David Blaikie
'Our feet may leave home but not our hearts'

The Journals of
Elmira Blaikie


January 1, 1933 - Sabbath.  Windy and cold.  No snow.  All at church except Uncle Harris (Bub).  The sermon was from Psalm 80:18 - "So will not we go back from Thee".  An exhortation not to stray from God's guidance, suitable admonition for the new year.  Alda was in in the p.m. and Thelma in the evening.  Morris and Tom Fulton were at Y.P.S.C.E.   My resolutions: 1) To try not to tell so much; 2)To try to think the best of everybody; 3) To try not to speak slightingly of people.

January 2, 1932 - Monday.  Windy, but not cold.  Only chilly.  We had as guests, at the two houses, Harry and Nellie, Walter and June.  Mrs Martin S. Fulton having had word that Mrs Arthur Fulton (her son's wife) was in hospital in Mass., started for USA.  Went to Truro with Harry and Nellie tonight; will start from Truro tomorrow a.m. at 10 o'clock. (D.V.)  I called a few minutes at Mr Margeson's.  Heard that Nettie Cox had gone to her brother, Andrew Cox, in Idaho or some of those States; his wife died suddenly.

January 3, 1933 - Tuesday.  A fine, warm day.  Like spring.  Mrs Alex Fulton and I called at Mrs G.R. Deyarmond's, Mrs H.T. Fulton's,and Mrs S.A. Fulton's this p.m.  Alice was at the strore this a.m.  Mrs Willie MacKay and Ena were at the store  were here tonight.  Nina and Shirley got teeth out.  Philip and Parker Cox spent the evening here; we enjoyed their visit very much.

January 4, 1933 - Wednesday.  Warm.  Thawed.  No snow.  Morris and Glenn took lumber to Brookfield this p.m.  Got back for tea (late).  Irma and Lillian Benvie and Oscar Dean dined here.  I was at Roy's a little while.  Morris, Shirley and I were at Prayer Meeting.  Alice and Glenn went abroad afterwards.

January 5, 1933 - Thursday.  Quite warm.  Colder tonight.  The menfolk were chopping in the pasture; Roy and Glenn went out to the Reynolds lot in the p.m.  Ladies Aid was at Edna's.  Mrs S.A. Fulton, Mrs MacDonlad, Mrs Edson Cox, Mrs H.T. Fulton, Mrs Frank A. Fulton, Mrs Eben Fulton, Miss Grace M. Dean, Miss Florence Ellis, Mrs Alex Fulton, Mrs D.B. Bentley were present.  Heard of M.C. Webster's death at Pictou: aged 80 years.

January 6, 1933 - Friday.  A nice day.  Sunshine and fresh wind.  Walked to the Manse this p.m. and Mrs MacDonald and I made out our WMS reports. On the way home I called at Mrs Reynolds'.  Alda and Thelma were here this evening.  We all played games.  Glenn was at Martin Fulton's.  Morris and Tom were at a skating party at the North Meadow.

January 7, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark, and not cold until the late afternoon - then wind and rain - both pretty strong.  Roy and Glenn went to Brookfield this a.m.  There was Preparatory Service in the afternoon.  Rev H.S. Raynor preached from the text "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh shall he find faith on the earth".  All our folk were there except Uncle Harris.  No new communicants.  The folk at the Post Office are sick, and Morris had to be the organist. Glenn and Alice started for Burnside but their car lights failed in Pembroke and they returned.  Morris is making a book-case.

January 8, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cool, but freezing some.  Roads are very rough.  The Communion Service was nice.  The text was from Ecclesiastes 8:5 - "A wise man's heart discerneth both time and judgement".  Infinite patience and marvellous preservance need to be used in teaching and in many or almost all businessess of life.  In the p.m. Morris and I went out to see Aunt Viney Andrews.

January 9, 1933 - Monday.  Dark with wind and rain in the afternoon; very windy in the night.  Alice washed and cooked for Club.    Dorothy McCoul began to attend the Village school.

January 10, 1933 - Tuesday.  Wind blew colder and colder toward night.  Was at the Annual meeting of the Ladies Aid, at mrs Edson Cox's in the p.m.  Alice had Y.L. Club.  14 were present.  Put Fulton's driver died last night or this morning.  Had a letter from Edith Boomer - Alice Morris and I.  Glenn attended a school meeting tonight.

January 11, 1933 - Wednesday.  Dark and windy.  A little sunshine.  Alice hung the clothes on the line; and her largest line broke, necessitating her having to wash that part out again.  Glenn and Morris took the last of Mr Hewson's (sic) camp lumber over to his camp three miles beyond College Lake.  They dined there; Hugh Mackay being the cook.  I have my steps apron done; Alice stitched it on the machine for me.  Morris was sand-papering his new book case.

January 12, 1933 - Thursday.  Rainy this a.m.  Stopped in the p.m.  Was at WMS at Mrs Edson Cox's.  Only 5 there. The Annual Congregational Meeting was held in the evening.  Most organizations were in good standing financially; what progress was made in the individual lives of the members is not known.

January 13, 1933 - Friday. Cold - some frost - no snow.  Men chopping.  Run the mill a little while.  Alice at her mother's.  Mrs Margeson called.

January 14, 1933 - Saturday.  Cold.  Wind not so high.  We baked this a.m.  Roy and Alda and someone were to Truro. Alda - to get her teeth fixed.  Glenn was fixing, or getting his car fixed, as Morris had a "misfortune" with it last night.  The menfolk chopped in the pasture. Was in to Mrs Henry Cox's this p.m.  Talked to M.E.G. Dorothy McCoul was in a little while.  Thelma was up tonight.  Glenn and Alice away.

January 15, 1933 - Sabbath.  Dark.  Not very cold.    Nina and Uncle Harris at home from church.  Mr MacDonald preached from the words "Upon this rock will I build my church".  The sermon was suggested by some words of Mr Alex Fulton - "I know that we shall carry on" spoken at our congregational meeting, Jan. 12.  Was not at Roy's today.  Morris took Shirley and me to Y.P.S.C.E.

January 16, 1933 - Monday.  A nice fine day.  Was at Roy's this afternoon.  Morris and Tom Fulton are away to a skating party tonight.  Roy and Glenn took lumber to Mr Hewson in Musquodoboit.  We heard of Mr B.N. Foster being operated on for stomach or bowel trouble.

January 17, 1933 - Tuesday.  Dark with slight rain tonight.  Roy's 44th birthday. also Wilmer Hamilton's  40th and Charlie Blaikie's 67th.  Alice was down at her mother's today and Shirley and Nina went down after school and came back when Glenn went for Alice.   Mrs Margeson was in.  Ethel Deyarmond here this p.m.  I was at Roy's to tea, as I try to be on his birthday each year.  Favorable reports from B.N. Foster, also Miss Virginia Clark, H.T. Fulton's clerk, who has been x-rayed.  Had letters from Florence J. B.

January 18, 1933 - Wednesday.  Quite moderate.  Getting colder at night.  The teachers, Miss G.M. Dean and Miss F.M. Ellis had tea here; then they, Morris, Shirley and I went to Prayer Meeting.  16 people were present.

January 19, 1933 - Thursday.  Some fine snow falling tonight.  The men were chopping in the woods today.  Bub (Uncle Harris) went in the p.m.  Was into Mr Margeson's this late p.m.  Also Alda.

January 20, 1933 - Friday.  Soft.  Some snow and rain fell.  Was at Roy's this p.m.  Mrs Warren Butcher was there.  Roy and Warren were up to Cross Roads.  Glenn and Tom Fulton away.

January 21, 1933 - Saturday.  Some sunshine, but cold wind.  The men were in the woods - Weir lot.  We heard of Lola Fulton (Mrs Putnam Fulton) getting hurt yesterday.

January 22, 1933 - Sabbath.  Some sunshine but rather cold.  Mr MacDonald preached on prayer.  Jesus praying - alone - and all night.  The hymn "Sweet Hour of Prayer" was sung - in two divisions.  After the preaching on the morning being used in prayer and the last half of the hymn after the evening prayer had been talked on, with its pathos and beauty.  Was at C.C. Cox's to spend the p.m.  It is a sweet kindly home and the atmosphere of friendliness strengthens one I think.  Philip brought me home.  Morris was away.  Mr and Mrs J.A. Grant were at Roy's; also their son Creighton, to spend the p.m.

January 23, 1933 - Monday.  Wet.  Too rainy to dry clothes.  The men did not work today.  Mrs Suther Geddes had an operation at the C.C. Hospital - tumor removed; weight 14 pounds.

January 24, 1933 - Tuesday.  A nice fine day.  Alice was at Ethel Deyarmond's getting her dress (brown) cut and fitted this p.m.  Mrs Margeson called.  Mr Gates, electrician called - also Wilmer.

January 25, 1933 - Wednesday.  Fine.  But cold wind.  Mr Margeson called this a.m.  Geo. Bentley hauled some wood for him today.   The bargain for wiring our house was closed today.  Mr C. Elliot to do the job. Mr Alex Fulton sustained a stroke of paralysis today.  We hope it was slight. 

January 26, 1933 - Thursday.  A fine day; wind a little chilly.  Men in the woods.  Mrs A.P. Fulton came home from  Mrs Edson Cox's today.  She has been ill there for nearly a week.

January 27, 1933 - Friday. Dark, cool and windy.  They did not go to the woods; worked in the mill.  I stayed in bed - did not feel well.  It is 15 years today since Leonard Austen Blaikie died.

January 28, 1933 - Saturday.  Rain and snow.  Snow fell in the night and it is raining tonight.  The men did not work today - too stormy.  Alice and Glenn away to H.T. Fulton's etc.  Morris to bed before 10 p.m.!!!!

January 29, 1933 - Sabbath.  Rain - quite sloppy.  Shirley and Nina stayed home from church with Uncle Harris. Mr MacDonald preached from Psalm 49:13 - "This their way is their folly; yet their posterity approve their sayings"  The boys and girls sermonette was on examinations or tests.  Tom Fulton and Morris at Y.P.S.C.E.

January 30, 1933 - Monday.  Wet - drizzly with slight snow squalls.   Was at Roy's twice - went to G.R. Deyarmond's with him; then called at Mrs Henry Cox's and Roy, who was getting work done on his car at Frank B. Cox's garage, brought me home.  Shirley and I ran over to MrsMargeson's for the Halifax Herald of which we get the reading from the Margeson's.  All the family retired early except myself.

January 31, 1933 - Tuesday.  Snow squalls and soft snow tonioght.  Tom Fulton was not well and did not work all day - was home in the afternoon.  Roy, with G.R. Deyarmond went to Musquodoboit to try to get some money.  Alice was at C.P. MacMillan's to tea and then to a Club meeting at Mrs F.A. Fulton's.  Had a letter from Dot.

February 1, 1933 - Wednesday.  Quite fine and warm.  Dark in the a.m.  Tom did not come back to work until noon.  They hauled logs in the forenoon.  Worked in the mill this p.m.  Morris is away to some parctice or something. Wallace and Gordon Miller are here.

February 2, 1933 - Thursday.  Cloudy with some soft snow falling.  The woodchuck could not see his shadow today.  Flossie's birthday.  Alice was at her mother's until a little after 2 p.m. She came home for me to go to Ladies Aid at Mrs H.T. Fulton's.  I did not go.  Tom Fulton's at home tonight; cold.  He went to work too soon.  The men were in the woods.  Nina has some cold too.  Mr Margeson made us a very pleasant call. 

February 3, 1933 - Friday. Cloudy.  Windy tonight.  We have some colds.  Tom Fulton did not work today.  Came back tonight.  Morris out - at Roy's perhaps. Misses Victoria Dean and Jean Mcleod are there too. Also Mr Clifford Taylor.  Mrs J. Fisher, mother of Henry Foster, was found in her last sleep in her bed this a.m.  She had passed peacefully away as she had wished to do.  An untiring worker for others.   My sister (Edith Woodworth) wrote me of her daughter Eva, having returned from the V.G. Hospital; not having gone through her operation, as she needed to be built up in health.  She will try to enter the San. at Kentville.

February 4, 1933 - Saturday.  Rather colder with some wind.  Glenn has a bad cold.  Did not work today. Nina was at Mrs Hamilton's.  Came back early in the p.m.  Dorothy McCoul over this p.m.  just a few minutes - twice.  The men - Roy, Tom, Morris and Edwin, were in the woods today. Georgie (Mrs Geo.) Bentley called tonight. John Dunlap's (Newton Mills) house burned today.

February 5, 1933  - February 10, 1933 - no entries

February 11, 1933 - Saturday.  Have not written for a week.  Glenn was sick last Saturday, but tried to keep up on Sabbath; but had to give up and let Morris and Edwin see to the janitor's duties in the p.m. as the service began at 7:30.  The day was cloudy.  Monday and Tuesday were quite fine.  Alice was too sick to wash until Friday.  She attended Glenn tho'. every day but one. He has been very sick.  Got up today, but had temperature and had to go back to bed.  Thursday Morris took Mrs Alex Fulton and Mrs D.B. Bentley and I to the Missionary Meeting at the Manse.  The day was chilly and cloudy. Friday was fine. Dorothy McCoul was in.   Mr MacDonald called. This is a very stormy night. Horace Whitman came from Musquodoboit and is spending the week-end here.

