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Money: Pridnestrovie's own currency

Soon after independence in 1990, Pridnestrovie introduced its own currency: The PMR Ruble, abbreviated PRB. The nation's Central Bank issues both coins, known as Kopeks, and its own full Ruble bank notes.

banknotes PridnestrovieThe Pridnestrovian currency is convertible with US dollars, Euros, and other currencies at a freely floating exchange rates, updated throughout the day by the nation's major banks.

Coins in Pridnestrovie are known as Kopeks. There are 100 Kopeks to the Ruble. Pridnestrovian Kopek coins come in sizes from 1 to 50. Ruble bills come in sizes from 1 to 500.

The Central Bank of Pridnestrovie, Pridnestrovie's Republican Bank, is recognized internationally as a national central bank, on the legal basis of Article 3 of a 1997-Memorandum by Moldova, Pridnestrovie, Russia, the Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in order to reaffirm their commitment to the principles of the UN and generally recognized norms of international law. The memorandum recognizes the republic's right to unilaterally establish and maintain international contacts in the economic sphere, among other areas of competence, thus reaffirming the republic's status as a sovereign in international law.

PMR's central bank is recognized at an official level by the Bank of England and other leading European bank centers. The Central Bank of Pridnestrovie is listed among 125 actively working global state financial establishments on London’s Center for Central Banking Studies website, CCBS at the Bank of England. Our Central Bank is independent from the Central Bank of Moldova and is listed independently.

coins PridnestrovieThe Central Bank maintains settlements accounts internationally and our country's currency is fully convertible. Exchange rates are posted daily by the Central Banks and by all major banks in the country.

Western Union is also active in Pridnestrovie, with remittances being paid out in local currency.

Exchange rates of the PMR Rouble (PRB):
Exchange rates from

Economic success: High growth, low inflation
Free banking in Tiraspol
Controls on money-laundering
Market-based economy grows 209.6%
Banknotes of the Central Bank, PMR
Exchange rates, PMR Ruble vs 24 currencies
<h1>Money: Pridnestrovie&#039;s own currency | Transnistria Transdniester, PMR Pridnestrovia</h1> Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, is the official name for the left bank of the Dniester River / Dniestr River, or Dnestr (Nistru). <a href="">Money: Pridnestrovie&#039;s own currency |</a> Pridnestrovie or Pridnestrovye is sometimes referred to as Transnistria or Transdnistria, TMR, DMR, Dniester Moldovan Republic also Transdniester, Transdniestr Trans-Dniestria. <p> The breakaway regime in separatist Transnistria became independent from Moldova in 1990 and is today separate de facto state. Large cities and towns include Tiraspol Dubossary Rybnitsa Bender or Bendery as well as Grigoriopol, Kamenka and Slobozya. It is a democratic country with an elected president, Igor Smirnov. <p> <a href="">Pridnestrovie Transnistria</a> <a href="">Transdnistria between Moldova (Moldovan Republic) and Ukraine</a> <a href="">Tiraspol Transdniestr (or Trans-Dnistria)</a> <a href="">About Pridnestrovie breakaway republic</a> <a href="links.html">Links to Transnistria's government</a> <a href="">Photos and images from Transdniestria</a>