08 00:35:24
They are holding back on the map editor. PLEASE MAKE A VIDEO ON THE MAP EDITOR. I want to know more.
Posted by mpel2008, 2008-06-03 06:46:17