February 12, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cool with some wind.  Glenn and Alice and Uncle Harris at home from church.  Glenn some better.  The sermon was from 11Samuel, 7:2, "I dwelt in an house of cedar, but the ark of God dwelleth within curtains".  It was a sermon to show how people spend for themselves, and not for God, or the extension of His kingdom.

February 13, 1933 - Monday.  Fine and rather windy this a.m.  Squalls this p.m.  Clothes dried very well.  Mr Margeson called to see Glenn who is up  and downstairs today.  I was at Roy's a short time in the p.m.  Mr and Mrs Putnam Fulton called tonight.  Dr Stewart was in today.

February 14, 1933 - Tuesday.  Cloudy.  Not very cold.  Glenn walked to Mrs Henry Cox's this a.m.  We were at the Valentine Social tonight.  The program was good - but long.  They broke a valve or something about the mill today, so the men will be idle tomorrow, or until Roy goes to Truro and gets repairs.

February 15, 1933 - Wednesday.  Soft, cloudy, a little rain.  Was in Mr Margeson's and Roy's. Roy and Edwin took some part of the mill, that broke, to Truro, and Morris and Tom Fulton had a holiday.  Glenn and Alice were at Mrs Hamilton's to dinner.  Money raised at the Valentine Social was $32.00 after expenses were taken out. ($36.00 was made).

February 16, 1933 - Thursday.  Fine but cold and windy.  Was in Mr Margeson's a little while this a.m.  No one here tonight.  Tom F. away.

February 17, 1933 - February 18, 1933 - no entries

February 19, 1933 - Sabbath.  Quite fine but windy today.  It was snowing a little and thawing it off Friday and Saturday.  Roy and Morris went to Truro on Friday and did not get back until Saturday night.  Glenn is better but not all well.  Morris has been squamish today.  Was not at church or Y.P.S.C.E.  Alice, Shirley, Nina and I were at church and Shirley, Alda, Nina and I at Y.P.S.C.E.  Was in to see the Margeson's and Roy's folks.  Mr MacDonald preached from the text "As the man is, so is his strength".  Judges  8:21.   Edith Fulton was sick in church; but she went to Musquodoboit in the p.m. to Mr Ira McFetridge's to work.

February 20, 1933 - Monday.  Warm for the time of year, yet the wind was cool.  Samuel Johnson, Newton Mills, here to dinner.  Morris and Glenn on the mend, but not working yet.

February 21, 1933 - Tuesday.  Very wet last night.  All the snow gone.  Morris worked this p.m.  I was in Mr Margeson's and Roy's this p.m.  Roy and J.D. Cox were at the Manse last evening.  Gordon and Wallace Miller are here this evening.  They expect Mrs Martin Fulton home tonight. She came.  Ross Johnson went to Truro for her. 

February 22, 1933 - Wednesday.  Quite fine.  Thawing.  Mrs Martin Fulton came home.  Alice was at G.R. Deyarmond's to tea.

February 23, 1933 - Thursday.  Cloudy with wind and some rain tonight.  Edna and I attended Ladies Aid at Mrs George Bentley's this p.m.   There were present Mrs Edson Cox, Mrs Frank A. Fulton, Mrs E. Grant Cox, Mrs Martin Fulton, Mrs George Graham, Mrs Ralph Graham, Mrs Albert Cooper, Mrs W.F. Rutherford, Mrs Raymond Deyarmond,Mrs B.N. Foster, Mrs Edmund Miller, Mrs J.W. Pearson, Mrs Roy Blaikie (Edna), and mrs D.M. Blaikie (I).   Had letters from Edith Woodworth and Edith Boomer.

February 24, 1933 - Friday.  A gray day.  Soft and muddy.  The men were in the woods.  I was out to Alex Fulton's to spend the day.  There is a dance at Wallace Gault's tonight. Tom Fulton and Glenn at W.D. Kennedy's.

February 25, 1933 - Saturday.  A cool wind but quite fine.  The men were in the woods - the Weir lot.  Mr and Mrs David Reid, Musquodoboit, were here to dine - then went to see Mrs Hamilton and Wilmer.  Glenn and Alice at the store etc, as usual on Saturday nights.

February 26, 1933 - Sabbath.  Snow flurries but no cold to speak of.  Ground pretty well thawed.  Mr MacDonald preached from James 1:17 - "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above and cometh down from the Father".  It was a good sermon as usual.  Roy and Edna were up a little while, but Glenn and Alice went to Musquodoboit to see Mr George Reid who is very sick, and so they did not stay long.

February 27, 1933 - Monday.  A snowy day.  Thawed too.  A few "jags" of logs came to the mill on sleds.  But the sledding is very poor.  Mrs Margeson was in a little while in the p.m.  Mr and Mrs J.W. Benvie had a daughter born tonight.

February 28, 1933 - Tuesday.  Thawed all the snow today.  Some colder tonight.  Men hauling logs etc.  Graham Fulton and Florence Ellis here to spend the evening.  Dorothy McCoul called.

March 1, 1933 - Wednesday.  Quite mild.  Cloudy.  Was in Mrs Margeson's this p.m.  Morris took me to Prayer Meeting.  15 present.

March 2, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark with some snow and rain.  Ladies Aid at Mrs Eben Fulton's.  Ladies present: Mrs Alex Fulton, Mrs J.D. Cox, Mrs Roy Blaikie, Mrs (Rev) A.T. Macdonald, Mrs D.B. Bentley, Miss Ella Johnson, Mrs H.T. Fulton, Mrs Philip B. Miller, Mrs Frank A. Fulton, Mrs Edson Cox, Mrs James Maynard, Mrs Neil Archibald. Miss Grace M. Dean, Miss Florence M. Ellis, and yours truly.  Morris came for Edna and me.

March 3, 1933 - Friday.  A snowy soft day.  The snow melted; but some snow is falling tonight.  This was "World Day of Prayer".  Our meeting was held at Mrs S.A. Fulton's.  Alice was down with her mother until the p.m.  Glenn took her down. Also took Mrs Hamilton and me to the meeting.  Gordon Miller here to tea.  Mr and Mrs A. Putnam Fulton here for the evening. Tom Fulton and Morris up to Mr Billie Miller's to a card party.

March 4, 1933 - Saturday.  Snowed and thawed.  No sledding, though Geo. Bentley hauled some logs on a sled.  The men sawed some.  Alice and Glenn to the store and uo to Martin Fulton's tonight.  Morris at Roy's.  A new clerk in H.T. Fulton's store.

March 5, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cloudy.  Looking like snow.  Mr MacDonald's text was "Blessed is the man that endureth temptation for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life which the Lord hath promised".James 1:12.  As usual, all but Uncle Harris at church here.  Eddie Gault is spending Saturday night and Sabbath between Roy's and here.  Alice and Glenn up to J.W. Benvie's tonight. Mrs Frank L. Fulton is there taking care of Mrs Benvie.  The baby is to be called Elizabeth Hamilton.  B.N. Foster came home from P.E.I.

March 6, 1933 - Monday.  A snowy day.  Sledding very poor, but a few logs coming to the mill.

March 7, 1933 - Tuesday.  quite fine.  Logs coming on sleds this forenoon, but snow off the roads this p.m.  Mrs Alex Fulton and I were calling on Mrs Frank A. Fulton, Mrs Edson Cox and Mrs J.A. Reynolds.  Alice and Glenn up at George Bentley's.

Match 8, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cloudy with rain tonight.  Was in Roy's a little while.  Mr Margeson called this a.m.  Allen Deyarmond here to dine.  Some logs came on waggons and a few on sleds.  Sledding all gone tonight.

March 9, 1933 - Thursday.  Overcast with wind.  Some rain.  The men sawed today.  Glenn consulted with the other school trustees this p.m. about getting a teacher for next year. The Secretary, C.C. Cox, is to write to Miss Helen Douglas, Earltown.  Gordon and Wallace Miller here tonight playing cards with Tom and Morris.  Glenn and Alice down to Mrs Hamilton's in the evening.

March 10, 1933 - friday.  A cold wind blowing all day.  Snow squalls tonight.  The men were cruising in the woods today in the p.m.  They were in the mill in the forenoon. Alda was up for meat.  I was at Mr Margeson's in the evening.  Glenn and Tom Fulton down to Bill Kennedy's.

March 11, 1933 - Saturday.  A cold windy day.  Some snow - very little - fell and blew off the road.  The men hauled logs from the Weir lot.  Glenn and Alice up to Martin Fulton's, the store etc tonight.  Dorothy McCoul in a few minutes.  Alice swept the church.  Hazel Deyarmond here a while.

March 12, 1933 - Sabbath.  Rather cold this a.m. but warmer tonight.  All at church except Glenn and Harris.  The sermon was based on the text Phil 3:20 - "For our citizenship (R.V.) is in Heaven".  It was very good and suited to the needs of people now-a-days.  Heaven should occupy our thoughts more than any other subject - or we should live with that objective in our view every day.   Alda was up a while in the p.m.  Mr Goerge Reid died this a.m.  He was Alice's uncle by marriage. She and Glenn were down to Mrs Hamilton's after tea.  Morris and Tom Fulton were at Y.P.S.C.E.

March 13, 1933 - Monday.  Fine with some cool wind.  We washed and ironed.  Was in Mr Margeson's a little while.  Glenn and Alice at G.R. Deyarmond's tonight.

March 14, 1933 - Tuesday.  Cloudy with cold wind.  Alice was at Young Ladies Club at H.T. Fulton's.  Put and Lola here this evening.  Mrs Margeson over.

March 15, 1933 - Wednesday.  Chilly wind.  Hail and rain in the p.m.  Men were in the woods today.  I called at Mrs Margeson's twice, on my way up to Mr Martin Fulton's.  Sedley and Muriel Fulton are not well.  Sedley is quite deaf.  His ears have been aching.  Dr Stewart was to see Bub tonight.  He needs to stay in bed for some days.  Glenn is abroad.  Also Tom.

March 16, 1933 - Thursday.  A cold windy day.  Not frosty.  Harris (Bub) was in bed today - but feels better.  Dr Stewart was in to see him.  We sewed in a mat today.  Tom away tonight.  Blair Fulton here this evening.  Sir Henry Thornton is dead.  Also there has been a great earthquake in California.  Los Angeles is badly stricken.  With fighting going on between China and Japan, the world depression etc; there is much earthly woe.

March 17, 1933 - Friday.  Windy, but not as bad as yesterday, and not cold.  I was at the barn this a.m.  It has been some time since I visited it.  Alice was at her mother's this p.m. and Roy and George were to Musquodoboit.   Morris and Tom Fulton are to Musquodoboit tonight.

March 18, 1933 - Saturday.  A fine day; wind cold but the ground, frozen last night, thawed some today.  Harris is pretty sick; did not sit up all day.  Mrs Alex Fulton and I went to call on a few people this p.m., but Miss Grace M. Dean came to the Post Office where we were calling, and so Mrs Fulton went home with them.  I called at the Manse and store, then went home.  Glenn and Alice are away.  Morris, at Roy's.  Ian MacDonald called tonight.  A Miss Marshall is clerking at H.T. Fulton's.

March 19, 1933 - Sabbath.  A fine day.  All at church except Glenn and Uncle Harris, who is ill in bed.  Harry, Nellie, Walter, Donald and June were out from Truro today.  They returned to their home soon after tea.  Morris at Y.P.S.C.E

March 20, 1933 - Monday.  Still a cold north-east wind.  But there was sunshine.  The clothes washed, dried.  Bub is some better.  Got up this p.m.  Alda called tonight.  Alice was down to the store etc this p.m.  Dr Stewart called to see Bub.

March 21, 1933 - Tuesday.  Dark with hail and rain tonight.  Wind too.  They sawed today.  I hooked.  Alice baked and patched.  All home tonight.  The electric light poles are being put up.  Mr Gates finished wiring at G.R. Deyarmond's house.

March 22, 1933 - Wednesday.  Some rain (very little), some clouds and wind.  Not very cold.  How things happen! Quickly and unexpectedly! Tom Fulton came to his supper - before  eating a pain struck him; we gave him soda and put the hot water bottle on him; but his severe suffering continued.  Glenn got the Dr. and he found that he had a ruptured stomach and must be taken to the hospital at once.  Mrs Fulton and Put came in , and they set off.  Tom and Dr Stewart and Roy in Roy's car; Mrs Alex Fulton and Putnam and Glenn in Glenn's car.  They hope to have the operation at once.  Alice was at Martin Fulton's to see Sedley, who is sick.  He is vomiting and he had a lot of trouble with his ears.  Martin was here tonight too.  I was in Roy's and Mr Margeson's this p.m. after I finished my little mat.  This was Aunt Viney Andrews' 86th birthday.

March 23, 1933 - Thursday.  Cloudy.  Rather cold wind.  Roy returned from Truro near 9 a.m.  Tom Fulton had survived the operation and was doing well so far.  Glenn and Putnam returned later on.  Mrs Alex was to go to her daughter Muriel's (Mrs Stanley R. Murray) at North River.  Was in Mrs Margeson's this p.m.  Morris is at Roy's tonight.  Alice M. Deyarmond and Lewis K. Graham married.

