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The Basel pilot region of the 2000 Watt Society

Since 2001 the canton of Basel-Stadt has been involved with the Basel pilot region project, part of the 2000 Watt Society, in pursuit of sustainable urban development. This work has been carried out in close cooperation with Novatlantis (Sustainability in the domain of ETH - the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology, Zurich).

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A practical laboratory for sustainability research
Research projects for sustainable development are initiated and funded within the framework of 'Novatlantis - sustainability in the domain of the ETH'. It is of particular concern to the ETH to harness this strategy, for two main purposes: first, to support the transfer of knowledge from theory into practice, and, secondly, to use the experience thus acquired for research purposes. In this respect the '2000 Watt society - Basel pilot region project' represents a practical laboratory for sustainability research.

Aim: 2000 Watt society
The 2000 Watt-society represents an important point of orientation for Novolantis. This means that today's energy requirements of 6000 Watts per Swiss citizen have to be reduced by a factor of 3. Of the 2000 Watts - the average global need - only 500 Watts should be provided from non-renewable resources. The remainder should come from renewable energy. These figures are in accordance with the needs of a sustainable society. This vision can only be achieved by contributions from diverse fields of activity: ecological, economical, and social.
Projects which are being executed in the framework of the Basel pilot region project are based on long term considerations and should initiate in a visionary way procedures and technologies which are not yet competitive, but do however hold the potential to reach their ambitious goals.

For Basel
Since the launch of the Basel pilot region project in 2001, urban development and mobility issues have formed the focal point of applied research. While the mobility projects will be continued over a longer period of time, the focus in the building sector will shift as of 2004 from large urban development projects to the application of new building technology and the implementation of exemplary pilot and demonstration projects.

Urban development with exemplary major projects
The aim of numerous projects in the Basel pilot region is sustainable urban development. Among these projects are central areas which are sustained, used differently and more concretely.

Sustainable building in the pilot projects.
It will be demonstrated in the next few years in the Basel pilot region how buildings in a 2000 Watt society are sustainably built, run, maintained and repaired. Novatlantis will be holding symposiums on building information, experiences and the process of the latest technologies. The course to the 2000 Watt society will be shown in a direct dialogue between Novatlantis and investors, property management principles, as well as other interested parties responsible for property portfolios.

Experimental space mobility.
In the Novatlantis project "experimental space and mobility" activities are combined and co-ordinated in the Basel pilot region with the introduction of the fuels, natural gasoline and methane and for demonstrating the use of hydrogen mobility.

Partnership in the field of mobility has been initiated with the authorities from the environment and energy of the cantons Basel- Stadt and Basel Land, the IWB (industrial works department for Basel) the gas supplier GVM (gas board) and the federal office for energy. More partners will be joining the network.

Who is taking part?
As a project, the Basel pilot region is open to new partners and is open ended. More participants and institutes, especially from the department of the ETH Zurich and also from Basel University will join and use this project for research work. The project is currently financed by the ETH Zurich and the canton Basel- Stadt. The project is supervised by representatives from the bureau of environment and energy (AUE), the bureau of structural engineering and planning (HPA), the authority for economy and work (AWA), the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz (FHNW) (Basel university of applied sciences) the University of Basel and Novatlantis. Dominik Keller from the ecology co-ordination of the AUE is the contact person representing the administration. Through his channels other departments of the canton administration are involved. From the ETH Zurich, there is Novatlantis headed by Roland Stutz. The transitional project coordinator from the FHNW (Institution for Energy) is Armin Binz.

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Institut Energie am Bau
Prof. Armin Binz und Werner Müller
Telefon 061 467 45 45

Baudepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt
Amt für Umwelt und Energie
Koordinationsstelle Umweltschutz
Dr. Dominik Keller
Telefon 061 639 23 20

Novatlantis - Nachhaltigkeit im ETH Bereich
Roland Stulz
Telefon 044 305 93 60

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