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Interpret my dream please? [Y!Ans] view!

IMAGEukimagehost.com (Comedy) made popular 1 hr 23 min ago

The best story, ever

[Reported by Diggers as Possibly Inaccurate]

i92.photobucket.com — [pic]More… (Comedy)


Snowball thrown on Facebook ruins friendship view!

IMAGEi43.tinypic.com (Comedy) made popular 17 hr 43 min ago

5 Reasons Megatron Should Have Fired Starscream Years Ago

cracked.com — No wonder why Megatron always failed.More… (Comedy)


6 Mind-Blowing Old-School Video Game Commercials

cracked.com — In the 80s, video games were still new to the public and the game companies were still trying to figure out how to ease us into the technology. From their early ads, it appears they decided the best way was via ***** insanity.More… (Comedy)


8 People Who Inspired Words (For Embarrassing Reasons)

cracked.com — Of all the honors a man can be granted--statues, tributes, whores--there's nothing like having your last name turned into a word to ensure your immortality. Unless, of course, you earned the word because you ***** up so badly the world just had to remember your horrible example.More… (Comedy)


The Viral Video Pet Store watch!

VIDEOcollegehumor.com — (Comedy) made popular 3 days ago

2012 … The Realistic Edition

cracked.com — While we're waiting to see if the Mayans knew what they were talking about, here's a preview for a movie that predicts a much more plausible 2012 disaster.More… (Comedy)


Clark Kent, Blogger view!

IMAGEminnpost.com (Comedy) made popular 4 days ago

Gaint Godzilla Egg! KILL IT! view!

IMAGEi39.tinypic.com (Comedy) made popular 4 days ago

Terror Experts Warn Next 9/11 Could Fall On Different Date

theonion.com — In an alarming development with wide-reaching implications for America's safety, Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff and CIA Director Michael Hayden issued a joint report Monday warning that the next 9/11 could in fact occur on an altogether different date.More… (Comedy)

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