March 24, 1933 - Friday.  Fine with cold wind.  Mr MacDonald took Alex Fulton to Truro to see Tom at the C.C. Hospital.  Was in Mr Margeson's a few minutes.  Alice was at Roy's a little while. She and Glenn are away tonight.  Morris is at a Social Evening at the hall.  Uncle Harris is better.  Mr J. Day was here to dinner.  He is working on the electric light line; they are putting up the poles in this section.

March 25, 1933 - Saturday.  A fine day; just a few flurries of snow.  Cold wind tho'.  I was down to H.T. Fulton's store and to Mrs Edson Cox's this p.m.  Morris got me to get him a new white or fine shirt.  Glenn and Alice are at the store  and elsewhere tonight.  Morris is at Roy's.

March 26, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine with cold wind.  Nina and Uncle Harris home from church.  Mr MacDonald preached from the words "A new Commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another".  Two kinds of love was one thought.  In the p.m., we went and called at Jane Reynolds' - Glenn and Alice, Shirley and Nina and I.  In the evening, Morris, Shirley and I were at Y.P.S.C.E. Hymns and Hymn writers was the topic.

March 27, 1933 - Monday.  Windy and cold which became a drifting snow storm in the p.m.  The men hauled wood.  Edwin got sick.  Gordon Miller began to work here.  Nina not very well but went to school.  Rev A.T. MacDonald went to Camp Hill Hospital.

March 28, 1933 - Tuesday.  Some (very little) snow on the ground.  Not very cold.  We cleaned the attic today.  It tired Alice and me both.  The men sawed.  Edwin, Alda and others went to Truro tonight.  Morris to a dance at South Branch.  Gordon Miller, Winnie and Muir Patterson are playing cards.  Was in Roy's this evening.

March 29, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cloudy with snow tonight.  Glenn, Alice and F.A. Reynolds went to Truro.  Roy and Edwin to Stewiacke.  Alda was in a short time.  Also Mrs Margeson.  Glenn took me down to G.R. Deyarmond's to stay with Mrs Bentley while Ethel, G.R., and Norma Wood went to Pembroke to Louis and Alice Graham's reception.

March 30, 1933 - Thursday.  A snowy day.  Logs came to the mill but the snow thawed before or not much after noon.  It is drifting and blowing tonight.  I came home from Mrs Bentley's this a.m. and, not feeling well, have been in bed the rest of the day. Glenn and Morris have not felt very well today, but they worked, I guess.

March 31, 1933 - Friday.  Quite a lot of snow fell and drifted last night, but it is all off the roads now.  Was in Roy's a little while.  The "Beantown Choir" - a play - was put on by Burnside young people, in Upper Stewiacke hall.  We were all there except Uncle Harris.  $24.70 were made - $12.35 of which is to be our share.

April 1, 1933 - Saturday.  Fine.  Snow thawed.  There was not much to thaw.  An alarm of "House Afire" sounded from Mr Mel Prest's, Cross Roads, at noon or there-about.  Men snatched water buckets, climbed into cars and were soon at Mr Prest's.  But the chimney, only, had burned out making a lot of smoke, and it is not in very good shape.  It was feared the house might catch fire.  The men soon returned however.  No damage resulting.  Mrs Margeson and Alda called this afternoon.  Morris is at Roy's.  Glenn and Alice at the store etc.

April 2, 1933 - Sabbath.  Dark and damp.  Rev D. MacD. Clarke, retired now, but at one time minister in Brookfield and Middle Stewiacke, preached here.  His text was "A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth" and "I am come that ye might have life and have it more abundantly".   Abundant life; abundant things or possessions.  Alda was up a while.  Jean and Ruth to tea.  None of us were at Y.P.S.C.E.

April 3, 1933 - Monday.  Dark and foggy.  The Messrs Elliot came to wire the house.  Glenn and they went abroad to see about more jobs for them ,tonight.

April 4, 1933 - April 9, 1933 - A week of clouds, rain - two days of sunshine and flurries of snow.  We  got the house wired for electric light this week.

April 10, 1933 - Monday.  Clouds, snow flurries, some sunshine and north west wind.  Mr Joseph Dawson called on us this a.m.  He has been in USA for some time. I washed the men's (Hired) bedroom this a.m. (overhead). The inspector inspected the wiring of our house today.   Probably the largest fire ever this Village witnessed took place tonight.  Mr H.T. Fulton's store and Mrs Edson Cox's house were both burned to the ground.  Crowds of people from all directions saw the burning; and tried to extinguish it, but to no avail.

April 11, 1933 - Tuesday.  Dark and cloudy.  Not much thaw.  The folk began shingling Mrs Edson's "little brown house" today; preparatory to moving it to the site of the burned house.  Alex Fulton was into the Village to view the ruins.  Mrs Putnam Fulton was here to tea, after which she and Alice went to a meeting of the Young Ladies Club at Mrs Hazel Fulton's.  I was in Mr Margeson's.

April 12, 1933 - Wednesday.  A lovely fine day, but the northwest wind made it rather cold.   Alice washed bedclothes - those of the spare bed.  The Elliot's finished wiring at Roy's and had it inspected - by Clifford Taylor of Musquodoboit.  Roy, Edna, Alice and Frank Elliot were up to David Creelman's tonight.  Glenn was at Henry Cox's.  I was in Mr Margeson's.  Had a letter from Flossie; wrote one to Edith.

April 13, 1933 - Thursday.  A nice fine day.  The Mission Band (Truth Bearers) met at the school House at 2 o'clock, and had their Easter Thank-Offering.  The program was very good.  The WMS held their Easter meeting immediately after.  Edna attended.  On my way home I called at Mrs Edson Cox's brown house; and at the Post Office, also at H.T. Fulton's and Mrs Hazel Fulton's.

April 14, 1933 - Friday.  Another fine day.  The girls spent the day at Mrs Hamilton's.

April 15, 1933 - Saturday.  Quite fine.  Mrs Percy Goodwin came this p.m.  She is spending the week-end with us.  Glenn and Alice were away.

April 16, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine.  Morris went to Alex Fulton's to dinner and tea.  Flora was at Roy's to dinner.  She and I at Mrs Henry Cox's to tea.  Mr MacDonald preached a fine sermon on the words "Behold my hands".  The words of Jesus.  Only Morris from this house was at Y.P.S.C.E.  The Elliot Brothers went home for Easter.

April 17, 1933 - Monday.  Rather dark and rainy.  Flora went home between 2 and 3 p.m.  She came with Donald Creelman and his mother, and they took her back to Stewiacke.  Roy, Glenn Morris Blaikie and Gordon Miller started for Truro, but only got to Middle Stewiacke this p.m.  Edna is up with Mrs Bob Cox tonight.

April 18, 1933 - Tuesday.  Rainy, but the clothes dried between showers.  I cleaned my bedroom today.  Cleaned the boy's last week.  Alice did the spare bedroom.  Tom Fulton and Mrs Alex called; also Mrs Margeson.  Edna told us that Mrs Bob Cox is very poorly - nearing the end of life.

April 19, 1933 - Wednesday.  A fine cold day; with east wind.  Alice cleaned the spare (girl's) bedroom and washed overhead in the hall upstairs.  I washed some odds and ends;mended some.  Alice went to Y.L.C. in the school house in the p.m.  Lola Fulton called here on her way to the meeting.  They were at C.P. MacMillan's after.  Charlie and Frank Elliot came back; they are wiring R.D. Power's house now.

Aoril 20, 1933 - Thursday.  Fine , cold wind.  Alice cleaned the hall upstairs this a.m.  Was in Mr Margeson's a little while.  Gordon went over home tonight.  Glenn and Alice are away.  Morris must be at Roy's.  Mrs Robt. Cox is pretty sick.

April 21, 1933 - Friday.  A lovely fine day.  Wind not so cold.  Was at Mr Margeson's a few minutes.  Mrs Alex Fulton and Mrs J.D. Cox walked up to see Mrs Robt Cox this p.m.  Alice and Glenn are at a meeting of the club. (Community).tonight.  Morris and Gordon Miller and Tom Fulton went (walked) to a dance at Herman Johnson's.

April 22, 1933 - Saturday.  Not so warm as the last three or four days.  Wind colder than yesterday.  We ironed the Chamber curtains.  Roy and Edna went to Truro.  Tom Fulton and Morris went to Musquodoboit tonight.  The men were putting the wires up to the houses about here this p.m. Gussie Benvie and Mrs Margeson called.

April 23, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cold and windy.  Rev Byers spoke, at church, on the Lord's Day Alliance.  Nellie Blaikie came from Truro with Roy and Edna last night.  She was here to tea.  Lillian Lockhart was here this afternoon.  Morris was at Y.P.S.C.E.

April 24, 1933 - Monday.  The wind blew and rain fell; but the clothes Alice washed, dried.  I was  in Mrs Margeson's.  Nellie slept with me.

April 25, 1933 - Tuesday.  A lovely  springlike day.  Edna and Mrs Alex Fulton were at an executive meeting of the Ladies Aid at Mrs Hazel Fulton's, then Edna and Nellie had tea at Mr Alex's.  Alice and Lola were calling in the village.  The electric light was put on this afternoon!

April 26, 1933 - Wednesday.  Rainy and showery.  Was in Mr Margeson's; at Roy's in the afternoon and evening.  The Elliots and Roy also Morris, had some good music and a little dancing.  Harry and Don came for Nellie and they all left about 6:30 p.m.  Alice and Glenn at Mart Fulton's and Henry Cox's.

April 27, 1933 - Thursday.  A colder day than common.  This p.m. Mrs Alex Fulton and I called at the Post Office, Mrs C.P. MacMullen's, the Manse and Mrs H.T. Fulton's.  We were treated to lunch at the two latter places.  There are a few young folks at Roy's tonight.

April 28, 1933 - Friday.  Finer, warmer.  Alice set out some rhubarb on the hill.  She was at her mother's in the p.m.  Glenn and the girls went for her this evening.  Was in Mrs Margeson's this p.m. John A. Grant's house at Middle Musquodoboit was burnt yesterday.  The things downstairs were (mostly) saved.

April 29, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark and rainy in the p.m.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro after dinner.  Morris and Gordon Miller went to Burnside after tea.  Alda, Jean, Ruth and Grace Tibbetts here in the evening.  Had a letter from Edith Woodworth.

April 30, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine.  Glenn and Uncle Harris not at church.  Glenn, Alice and children up at P.W. Graham's to tea.  Frank Elliot here to tea.  Harry, Nellie, Lloyd Flemming, Ralph and Lee Blaikie called.  Morris and I were at Y.P.S.C.E.   Douglas Rutherford entered the V.G. Hospital, Halifax, and had his appendicts removed today.  Grace Tibbetts, Alda Blaikie, Edwin Blaikie, Blair Fulton, Gordon Miller and Morris Blaikie had a sing-song here after Y.P.S.C.E.

May 1, 1933 - Monday.  A lovely fine warm day.  Was up to see Mrs Robert Cox.  She seems a little better.  Came down with Mr MacDonald in the car.  Roy and Uncle Harris (Bub)  took a load of lumber to Mr Frank McCurdy, Truro , this p.m.  Glenn at W.D. Kennedy's tonight.

May 2, 1933 - Tuesday.  Fine and warm.  We tore the paper off the dining room.  Glenn to Truro twice with lumber.  John Pearson went through with him first; and Gordon Miller last.  Mrs A.P. Fulton, Grace Tibbetts, and Alda were here tonight.  Mrs Margeson and J.W. Gates called this p.m.  Had a letter from Stella Woodin (Mrs Arthur Woodin).

May 3, 1933 - Wednesday.  Warm and cloudy with slight rain.  Alice cleaned the pantry.  Glenn to Truro with lumber late in the p.m.  Roy was there earlier.  Morris and Charlie and Frank Elliot were invited to Ross Johnson's this evening.  Burpee Miller and John R. Graham here to dinner.

May 4, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark, rainy; turning cold.  Ladies Aid at Mrs Alex Fulton's this p.m.  Mrs Martin Fulton, Mrs A.T. MacDonald, Mrs H.T. Fulton, Miss Grace M. Dean, Miss Florence Ellis, Mrs Roy Blaikie, Mrs P.B. Miller and myself were present.  There was a dance at Roy Patterson's.

May 5, 1933 - Friday.  Very cold and windy.  Alice papered the dining room.  Glenn was to Truro.  He lunched with Guy Laffin.  Guy is pretty well, but has no work.

May 6, 1933 - Saturday.  Quite fine.  Wind cold.  Baked bread, mended etc.  Alice baked cookies etc.  Graham Fulton began digging his house cellar.  Glenn and Alice away.  The Brothers Elliot expect to be here tonight.  Tom Fulton was in with Morris who had got his hair cut at G.R. Deyarmond's.

May 7, 1933 - Sabbath.  Pretty fine.  Cold wind.  The Elliots and us (all except Uncle Harris) were at church.  Mr MacDonald's text was "Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man's life consisteth not in abundance of the things which he possesseth".  A good discourse.  The boys, Shirley, Nina and I were at Y.P.S.C,E.  Mrs Maynard here in the p.m.; also   Mabel Grant.

May 8, 1933  Monday. Fine but still cold wind.  Alice washed this a.m.  Was down to the store etc in the p.m.  I was hooking then.  C.and F. Elliot and G.R. Deyarmond are up Burnside to a dance at Allen Deyarmond's.  Tom Fulton and Morris are at R.C. Johnson's.

May 9, 1933 - Tuesday.  Fine.  Warmer than yesterday.  The wind was cold tho'.  I hooked most of the p.m.  Mrs Gordon Miller and baby Priscilla were here to tea.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro with lumber.  The Elliot's started for home but got the fixings (which they had been expecting) in Brookfield, and came back to Roy's.

May 10, 1933 - Wednesday.  Dark; a cool wind; some rain.  Alice cleaned the kitchen this forenoon, and was down to the Post office, H.T. Fulton's little store, Mrs G.R. Deyarmond's etc in the afternoon.  I hooked some, and did my usual work.  Alice and Glenn are at Mrs Hamilton's tonight.  Charlie and Frank Elliot went to their home in Woodside this p.m.

May 11, 1933 - Thursday.  A snow storm last night.  The ground was white this a.m., but it has all thawed through the day.  WMS met here this afternoon.  Mrs W.D. Kennedy, Mrs A.T. MacDonald, Mrs D.B. Bentley, Mrs Alex Fulton, Mrs Suther Geddes, Mrs George Bentley, Mrs Roy and Mrs Glenn Blaikie, and myself.  Alice and Glenn are at Wilmer Hamilton's tonight.  They did not get there last night; it was too late.  Mr Robert Taylor died.  The funeral is to be held in Upper Stewiacke church tomorrow. (D.V.)  Rev W.A. Whidden, who died under very sad circumstances is being brought from Sudbury , Ontario, to Brookfield, his native place, and buried tomorrow p.m.

May 12, 1933 - Friday.  Fine with cold wind.  Miss Esther Kent, Elmsvale, Halifax County and Allan MacKenzie of Half Way Brook, Colchester County, were married today.    The funeral of Robert Taylor, Truro, (aged 83 years, 9 months), was held in the Upper Stewiacke Church this p.m.  Burial in Riverside Cenetery.  That of Rev W.A. Whidden, accidently shot, was in Brookfield - his native place - at the smae hour as Mr Taylor's.  Mrs Alex Fulton and I called at Mrs W. Pearson's.

May 13, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark.  Rainy tonight.  Snow too.  Gordon Miller went to Burnside with Roy and Morris on the truck.  Alice and Glenn away.

May 14, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine with cool wind.  Mother's Day services - the subject was King Solomon's mother and his respect for her.  Harry and Nellie, June, Don, and Lloyd Flemming were here from Truro.  Tom Fulton and Morris were in Musquodoboit - away to tea.  None of us at Y.P.S.C.E.  The flowers in church were lovely, a beautiful bouquet to be laid on Mr C.A. Fulton's grave in the Riverside Cemetery after the service, was put in the church; sent by Miss Jessie M. Fulton in memory of her father.

May 15, 1933 - Monday.  Fine and cold.

May 16, 1933 - Tuesday.  Quite fine.  Saw Mrs Woodworth and family at C.A. Blaikie's this p.m.

May 17, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cold wind.  Was to East Mountain in the afternoon.  Nellie, Harry and I at the "Talkies".  "Cavalcade", by Noel Coward.

May 18, 1933 - Thursday.  Windy.  At a play at First United Church Hall.  "Let's Get Married".

May 19, 1933 - Friday.  Rather cool. (I think).  Nellie, (Mrs H.L. Blaikie) had the church group to which she belongs in this evening.  Misses Nellie L. Graham and Frances Fulton called to see me.

May 20, 1933 - Saturday.  Cool with showers.  Came home this a.m.  Called at Mrs Martin Fulton's  and came to Miss M. Jane Reynolds' today.  Catherine Reynolds' shower is tonight.

May 21, 1933 - May 28, 1933 - no entries

May 29, 1933 - Monday night.  Has been cold all the week.  Had a lot of trouble with my neck and head this week.  Very painful or exceedingly uncomfortable; better tonight - but low echoes of it yet.  Rained yesterday.  Saw a bumble bee.

May 30, 1933 - Tuesday.  Warmer today.  Fred Smith called this a.m.  Grace Tree here and washed up etc.  Glenn, Alice and family here a while tonight. Brought me a package from Flossie.  So kind of her to send it to me.

May 31, 1933 - Wednesday.  Dark, cloudy, looks like rain.  Fred Smith came and got wood, water, etc this a.m.  Just the usual routine.  Edna called me by phone.  No callers this evening.

June 1, 1933 - Thursday.  Rainy last night and this morning.  Dark and cloudy all day.  Fred Smith was in and did the chores; getting wood, water etc this a.m.  Mr Frank Reynolds brought a stew of meat this p.m.  Catherine Reynolds and Wilfred Pearson were married by Rev A.T. MacDonald at Mr J.W. Pearson's (Wilfred's father) at 8 o'clock p.m.

June 2, 1933 - Friday.  Quite fine.  Morris brought Aunt Viney down here at noon.  This is Thelma's 14th birthday.  I had nothing to remember it by.  But hope she has many happy returns of this day.

June 3 &4, 1933 - Saturday.  Pretty fine, I guess.  Aunt Viney and I left Jane Reynolds alone tonight, and went home.  Went to church in the a.m.  Had callers in the p.m. and Glenn and Alice went to P.R. Goodwin's; also Shirley and Nina.  Morris went to Y.P.S.C.E.   It is a year since Mrs Henry died, and seventeen years since Alden's death.

June 5, 1933 - Monday.  Fine.  Alice washed.  Also she went to her mother's.  The play "The Road Back". was staged in the hall.  Only Shirley and Nina of us were there.

June 6, 1933 - Tuesday.  Roy, Morris and Edwin went to Truro.

June 7, 1933 - Wednesday.  Glenn, Alice and Aunt Viney were up to Bob Cox's this evening.

June 8, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark and rainy, but cleared off.  Aunt Viney was at Mr Margeson's a little while this p.m.  Alice went to the store with her hens.  I went to WMS at Mrs W.D. Kennedy's .  Roy and Glenn went to Truro with a load of lumber for W.D. Isnor's house.  Morris took me to Miss Reynolds' at night.

June 9, 1933 - Friday.  Fine and warmer.  My foot is very sore with rheumatism; all day it hurt me.  The scholars called this p.m.  Miss Helen C. Reynolds tonight; also Rod Smith came and did the chores.  Bill Geddes' trial came off this week.  He did not come back from Truro.

June 10, 1933 - Saturday.  Fine and warm.  My foot pretty sore.  Jane is good and makes me lie down.  Mrs Henry McCurdy (nee Emma Reid) and her son Walter called in the p.m.  Also Helen Reynolds.  Guess our folk went to Truro with lumber but they did not call.  Mrs Ad Fulton called on Jane after we had gone to our rooms.

June 11, 1933 - Fine with fresh wind.  A quiet forenoon.  Rod Smith called before he went to church - got wood, water etc.  Jane and I slept a while in the p.m.  Then Mr Frank Reynolds called and after tea Mrs Martin Smith came and was here until the boys came from Y.P.S.C.E.

June 12, 1933 - Monday.  Dark and warm.  Just a few drops of rain.  We tethered the old  setting hen to make her stop setting.  Grace Tree, washed the kitchen , doors and floor this p.m.  She stayed to tea.  Fred Smith called tonight.  Archie Bentley burnt his chopping.  My foot and limbs are some better.  This is Glenn's birthday.  I hope he enjoyed it. 

June 13, 1933 - Tuesday.  Rain with thunder and lightning, also warm sunshine.  My limb was pretty sore some of the time. Tonight it is better.  Callers today were Rod Smith, Billy, Julia and May Tree, Marion Millard, Helen Reynolds, Mr and Mrs C.C. Cox.

June 14, 1933 - Wednesday.  Rain, thunder and lightning last night.  Dark and cool today.  Not much rain, but damp.  Rod Smith, C.C. Cox, the school girls and Grace Tree were all who called today.  Jane was able to go upstairs today.  We made cookies - I did.

June 15, 1933 - June 18, 1933 - Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sabbath.   Thursday,  Mrs Bentley came to Miss Reynolds'.   Fine day (cloudy some).  Morris down.  Thunder Thursday.  Saturday, wet and cold.  Mrs Bentley ironed for us.  Sabbath, June 18th - wet, cold.  Mrs B. went home with Mr Abe Bentley's when they went to church.  Fred Smith here a while.  Dr Stewart came back June 16. Mr and Mrs MacDonald, Mary Cox, Grace Tree, Mrs Bentley and Morris called on Thursday.  Mr Luther Graham died June 17, 1933.

June 19, 1933 - Monday.  Cloudy.  Rain in the late p.m. and evening.  Callers today were Fred Smith, Grace Tree, May Tree, Julia Tree, Marion Millard, Mr F.A. Reynolds, Pauline Millard, Roy Blaikie.   Fred Smith and Margaret Dickie tonight.  My hand is better but cannot do much with it yet. 

June 20, 1933 - Tuesday.  Damp and cloudy.  Callers today were fred Smith, Marion Millard, F.A. Reynolds, Hance Tree.  My hand is quite a bit better.

June 21, 1933 - Wednesday.  Pretty fine.  A little cloudy.  Fred Smith, Gladys Creelman, Susan Fisher,  and Verna Fulton called at noon hour.  May and Julia Tree called after school.  We saw Roy's and Glenn's truck load of lumber going to Truro after tea.  Lots of logs are coming to Blaikie's Mill these days we hear.

June 22, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark and damp.  The Otter Brook school children were taken in to the park in Truro by the teacher, Miss Margaret Dickie, today.  Callers here were Grace Tree, Helen Reynolds, Rod Smith, Alda  and Morris Blaikie.  Miss Jane Reynolds walked to her gooseberry bushes; also was down cellar today.  I sent a letter to Edith Boomer.

June 23, 1933 - Friday.  Cloudy a part of the day, but there was some sunshine in the afternoon.  I washed a few clothes.  Rod Smith was in to get the wood and water.  No other callers today.   The three Aids cleaned the church.  I was talking to Mrs Abram Bentley and Mrs A.K. Fulton this p.m.

June 24, 1933 - Saturday.  Quite a fine day.  Some clouds.  Fred Smith, May and Gwendolyn Tree and Mrs Frank Reynolds were our callers today.

June 25, 1933 - Sabbath.  Sunshine and cloud.  Went to church with Mr Abram Bentley's folks.  The sermon was preached from Genesis 12:2 - "I shall bless thee and make thy name great, and thou shalt be a blessing".  It was a missionary sermon.  In the p.m., Mr and Mrs S.J.Reid and Mrs Margaret Kaulback and little son John Robert came and stayed to tea, and then took Jane and me for a drive - down to Mr Martin Smith'sand out to Alex Fulton's.  Then back here to Miss Reynolds'.  Saw none of those at home. Mr Martin Smith spent the evening with us.

June 26, 1933 - Monday.  Cloudy but warm.  Fred Smith was in this morning.  Got wood and water.  The three little Tree girls, May, Julia and Gwendolyn were in a while this p.m.  I picked some strawberries for tea.  No one called tonight.  We saw the truck from home going to Truro with lumber after tea.  They will be late getting home.

June 27, 1933 -no entry

June 28, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cloudy this a.m.; but it turned to a fine rather hot day.  Fred Smith was here this p.m.  Some man called in the interests of stock at evening.  Miss Helen Reynolds and two little nieces; Marion and Pauline Millard were here.  I got strawberries for tea.  Miss Reynolds took a walk.

June 29, 1933 - Thursday.  Fine and quite hot.  We had two cups of strawberries today.  Callers were Fred Smith, Marion and Pauline Millard, Hance and Grace Tree, Mr Frank A. Reynolds and Mrs Sophia Archibald.  An Ice-Cream Social is being held in Otter Brook School House.

June 30, 1933 - Friday.  Cloudy and cooler than yesterday.  James Maynard papered the kitchen at Miss Reynolds' today. Grace, John and Hedley Tree called.  There is a social meeting of the C.G.I.T. at the Village Hall this p.m.  Fred Smith was here this a.m.

July 1, 1933 - Saturday.  Rainy this a.m. but got fine.  Went home this p.m.  Got up with Byard Bentley.

July 2, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine.  Alda, Edwin, Morris and I went to Stewiacke today.  It was Communion Sabbath.  The minister, Rev H.E. Campbell preached from the words "He died for all".  A very nice sermon.  We were at Aunt Edith Woodworth's to dinner and tea.  Called at Page Tupper's.  Came home (Eva Woodworth too) via Lanesville and South Branch.

July 3, 1933 - Monday.  Fine.  A meeting in the hall to see about making ice-cream for the Rally etc. Frost this a.m.  Plants killed some places.

July 4, 1933 - Tuesday.  Fine.

July 5, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cloudy.  Not much rain.  The Presbytery met in the church and the morning session of the Rally met in the Hall. The afternoon session met in the church.  Ice Cream and cups of tea were served with the box-lunch.  Graham Fulton and Florence Ellis called, also Dorothy McCoul and Alda and Edna.  Glenn, Alice and girls drove to Mrs Hamilton's.  C.A. Blaikie here tonight.  Mrs C.A. Blaikie, Mrs Larry Young, Mrs E. Frank Fulton and Mrs Laurie MacKenzie   were here a little while after the meeting. 

July 6, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark with fog showers.  Roy and Glenn went to Londonderry via Truro for brick.  Charlie returned to Truro with them.  Glenn and Alice are away tonight.  Alda was up a short time.

July 7, 1933 - Friday.  A pretty fine day.  Fog this morning.  Shirley and I picked strawberries this p.m.  We were in Mr Margeson's a short time.  Mrs McCoul, Mrs Margeson's mother is there.  Emerson McCarthy, Truro, was testing the boiler today.  Roy went for him in the morning, and took him home in the p.m.  Glenn and Wilmer Hamilton went to Londonderry for another load of brick.  Morris and Gordon were over to Edmund Miller's for a feed of strawberries tonight.  I tried to telephone to the home folks - Mother, Dot and Walter, but could not get them.  Nettie and Frank and family will be on their way home now I suppose.  The Sabbath School convention was held in Springside today.  Alda and Thelma went.

July 8, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark with a little rain.  Sacrament Saturday.  One new communicant - Graham Fulton.   George Leslie, son of Mr and Mrs Earl Kennedy was baptized.  Roy and Edwin went to Londonderry for brick this a.m.  Glenn and Morris went this p.m. 

July 9, 1933 - Sabbath.  Dark.  Rain in the night.  Sacrament Sabbath.  The sermon was from that best of all sermons, The Sermon On The Mount - preached by Jesus long ago, but just as new and helpful today as it was long ago.  The silence was sweet and the love of Jesus came to us all - the old members who had commemmorated it many times, and those who had but recently found the love which never fails.   In the evening, Springside, Upper and Middle Stewiacke Y.P.S.C.E. drove to South Branch and spent a pleasant evening.  The singing was very nice.

July 10, 1933 - Monday.  Some rain but turned fine.  Roy went to Truro this a.m.  and brought Mr Murray Psalter to build the Dutch oven anew.  Glenn and Bub went to Londonderry for brick. I was at G.R. Deyarmond's this afternoon, at Roy's after supper.

July 11, 1933 - Tuesday.  Dark and cool.  Glenn was after brick.  G.R. Deyarmond accompanied him.  Born to Mr and Mrs H. Beveridge Graham, Pembroke, a son. Weight 10 pounds. (might be 12 pounds?? J.M.)

July 12, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cool but more sunshine than yesterday.  Was at G.R. Deyarmond's, the Post Office and H.T. Fulton's small store; the last two places I went in the car with Mrs Martin Johnson and her daughter Lelia.  Alice spent the p.m. with her mother.  Nina was there too.  Dorothy McCoul called in the p.m.  Alda Blaikie in the evening.

July 13, 1933 - Thursday.  A nice fine day.  WMS met at Mrs Abe Bentley's; Glenn took me down to Mr Bentley's.  Nine members were there.  Morris and Tom Fulton are away tonight.  I was at Roy's this evening.  They finished the Dutch Oven. 

July 14, 1933 - Friday.  Fine again.  The mill men filled the boiler.  Alice worked at my dress.  After tea, Alice and Glenn, Tom and Guy Graham, went over to Pleasant Valley and brought Mrs Charlotte MacKenzie over, then Mr Graham took her home.   Had a letter from Edith Boomer, Mirror, Alberta.

July 15, 1933 - Saturday.  Another nice fine day.  Roy and Edna were away today.  Londonderry etc.  The men hauled wood.  There was a gathering of women at the hall tonight.  Mrs Alex Fulton, Put and Tom here this evening.  Tom is staying all night with Morris.  Roy brought a violin from Truro for Morris.

July 16, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine again.  Was at church.  The text of Mr MacDonald's sermon was "Send me goodspeed this day".  A very helpful sermon, showing the power of prayer for guidance, and the assured answer when needed. In the p.m., Alice and Glenn and family went away for a drive and had tea out doors.  Just Uncle Harris, Morris and I here to tea.  Alda was up in the afternoon.  I was at Y.P.S.C.E.

July 17, 1933 - Monday.   Fine - that is it did not rain, but was cloudy part of the day, and is tonight.  Mrs Margeson called.  I was at Roy's a while this evening. Alda and I were to see the Dutch oven, and were up to see Graham Fulton's house.  It is in the building.  They started the mill again today.

July 18, 1933 - Tuesday.  Another fine hay day.  They were busy in the mill.  Lots of work there.  George Bentley finished mowing Mr Margeson's hay and put in a load.  Alice and Glenn went for a drive tonight.  I was at Mrs Margeson's a little while. 

July 19, 1933 - Wednesday.  Another fine day.  Roy was to Truro.  Went this p.m.  I called at Mrs Edson Cox's and went to Mrs Hamilton's to tea.  Came home with Glenn who was at C.P. MacMillan's.  Mrs Edson Cox was going down a piece with Mrs Ross, and when we met, I went a bit with them; then Mrs Cox and I came up to Mrs Eben Fulton's and called there.  Glenn came for us after a while and took us home.  She is in Miss Maggie Creelman's house, or it formerly was hers.  She is dead now.  "Not dead, just sleeping".

July 20, 1933 - Thursday.  Fine most of the day.  A little spatter of rain in the p.m.  Mrs Alex Fulton called tonight.  Glenn and Alice up to Mr Martin Fulton's this evening.  Edith Fulton had her two operations, appendicitis and rupture, in the C.C. Hospital today.

July 21, 1933  - Friday.  Fine this a.m. but the weather changed in the afternoon and there was quite a thunder storm, with very heavy rain.  Good for the crops, as they needed rain.  Cyrus Graham was here to dinner and tea and then Glenn took him to Burnside after tea.  Robert Cox called.  Glenn is at a political meeting at C.P.MacMillan's tonight.  Gordon Miller went too.  Uncle Harris went to Truro today when Roy and George went in the truck.

July 22, 1933 - Saturday.  A fine day.  Was at Mrs Margeson's an hour.  Morris took me to H.T. Fulton's store at noon, and I went with him and Gordon Miller when Morris took him to Burnside tonight.  Glenn and Alice are abroad.  Edwin and Alda and friends are to Truro tonight.

July 23, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cloudy but quite a nice day.  The sermon was from the text "Consider the lilies of the field, how they toil not, neither do they spin".  It was a sermon on faith, rooted, grounded and established in God and his promises.  Harry , Nellie, Lee, Lloyd Flemming and Uncle Harris came out to dinner; they , all but Lloyd and Uncle Harris , were at Roy's to tea.  Roy has a sore foot.  Ran a nail in it.  Was not able to be at Sunday School.  Morris and I were at the cemetery a little while.  Morris, Shirley and I were at Y.P.S.C.E.  Brian Foster died in the C.C. Hospital in the late afternoon - about 6 o'clock.

July 24, 1933 - Monday.  Cloudy this morning but turned out fine.  We began haying today.  Roy's foot is some sore.  Glenn and Gordon and Willie Crocker went to the Liberal Convention in the Graphic Theatre, Truro.  Angus MacDonald, Liberal leader, addressed the meeting.  The Liberal candidates are Edgar McLeod of Denmark, Colchester County (Warden) and Dr Thomas R. Johnson, Debert.  Morris and I were at Roy's in the evening.

July 25, 1933 - Tuesday.  Cloudy but warm.  The funeral of the late Brian N. Foster took place in the church at 2 o'clock. this afternoon.  Nina is staying with Ruth tonight; and Jean is with Shirley.  Alice and Glenn are away.  Mrs Adelaide Lockhart, Mr and Mrs Harry Rogers and sons Kenneth and Harry, and Mrs Homer Barnhill (C.H. Barnhill) called this late afternoon.  I was in Mr Margeson's a little while. 

July 26, 1933 - Wednesday.  Dark inthe morning, fine afterwards.  Roy took Gertrude Cox to Truro - he took a truck load of lumber - and Muriel Flemming came back with him.  I was at Mrs Margeson's an hour or so.  Had letters from Flossie and Edith today.

July 27, 1933 - Thursday.  A fine good hay day.  They put in 7 loads of hay.  Edna went to Musquodoboit with Edwin this p.m.  She is staying for a few days.  Mrs Alex and I were at the Post Office tonight. We had a nice call.  It was after dark when I got home. 

July 28, 1933 - Friday.  A fine good hay day.  They put in 5 loads.  Morris' 24th birthday.  I wonder whether he will be home another birthday!  We made no fuss for him. Not even candy or cake.  I gave him a pair of blue armlets, that was all.  Roy went to Truro.  Alice and Glenn are at Wilmer Hamilton's tonight.  Graham Fulton was in a little while.  Gordon is abroad.

July 29, 1933 - Saturday.  A little rain fell in the early morning, but in the p.m., a breeze and sunshine came, and they got all the hay that was mowed, into the barn.  There is still some in the intervale to mow.  Muriel Flemming was here to dinner.  Edwin Blaikie and Lloyd Flemming to tea.  Shirley, Nina, Morris and I went in the car when Morris took Gordon to Burnside.  Graham Fulton went with us up to the Church Road.  He was going to Eastville.  Glenn and Alice were at the store afterwards.

July 30, 1933 - Sabbath.  There  was some rain in the night, but not through the day here.  Cloudy tho'.  Rev A.T. MacDonald's text was " A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth".  It should be rich in spiritual treasures.  A goodly number attended church.  There was a meeting of Managers and Elders after service.  The finances are in bad shape.  After dinner , Morris and I went to Burnside to service there.  Rev Mr Raynor's subject was "Freedom".  It was a good sermon too.  After church we went to P.W. Graham's - the young people sang many hymns and psalms from the Old Choir.  We got home at 11:30.  Gordon Miller came with us.

July 31, 1933 - Monday.  A good hay day.  We have certainly had great hay weather so far.  Roy and Glenn took lumber to Truro.  The others hayed.  Amy and Violet Barrett spent the day here.  They are nice little girls. Glenn and Alice took them home tonight. 

August 1, 1933 - Tuesday.  Dark and cloudy.  A few rain drops.  They finished haying today.  Also, Gordon, Morris and Edwin housed the farm machinery.  Roy and George were to Stewiacke.  Glenn took lumber to Truro.   Alda, and Muriel Flemming went too, and did not come home with him. Was at a general meeting of the Ladies Aid at the Hall tonight.  George Dunlap and Morris are having instrument music in the parlor.  Edith R. Fulton came home from the C.C. Hospital today.

August 2, 1933 - Wednesday.  A fine good hay day.  Roy took lumber to Truro this p.m.  Shirley and Nina were at MrsHamilton's today.   Alice and Glenn went for them tonight. I was in Mrs Margeson's this a.m., and she was here in the p.m.  They - Roy, Morris, Edwin, and Gordon sawed shingles tonight. 

August 3, 1933 - Thursday. 

August 4, 1933 - Friday.  Dark and rainy.  Not heavy rain.   Nothing of note occurred today.  I had a nice letter from sister Edith Woodworth.

August 5, 1933 - Saturday.  Quite fine but cool.  Had a birthday card from Mrs Charlie Blaikie and Gail today.  Also Glenn, Alice and family gave me a dollar and Harry and Nellie sent me a nice pair of silk stockings and two dollars. Mr and Mrs Margeson gave me a lovely bouquet of  flowers from their pretty garden.  Morris gave me $2.00.

August 6, 1933 - Sabbath.  A fine day.  All at church but Glenn and Alice.  Glenn took the G.R. Deyarmond's to Birch Hill - to Mr Arnold Wood's and he then went on to Stewiacke and spent the p.m. at Aunt Edith Woodworth's.   Roy and Edna took Thelma, Jean, Ruth, Shirley , Nina and I for a drive to the Cold Spring in the woods near where our old home  - now dismantled - used to be.  Then we drove home via of the Riverside Cemetery and went in to visit the graves of our dear ones who rest there.  Then came home.  It was a beautiful drive.  Richard Cooper died this morning. it was his 53rd birthday and he had hoped to see it, and was satisfied and glad to go , having reached it.  Shirley , Nina and I were at y.P.S.C.E.  Thus ended my 63rd birthday.

August 7, 1933 - Monday.  A fine day.  Edith Boomer's 34th birthday, and if Alden were living, it would be his 42nd.  He sleeps far away, but near in thoughts.  Mrs Margeson was in this p.m.  Edna was in and she and Roy gave me a nice wash cloth and towel.  Aunt Alice Graham, a pretty doily; and dear Edith and Fern sent me a soap figure and hankie.  So many dear ones to remember me.  Janie, my sister (Mrs John Collings) sent a nice letter.  Glenn and Alice are away.

August 8, 1933 - Tuesday.  Fine.  Roy took luber to Truro and Alda came back with him.  Shirley and Nina up to J.W. Benvie's.  George, Jean , Ruth and I picked a few blueberries.  Shirley and Ruth are here, and Nina and Jean at Roy's tonight.

August 9, 1933 - Wednesday.  Rained last night but came out fine this p.m.    Mr Tom and Marie Graham were here to dinner.  Philip was at Roy's.   The young men and boys cleaned Mrs Edson Cox's yard this p.m.  Bub was at Mr Margeson's to tea.

August 10, 1933 - Thursday.  A nice fine day.  Roy took lumber to Truro this p.m. Glenn and Gordon went tonight.  Mrs George Bentley and little adopted son Morley, were here to dinner.  Then we attended the WMS in the church.  Mrs Hamilton came to tea. Morris and Alda went to J.W. Benvie's tonight. I was in Mr Margeson's and Roy's.  The girls changed places tonight.

August 11, 1933 - Friday.  Dark and cloudy with quite a breeze.  This is Olive's birthday.  She would be 32 years old.   "But they count not there by months and years, where she has gone to dwell".   The mill was stopped for repairs some time today and it was late when Roy and Edwin started to Truro with the truck load of lumber.  Mrs Margeson was here this afternoon a while.  We had new potatoes today - the first we used.  Edna visited at Mrs Grant Cox's.

August 12, 1933 - Saturday.  A fine day.  Roy and Glenn to Truro.  We baked etc.  Mr and Mrs George a. MacKay called this p.m.  Morris took Gordon Miller up to Burnside tonight.  He is done here now.  Mr and Mrs MacDonald, Jean and Allister, were going to Burnside for the drive, and invited me to go along.  So we went up over the Graham Hill, past James Graham's, P.W. Graham's and down to Allan Deyarmond's; there we turned the car, and went back over the Church Road and home by Cross Roads.  A lovely drive.  So many pretty things by the roadside; ferns and different kinds of trees.  Little hills and big ones, and kind and loving souls living in the snug houses.

August 13, 1933 - Sabbath.  Quite fine.  Mr MacDonald preached a fine sermon.  It was on Christian Citizenship.  The text was 1Peter2:17.  "Honor all men.  Love the brotherhood.  Fear God.  Honor the King."  It was a fair view of each party in Politics.  So much better than slamming one another.  This world would be a better place if the advice and instruction in this sermon were followed.   It was a quiet Sabbath.  Shirley, Nina and I were at Y.P.S.C.E.

August 14, 1933 -  Monday.  Dark all day and rainy tonight.  Dorothy McCoul was over a short time.  Mrs Alex called.  Glenn is abroad.  Tom Fulton began work again.  Had a letter from Flossie.

August 15, 1933 - Tuesday.  A few nice showers last night, but a fine day today.  Cool tonight.   The "B's" heard from their exams.  Dorothy McCoul made an aggregate of 598.  Alf Barrett made 422.  Glenn went to Truro tonight.  I was down to see Miss Lugrin - in to Mrs Eben Fulton's and Ethel's (Mrs G.R. Deyarmond's) too.  Wrote to Edith.

August 16, 1933 - Wednesday.  A fine warm day.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro in the p.m.  Edna, Alda, Thelma, George, Jean and Ruth went out to Meadowvale to pick blueberries.  Mrs David Bentley had tea with us.  Alfred Johnson, Burnside, is staying all night.  Gordon and Wallace Miller and Wilmer Hamilton spent the evening here.  Morris and Tom Fulton are away tonight.

August 17, 1933 - Thursday.  A fine hot day.  Mr and Mrs A.P. Fulton had a daughter this a.m.  Glenn went to Truro this evening.

August 18, 1933 - Friday.  Quite warm, with a nice breeze.  Uncle Harris (Bub), Shirley, Nina, Helen Miller and I went out to Mr George Geddes' and picked blueberries.  Glenn took us and came for us.  The Liberal Candidate called at the two houses but "found them sleeping" this p.m.  Glenn, Bub, Morris, Tom Fulton and I went to hear the Liberal speakers in the hall.  Messrs Johnson and McLeod (candidates), and Mr E.G. McColough and  Mr.........Fielding (nephew of the late W.S. Fielding.

August 19, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark with a little rain.  Dorothy McCoul went home.  Mrs Laurence Young and Mrs Ed macKenzie called this p.m.  Nina was up to Amy Barrett's today.  Roy and Morris were to Truro this p.m.  Mr and Mrs Roy Archibald of Elmsdale, Halifax County, have a little daughter, born August 17.  They have been married 14 or 15 years, and this is their first child.  She was born in Hospital in Halifax.

August 20, 1933 - Sabbath.  Rainy - not heavy - and dark.  Shirley and Nina, Uncle Harris, Morris and I were at church.  The sermon was good, but I did not like it as well as last Sabbath's sermon.  The text was "The people therefore that stood by and heard it said that it thundered.  others said an angel spake to him".  Different ways of listening to God's voice.  Morris, Tom Fulton, Shirley, Nina and I went to Y.P.S.C.E. in the evening. 

August 21, 1933 - Monday.  Dark but very little rain.  Was in Mr Margeson's this p.m.  In Roy's tonight.  The boys sawed shingles tonight.  Miss G.M. Dean called at Roy's.

August 22, 1933 - Tuesday.  A fine hot day.  Election Day (Provincial).  G.Y. Thomas and W.A. Flemming , both of Truro are the Conservative candidates.  R.Edgar McLeod and Dr Thomas R. Johnson of Denmark and Great Village or Glenholme are the Liberals for Colchester County.  The Conservatives were successful in winning over the Liberals in Colchester County; but the Liberals gained the day all over N.S.; and now are the controlling party in Government.  Angus L. MacDonald is the new premier.  I was at the store this p.m.   Had a letter from Edith Boomer.

August 23, 1933 - Wednesday.  Fine.  Not quite so hot.  Was at Roy's this p.m. Mrs Margeson was over while I was there.  Mrs Alex Fulton called tonight.     Morris is at a dance at Mrs Edson Cox's.  Tom and Glenn are away.

August 24, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark and close; in the p.m. it began to rain. Tonight a nice rain is falling in the way to benefit all things.  Jean Peppard, R.N. is with us tonight.  I attended the Ladies Aid picnic in the grounds of the Old Strathlorne Hotel.  We had a very nice time.  Roy and Glenn are not home from Truro yet.  Billy Wallace called.

August 25, 1933 - Friday.  Dark with rain in the late p.m. and evening.  Jean peppard went home tonight.  Morris and I attended the wedding of Robert G. Sill and Margaret Ellen Kent, held at Mr F.D. Kent's, Centre Musquodoboit, at 2 p.m.  A large number of invited guests were present.  The bridal couple looked very nicely under an arch of maple leaves and pink and white phlox. They were attended by Mr and Mrs Allan MacKenzie.  Rev J.H.A. Andersen tied the nuptial knot, assisted by Rev Wm MacDonald of Upper Musquodoboit.  Miss Laura Fisher was organist.  Mr George Flemming died at his home in Centre Musquodoboit this forenoon.  He has been ill - not in bed - but having poor health, a long time.

August 26, 1933 - Saturday.  A dark rainy day.  Ray Flemming came home today (to Truro) to attend the funeral of his father.  Glenn went to Stewiacke this p.m.  Was in Roy's.

August 27, 1933 - Sabbath.  Dark.  Not very rainy, but damp.  Roy and Edna and all their family except Jean and Ruth went to the funeral of the late Mr George Flemming, Edna's father.  I stayed with Jean and Ruth.  Mr MacDonald (Rev Wm) of  Upper Musquodoboit preached the funeral sermon.  Charles Flemming, Charles Weeks, Roy and Harry Blaikie, Edwin Blaikie and Creighton Grant were the pall bearers.     Rev A.T. MacDonald , our minister,  preached from the text  Isaiah 10:13 - "By the strength of my hand I have done it".   He showed how we cannot boast of doing great things by our own power; it is God who disposeth all things.   The world has gotten away from God - does not "in all its ways acknowledge Him", but takes the honor to itself.

August 28, 1933 - Monday.  Cloudy and warm.  Mrs Henry Harrison was taken to the C.C. Hospital last evening and died today. Mrs D.B. Bentley was here to tea.  Wallace Miller is here tonight.  School began.  Miss Helen Douglas, teacher. 

August 29, 1933 -  Tuesday.  A wet day.  Rained most of the day, and is still raining tonight.  Roy took lumber to Truro.  Mr Ray Flemming and Creighton Grant are at Roy's tonight.  Creighton did not stay all night. 

August 30, 1933 - Wednesday.  A fine day.  Roy took Raymond Flemming to Truro on his way to USA.  The others hauled wood.  Tom Fulton and Morris are up to J.W. Benvie's tonight.  I was at Mr Margeson's.  Had a letter from Aunt Viney Andrews today.  Mr and Mrs Gordon Stewart had a daughter.

August 31, 1933 - Thursday.  A nice fine day.  Harris (Bub) fixed the front doorstep today.  Edna, Alda, Thelma, Jean and Ruth, also Edwin and George were in at different times - all the family but Roy. Mrs Margeson called for some milk, but did not get it.  Glenn and Alice are at Mrs Hamilton's to call.

September 1, 1933 - Friday.  Another fine day.  Putnam Fulton began cutting our oats today.     Did not finish.  Mrs P.W. Graham and Grant, her son, called.  Was not at Roy's or Mr Margeson's today.  Mr MacDonald was in a little while this p.m. 

September 2, 1933 - Saturday.  Very foggy this a.m. but it was a fine day - and a nice evening tonight.  Was in Roy's a short time this forenoon, at Mrs Margeson's an hour or so in the p.m.  Down to see Mrs Bentley and Ethel, calling to see Mrs Henry Cox on my way down to Ethel's.  Roy and Glenn took a load of lumber to Tatamagouche today.  Tom Fulton and Morris are abroad tonight.  Put Fulton finished cutting the grain.   Tom Fulton and Morris , with a young man, Sedley Johnson by name, of Hilden, went to Truro tonught - they were not very late getting home.

September 3, 1933 - Sabbath.  A nice day.  Quite warm.  Was at church.  The text was Eccles 12:14 - "For God shall bring  every work into judgement".  It was a Lobor Day sermon.  Mr and Mrs C.A. Blaikie and Miss Gail, and Mr William Cochrane were here to tea - or all except Charlie, who was at Roy's. Shirley, Nina and I and Morris and Tom Fulton were at Y.P.S.C.E.  The little girls and Ruth, Jean and George, Roy's children, and I, had a little walk out the Otter Brook Road.

September 4, 1933 - Monday.   Dark but did not rain until toward night.  Shirley and I walked out to Mr Alex Fulton's and back this p.m.  Nina was down to Mrs Hamilton's most of the day.  Glenn and Alice are down there tonight.  Roy was in a short time tonight

September 5, 1933 -  Tuesday.  Cloudy with some small showers.  The girls went to school.  Yesterday was Labor day.  Mrs Margeson and Mrs Bentley were in this p.m.  Gordon and Wallace Miller are here tonight. They and Tom Fulton and Morris are playing cards.

September 6, 1933 - Wednesday.  Foggy morning but a fine day.  Samuel Graham Fulton and Florence MacDonald Ellis were married in the Springside church  at 4 o'clock this afternoon.  Quite a number of people went to see the marriage besides the invited guests.  Only the girls went from here.  Glenn and Tom are away tonight.  Thelma was up this evening.

September 7, 1933 - Thursday.  Quite fine.  Some clouds and drops of rain.  Cool last night - tho' we saw no frost.  Glenn saw Aunt Martha and Aunt Viney at Aunt Martha's as they passed with their load of logs.  Edna was in today.  I was there in the p.m.  Glenn is at a committee meeting.  Morris and Tom at G.R. Deyarmond's.   

September 8, 1933 - Friday.  Cloudy part of the day, but quite fine.  We didn't do much extra today.  Mr and Mrs Graham Fulton's reception was held at Mr Martin Fulton's tonight.  A big crowd was there.  Morris, Tom Fulton, Glenn and I were there from this house.  Had a letter from Edith Boomer today.

September 9, 1933 - Saturday.  Rainy most all day until tonight.  Glenn, Tom Fulton or Morris did not work today. - at least not in the p.m. Glenn went to Truro.  Morris and Tom out Otter Brook way - Tom's home. Philip and Parker Cox spent the p.m. here.  Also Tom.  Mrs Margeson was in Truro.  Was in Mr Margeson's and Roy's both today.

September 10, 1933 - Sabbath.  Very wet most all day.  Finer toward night.  Only 41 people at church this a.m.  Mr MacDonald preached from 1Peter,3:4 - "But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible".  The things of the heart come out in our lives.  Glenn and Shirley and Nina and I  were down to Wilmer Hamilton's this p.m. a little while.  Morris, Tom Fulton, Shirley, Nina and I were at Y.P.S.C.E. this evening.  Mr MacDonald led.

September 11, 1933 - Monday.  Very cold wind, but bright sunshine.  Bradford Hamilton here to dinner.

September 12, 1933 - Tuesday. Fine but still windy and cool. Good weather to dry the grain which got so wet.  Mr Keith Ross was here to dine.   Jean MacDonald here to play with Nina after school.  Morris and Tom Fulton went to a corn-boil in Truro at Mrs Raymond Hodges.  A party of folks went.  Misses Helen and Mary Douglas and Alda Blaikie, Thomas Fulton, Alfred Barrett and Morris Blaikie.

September 13, 1933 - Wednesday.  A fine day - with wind.  Not much went on today - that I know, I mean. All except Uncle Harris, Alice andf I are at the play "Wanted - A Wife" in the hall tonight.  We hope for the thresher by Saturday.

September 14, 1933 - Thursday.  Rather cloudy and chilly. WMS met at Mrs Eben Fulton's this afternoon.  After the meeting I called at C.P. MacMillan's, Mrs Edson Cox's and Miss Lugrin's.  Mrs Hamilton came up and was here to tea.  Glenn, Alice, Shirley and Nina took the car and accompanied Mrs Hamilton home.

September 15, 1933 - Friday.  A fine day.  School Fair held at Springside.  Seven schools took part in the exhibits and exercises. Upper Stewiacke School took first prize in the parade. Glenn and the girls were up from here.

September 16, 1933 - Saturday.  A fine day.  They threshed the oats     - in the field.  Mr Power's thresher. Got through about 2 p.m.  Had about the same quantity as last year. An airplane was over in J.D. Cox's intervale this late p.m. Most of the two families went to see it.  Not Glenn, Alice, Uncle Harris or I.  Aunt Martha telephoned in to tell us that Aunt Viney was very seriously ill.  Her heart is weak.  After tea, Morris and I drove out to see her.  She is bright and cheerful and happy. Tom Fulton went to Musquodoboit with Burnham Stewart.  No he did not.

September 17, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cloudy and windy and chilly.  Harry , Nellie, Don and Walter were at Roy's to dinner - they were at church and also went to Musquodoboit in the p.m.; back and called here at night.  Fred, Eva and Aunt Edith Woodworth, Mr and Mrs Percy Goodwin and Edith Goodwin came too.  Fred and his mother attended church.  Mr MacDonald's text was "But to him that hath not shall be taken away, even that which he seemeth to have".   If we exercise not the power of mind and body, they shall decay and fade away.  Morris, Tom Fulton, Shirley, Nina and I were at Y.P.S.C.E. tonight.  Mrs Martin Fulton was the leader.

September 18, 1933 - Monday.  Rainy.  The rain began before daylight, and continued off and on during a good part of the day.  Was in Roy's this a.m.  Telephoned to William Nelson's where Aunt Viney is.  She is very weak today. The Nelson sisters are all home.  Mrs Arthur Power (Aunt Viney's daughter in Newport , R.I.) could not come.  I was in Mrs Margeson's a little while.  Glenn is away.   (Mrs A. Power came for the funeral of Aunt Viney Sept 21, 1933).

September 19, 1933 - Tuesday.  Freda Mary Blaikie, third daughter of Glenn and Alice Blaikie was born this a.m. about 3 o'clock.  Mrs Viney Andrews passed away about 2 o'clock or near that time.  Miss Martha Cox came here to work.

September 20, 1933 - October 4, 1933 -  no entries

October 5, 1933 - Thursday. The days have been dark and rainy for 2 weeks except two or three sunshiny ones.  Rainy again today.  Ladies Aid at Mrs Frank L. Fulton's, Otter Brook.  Mrs Alex Fulton, Mrs Roy Blaikie, Mrs D.B. Bentley, Mrs H.T. Fulton, Mrs Hazel B. Fulton, Mrs J.D. Cox, Mrs C.P. MacMillan, Mrs S.A. Fulton, Mrs A.T. MacDonlad, Mrs James Fulton,Cross Roads, Mrs Clyde Reynolds, Miss Helen Douglas and myself were present. Mrs Alex Fulton and I were at Mrs W.D. Kennedy's to a quilting yesterday.  The Elliot's who were wiring our barn have finished their job and are leaving tomorrow.

October 6, 1933 - Friday.  A wet day; raining tonight too.  The Elliot Brothers, Charles and Frank, left for their home in Woodside, Halifax County today.  Florence Grant who is visiting at Roy's and Alda and Edwin were here this evening.  Martha Cox went away with John Fulton.

October 7, 1933 - Saturday.  A rainy day.  Mr and Mrs Lewis Fulton, Mrs Edgar Gardener, and Hilda, Frances, and Murray, her children called; also Mrs Arthur Power and her brother Will Nelson.  Morris and I motored to Stewiacke, arriving  abot 7 p.m.

October 8, 1933 - Sabbath.   Dark.  Some rain.  Attended church at East Stewiacke in the p.m. and at Stewiacke in the evening.  Miss Alice Eaton came to visit Mrs Woodworth.  Morris went back home via Brookfield on account of high water.

October 9, 1933 - Monday.  Dark and rainy.  Miss Eaton went back to Halifax this evening.   Fred, his mother, and I  went to Mrs Brison's with her.

October 10, 1933 - Tuesday.  Rainy and dark.  We had a quiet day.  Fred and his mother went to Stewiacke this evening. Eva came over from Morton Ellis' and is with me tonight.

October 11, 1933 - October 23, 1933 - no entries

October 24, 1933 - Tuesday.  Rainy tonight.  This has been a rainy month, but I think there has been a bit more sunshine than in September.  I came home from my visit Saturday night, October 21st.  The same ones who took the trip last year - Alex  and Aggie and Tom Fulton, Mary A. Cox, Morris and I -  they picked me up at Edith's; they having come down by Musquodoboit.  We had tea at Mrs A. Fields'.  Mrs Eben Fulton called this p.m.  Martha Cox went to the Manse to work yesterday.  Mr Irwin exchanged pulpits with Mr MacDonald on Sabbath.

October 25, 1933 - Wednesday.  A very rainy day.  The men could work very little.  Alice went to Mrs G.R. Deyarmond's and got Shirley's dress cut out and fitted.  Glenn and Tom Fulton are at Martin S, Fulton's, and Morris, Alda and Mr and Mrs Ross Johnson are at a dance at Mr Colin Gammell's.

October 26, 1933 - Thursday.  A fine day with cold wind.  Was at roy's this p.m.  There was a recital in the hall tonight.  Tom Fulton and Glenn went from here.  Mrs Margeson was in in the afternoon.  The hind axle of the truck broke this p.m.   Broke this side of George Bentley's lane; they had on the last load of logs they had bought from Fred Bentley, Pembroke. 

October 27, 1933 - Friday.  Another fine day.  Not so cool as yesterday.  Just a quiet day.  Tom Fulton went to Truro.  Harry, Walter and Ralph Blaikie here to tea.  Shirley and Nina were  at G.R. Deyarmond's tonight. Morris went to Division - joined it tonight.

October 28, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark and rainy tonight.  Morris ran the carriage (wheel) on Edwin's right hand yesterday (October 27) and jammed the fingers so that they got Dr Stewart to dress them.  He was out to Grant Cox's tonight.  Gertie Cox and Alda Blaikie were in tonight.  Nina got her shoes.

October 29, 1933 - Sabbath.  A very stormy day.  The wind was very high in the night.  Part of the back blew out of the old woodhouse.  There was no church or Y.P.S.C.E. here today.  The river overflowed its banks and the intervale to quite an extent; tho' it has been higher.

October 30, 1933 - Monday.  Dark but no rain.  They came from Truro and put the axle into the truck, but it will have to have a bearing renewed, and will probably have to be taken to Truro for that.  Mrs Margeson called.  Gordon Miller called this evening.

October 31, 1933 - Tuesday.  Dark this a.m.  Sunny in the p.m.  Was at the Post Office, Mrs Edson Cox's and Mrs Reynold's this forenoon  Mrs Margeson called in the afternoon.  Morris and I went to see the Sill's this evening.  We had a very pleasant time.

November 1, 1933 - Wednesday.  Quite fine.  Alice called at Mrs Margeson's.

November 2, 1933 - Thursday.  Not cold, but cloudy.  Roy, Alda and Gertie Cox went to Truro in the truck this a.m.  Roy was getting a new bearing put into the truck.  Mrs David Bentley called this p.m. and also Mrs Grant Cox.  I was in Mrs Margeson's a short time.  Morris, Tom and Gordon are away tonight.

November 3, 1933 - Friday.  A nice sunshiny day.  Ladies Aid at Mrs C.P. MacMillan's.  Mrs Alex, H.F., Eben, Frank A., and Frank L. Fulton, Mrs W.D. Kennedy, Mrs S.A. Fulton, Mrs Edson Cox,  Mrs Colter, Misses Lola Henderson and Helen Douglas and Ella Johnson, Mrs Roy Blaikie, Mrs D.B. Bentley, Mrs Hedley Creelman, Mrs William Pearson and myself were present.  Morris came for us and attended Division.  Glenn and Alice were at Mrs Hamilton's this evening.   Mr and Mrs Suther Geddes called this p.m.  Mrs John Miller of Cross Roads is sick.

November 4, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark most of the day; a bit of sunshine cheered us for a while.  Cold and windy tonight.  Gordon Miller has been plowing for two or three days.  Fred and Eva Woodworth are spending the weekend with us. 

November 5, 1933 - Sabbath.  Fine, cold and windy.  All at church except Alice and Freda.  Mr MacDonald's text was from Matthew 20:20.  He was preaching to the men - their part in the home and church life.   Fred and Eva Woodworth and Edwin Blaikie left for Stewiacke about 7:30.  Shirley, Nina, Morris, Tom Fulton and I went to Y.P.S.C.E.

November 6, 1933 - Monday.  fine and cool.  Just a common day.  Roy and Glenn were trucking logs from South Branch and Burnside.  This was a school holiday.  Mr and Mrs Roy Patterson spent the evening here.  Morris was up at Martin S. Fulton's this evening.

November 7, 1933 - Tuesday.  Very stormy.  Hail, cold rain and wind.  Was in Roy's this morning.  Baby Freda rather fussy a while this p.m. Good in the evening.  Glenn and Tom Fulton were abroad.  The poultry people came for Alice's roosters, but the roosters got out of the hen house, so they must wait until next week to get them.

November 8, 1933 - Wednesday.  Quite fine this p.m.  Was in Mr Margeson's and Roy's this a.m.Mrs D.B. Bentley was here for us to piece patchwork for quilts; she and I pieced 53 blocks.  Mrs Margeson also called.  He mother, Mrs McCoul is over with her now.  Tom Fulton and Morris are away.   Mrs W.P. Miller is very ill.

November 9, 1933 - Thursday.  A fall of snow came early this morning; most of it melted thruogh the day.  A sad tradgedy was enacted last night.  Mrs John Reynolds and Miss Tillie Rogers were at Wilfred Pearson's in the evening.  They left there to go home before very late, walked down the lane, and over the breakwater in front of the lane, just across the main road and into the river.  Alfred Barrett, who was coming down the road, heard them talking saying "We are on the road now" or something meaning that, then heard a splash and a scream; He ran into Mr Pearson's and got Wilfred, with his lantern, and they went to the river but could find no trace of them.   Then his horse was harnessed by Wilfred and they drove to Mrs Reynolds' house, but they were not there.  Wilfred Pearson then went for Ross Johnson at the Post Office, and he and Graham Fulton drove by car to the river and found Mrs Reynolds caught on a branch of a tree in the river.  They got her out, but she was dead.  For hours they looked for Miss Rogers, but could not find her; they abandoned the search until morning, when the R.C.M.P. found her near the old swimming hole back of the main past the Village.  An inquest was held.   The Auxillary of the WMS met at Mrs Edson Cox's today.  Roy and Edna went to Truro, and Stewiacke today.  Edwin was to return with them. (D.V.)

November 10, 1933 - Friday.  Dark with some rain.  Sister Edith Woodworth came from Stewiacke last night with Roy, Edna and Edwin.  She did not come up here to Glenn's until this afternoon, having accompanied Edna and me to the funeral of Mrs John Reynolds.  The hymns sung were "The Sands Of Time Are Sinking",  "When On My Day Of Life The Day Is Falling",  and as the friends went to take the last look at what was Mrs Reynolds, "Abide With Me, Fast falls The Eventide".  I swept the church for Alice.  Edith was with me.

November 11, 1933 - Saturday.  Dark.  A short service was held in the church to commemmorate the names of those who gave their lives in the Great war.  Not a great number were present.  Edith and I and Shirley went.

November 12, 1933 - Sabbath.  Dark with some rain.  We were at church.  The sermon was from the text "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends".  It was really a sermon for yesterday.  Fred and Eva Woodworth came up for their mother and they left about 5 p.m. for home. Shirley, Nina and I did not attend Y.P.S.C.E. Morris led the meeting. 

November 13, 1933 - Monday.  Quite a bit of sunshine; the clothes Alice washed, dried.  I was at Roy's a short time this p.m.  Tom Fulton, Jean and Martha Cox and Morris took a trip to Brookfield this evening.

November 14, 1933 - Tuesday.  Rainy until nearly 4 p.m.  The men did not work this p.m.  I was at Graham Fulton's this p.m. to tea.  Mrs Ellis, Mrs Fulton's mother was there, and we had a very pleasant time together.  Tom Fulton is at his father's tonight.  Morris came up to Graham's to come home with me.  We heard of the marriage of Grace Watson and Thomas E. Laffin.

November 15, 1933 - Wednesday.  Cool and windy.  The Annual Congregational supper was held in the hall tonight.  We were all there except Alice, Freda and Uncle Harris.  Had a letter from Flossie.

November 16, 1933 - Thursday.  There were two or three snow squallsa; also some sunshine and cold wind.  Was at Mrs Margeson's to tea.  Mrs McCoul is there now.  She is Mrs Margeson's mother.  Alice and Glenn were at Mrs Hamilton's a short time.

November 17, 1933 - Friday.  Some sunshine.  Morris went to Division.  Janet Geddes, (Mrs Suther) was here, a little while in the evening.  She and I having been at a quilting at Mrs D.B. Bentley's.  Georgie and Morley Bentley called.

November 18, 1933 - Saturday.  Snowed in the night.  Roy and Glenn went to Truro with lumber.  Nina and Jean and Ruth  were out to Grant Cox's to play with Mabel - yesterday was her birthday.  Hazel and Joyce Deyarmond were up in the p.m. to play with Shirley.  Glenn and Alice were at the store.  Tom Fulton and Morris were at home.  Had a letter from Laura Graham.

November 19, 1933 - Sabbath.  Not cold, but cloudy.  All of us at church except Glenn, Alice and Freda.  Mr MacDonald's text was "I will not leave you comfortless".  He shall give you another comfort, even the spirit of truth, that he may abide with you.  The girls, Morris, Tom Fulton and myself at Y.P.S.C.E.   Alda here this p.m.

November 20, 1933 - Monday.  Quite a lot of snow squalls today, but the night is clear.  We left most of the clothes on the line tonight.

November 21, 1933 - Tuesday.  A lovely fine day.  Aunt Martha Fleck came tonight.  Glenn, Alice, Shirley and Nina drove out to South Branch for her.  An accident happened in the evening.  Edwin  had been down to Dr Stewart's getting his fingers dressed, and coming along past the church, he did not notice a truck, driven by Kent MacKenzie, and he remained in the middle of the road.   To avoid running into Edwin's car, Kent swerved to the right and knocked George over.  He and his father werer walking on the side of the road.  George's lip was cut and Dr Stewart put three stitches in it.  The truck was into the ditch but not injured.

November 22, 1933 - Wednesday.  Dark and rainy.  Tom Fulton and Morris are at a dance at Billy Patterson's tonight.  Harry and Nellie called tonight.

November 23, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark and cloudy with flakes of snow.  Aunt Martha was at Mrs Margeson's to dinner.  Alice was at Y.L.C. at Mrs A.P. Fulton's this afternoon.  All are in bed early tonight.  I wrote a letter to Edith Boomer, Mirror, Alberta.

November 24, 1933 - Friday.  Dark and cloudy.  Not cold.  Aunt Martha (Mrs Fleck), Mrs Alex Fulton and I walked up to see how Mrs Robert A. Cox and Mrs W.P.iller were.  Both were in bed - we did not see them.  We called at Mrs Martin Fulton's.  Morris was at Division tonight.

November 25, 1933 - Saturday.  Some snow fell, but it was a fine day.  Aunt Martha was at Roy's to dinner; and she and I spent the p.m. at Mrs Alex's.  We walked both ways - there and back.  Morris and Tom went to Truro.  They got a barrell of apples.

November 26, 1933 - Sabbath.  A nice mild day.  Rainy tonight.  All at church except Alice and baby.  Mr MacDonald's text was "At evening time there shall be light". It was a nice sermon for elderly people - those drawing near to the evening of life.  Alda was the leader at Y.P.S.C.E.  Her first time of leading.

November 27, 1933 - Monday.  Rainy this a.m.  Colder tonight.  Aunt Martha went to spend the night with Mrs Hamilton.  Morris took her down at noontime.  Blair Fulton was here this evening.

November 28, 1933 - Tuesday.  Rather cold and windy.  Metr Aunt Martha at Mrs F.A. Fulton's and we were at Mrs S.A. Fulton's to tea. Roy, Edna and Edwin at Truro.  Edna got her glasses fixed.

November 29, 1933 - Wednesday.  A fine day.  Aunt Martha at Roy's.  Prayer Meeting held in the hall.  Aunt Martha, Shirley, Nina, Alda, Morris and I went in our car.

November 30, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark and cloudy.  The Ladies Aid (Cross Roads) met at Mrs M.S. Fulton's.  Aunt Martha and I walked up and home.  Enjoyed ourselves.  Auntie and I talked through the night at various times.  Tom Fulton and Glenn went to Truro, seeing about Glenn's stomach at Dr Reid's.

December 1, 1933 - Friday.  Cloudy with cold north wind.  Was up to see Hattie Miller this p.m.  Went up with BIlly Miller and Almon.  Came home with Mr and Mrs R.A. Spotton and Mrs Charles Miller.  Glenn, Alice, Shirley and Nina took Aunt Martha home tonight.   The rivalry between Mrs Ross Johnson and Mrs Martin Fulton finished tonight.  Helen's side gained.

December 2, 1933 - Saturday.  Very cold wind, but sunshine.  We just did the ordinary duties today.  John Cox was late in his rounds.  I was at Roy's in the p.m. a while.  Saw Roy there.  Glenn went to the store tonight.   It was the 14th anniversary of Glenn and Alice's marriage.  No letters came from the west this week.

December 3, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cloudy but not very cold.  Uncle Harris, Morris, Shirley, Nina and I were at church from here.  Mr MacDonald's sermon was from Psalm 84:11 - "The Lord God is a sun and a shield".  Like the sun penetrating to the roots of plants, so God's love penetrates to human hearts, making them better and happier, if they will only let it do so.  As a shield, God protects us from evil and dangers.   We were at Y.P.S.C.E. tonight.  Glenn and Alice drove to Mrs Hamilton's afterwards.  Glenn took Bernie Allen to and from Mr Pearson's.

December 4, 1933 - Monday.  Pretty fine and cold.  Alice washed.  I just did the usual duties.   Had letters from Aunt Edith Woodworth and Edith Boomer.  Glenn is away; also Tom Fulton and Morris.  Alda called a while.

December 5, 1933 - Tuesday.  A lovely fine day.  Not cold for December.  Edna was up twice.  I called at Mrs Wm. Pearson's and also at Mrs Wilfred Pearson's - in the same house.  Tom Fulton and Morris are not away tonight.  We heard that Miss Georgina E. Fulton and Stewart Brown were married today.

December 6, 1933 - Wednesday.  Snow squalls and some rain at night.  Roy was at Musquodoboit this forenoon.  He and Glenn went to Truro in the afternoon - late.  Alice was at the bazaar got up by the Y.L.C. and held in the hall.  She did not stay long.  Mrs Margeson was in.  Morris had a letter from Parker Cox.

December 7, 1933 - Thursday.  Dark with snow squalls and a little rain.  The Bazaar netted $30.00 or in that neighborhood.  There is a Social Evening at Willard Taylor's tonight.  10 cents admittance.  Proceeds for church purposes.  Was in Roy's in the a.m.

December 8, 1933 - Friday.  Quite warm for the time of year.  Cloudy.  They were sawing today.  Morris was at Division.  Mrs Martin Fulton's side  treated  to a lunch as they lost in the rivalry.  Tom Fulton and Glenn are at W.D. Kennedy's tonight.

December 9, 1933 - Saturday.  A cloudy day.  It thawed some.  There is a little snow falling tonight.  I was in Mr Margeson's a little while this late p.m.  Alice and Glenn were at the store.  Miss G.M. Dean is in the Village today.   She was in the Village (at C.C. Cox's) last Friday night.

December 10, 1933 - Sabbath.  Dark.  Thunder and lightning about noon, windy and colder at night.  All at church except Alice and Freda.  Mr C.A. Blaikie and son Lloyd were here to dinner, and went back to their home in Truro about three or four o'clock  p.m.  Morris, Tom Fulton, Shirley, Nina and I were at Y.P.S.C.E.

December 11, 1933 -  Monday.  Snow flurries, wind and sunshine.  Alice just out the colored clothes out.  I was in Mr Margeson's a few minutes.  Daniel Brown was trucking logs from Fred Bentley's, Pembroke, for us. 

December 12, 1933 - Tuesday.  Cold with snowflurries and some sun.  We churned, baked and ironed.

December 13, 1933 - Wednesday.  Still cold.  4 degrees below zero this a.m.  Was at Mrs G.R. Deyarmond's; she is making my dress - brown - sort of flannel.  Morris and Tom Fulton were out to Mr Alex's to see Mrs Fulton etc.  She is ill.   Had a letter and Christmas card from sister Mary Sargent. Also the Eaton parcel came.

December 14, 1933 - Thursday.  Fine and cold.  Ladies Aid at J.D. Cox's.  Missionary Meeting at the Manse.   The old officers were continued except Mrs Edson Cox was appointed leader of the Mission Band in place of Mrs MacDonald.  Mrs W.D. Kennedy, Mrs Roy Blaikie, Mrs C.P. MacMillan, Mrs S.A. Fulton, Mrs W. Nevins, Mrs A.T. MacDonald, Mrs Edson Cox, Mrs H.T. Fulton, Mrs Eben Fulton, Miss Ella Johnson, Miss Helen Douglas, and myself at Ladies Aid. then Choir Practice was held after the Aid.  I did up Christmas parcels after I came home.

December 15, 1933 - Friday.  Cold this a.m.  4 degrees below zero, but no wind to amount to much.  I took the parcels for the girls in the west to the Post Office this a.m.  Called at G.R. Deyarmond's.  Was in Roy's in the evening.  He and Alda were to Truro.  Mrs Alex Fulton is ill with flu.  Tom went out home and stayed all night.

December 16, 1933 - Saturday.  Not so cold today, tho' it was cold this a.m.  Alice was in Mr Margeson's in the p.m.  We baked bread etc.  Glenn and Morris took 4 loads of deal to Brookfield today.  They are loading a car.  We heard of Mr and Mrs Halley Brown having twins.

December 17, 1933 - Sabbath.  Quite fine.  Some wind.  Nina and Alice at home.  The sermon was on 1Peter,5:7.  "Casting all your care upon Him, for  He careth for you".  A sermon of trust. Putting all our anxious fears on Jesus.  We were not at Y.P.S.C.E. except for Morris and Tom.  Mrs Alex Fulton, who  has had flu is a bit better.

December 18, 1933 - Monday.  We had a snowy day.  They hauled deal to Brookfield all day - Glenn and Morris.  The others loaded the car with the deal they had hauled Saturday and today.

December 19, 1933 - Tuesday.  Finer.  No storm.  Roy, Tom Fulton and Edwin were at home.  Tom Fulton and Edwin were hauling manure to the upper field.  Glenn and Morris finished hauling and loading the car load of deal.   They got up as far as Hedley Creelman's and some part of the truck broke; so they left it and Roy and Edwin , having  gone to their rescue, they came home.  Glenn was pretty well done out.

December 20, 1933 - Wednesday.  A nice fine day.  I was down at the store, and at Mrs G.R. Deyarmond's this a.m.  Got my brown dress.  Ethel had made it for me.  Glenn did not work today.

December 21, 1933 - Thursday.  A stormy day with drifting snow.  High westerly wind tonight.   Glenn saw Dr Stewart today and the Dr said that Glenn had strained his heart in some way.  I hope it is not so that he will be long ill.   Poor soul; he has had a lot of illness.  Alice was at the Christmas Tree at the school house.  It was very nice.  Only women and Mr MacDonald were there.

December 22, 1933 - Friday.  A little snow fell, but not a cold day.  Only a half day's school.  I was at Roy's a while this p.m.  Mrs Margeson was here.  The Christmas Tree was disposed of in the Division.  They had some fun.

December 23, 1933 - Saturday.  A fine, rather cold day.   Shirley and I swept the church this p.m.  Morris up to J.W. Benvie's this p.m.  Wallace Miller spent the evening with Glenn.

December 24, 1933 - Sabbath.  Christmas Eve.  Rather a nice day.  Some snow - not much - fell.  There is good sledding now.  Alice, Shirley, Morris and I were at church.  The sermon to the boys and girls was on the Christmas Rose. A nice story or sermonette.   "The dayspring from on high hath visited us" was the text of the sermon to men and women.  Glenn is about the same today.

December 25, 1933 - Monday.  A bright, fine, pretty cold day. Wilmer, Mrs Hamilton and Billie Lemon  here to dinner.  We had a nice quiet time.  All got presents.

December 26, 1933 - Tuesday.  Cold windy day.  Alice washed this a.m.  Was to the store and G.R. Deyarmond's this p.m.  Mr MacDonald called; also Mrs Robinson Ellis called later.  The boys, Tom Fulton and Morris retired early.

December 27, 1933 - Wednesday.  A stormy windy cold day.  Glenn laid up since December 20 with his strained heart.  Dr Stewart has been down to Halifax; his uncle, the beloved John Stewart has died.

December 28, 1933 - Thursday.  A cold fine day.  3 degrees below zero this morning.  Glenn feeling pretty well today.  Was in Mr Margeson's this a.m. Intended to go to Roy's but did not get there.   The account of Dr John Stewart's death was in the Halifax papers.  He was a grand old man.  Also fine in his younger days.  Edna was in a few minutes.  Guess the Mission Band Thank-Offering is not to be held this week on account of sickness.  Some children have Chicken-Pox; others have cold - and grown people, some of them are not well too.

December 29, 1933 - Friday.  A cold windy day.  22 degrees below zero this morning.  The wind was very cold and penetrating.  We baked bread.  Billy Wallace was in in the evening - came from Division with Morris.   Shirley was somewhat better.   She has been laid by with Chicken-Pox.  Nina has it now - also quite a few children in this school section.  There was to have been a Mission Band Thank Offering meeting this evening,  but as there was so much sickness, it was deferred.  Dr John Stewart was buried in Pictou today.

December 30, 1933 - Saturday.  Cold.  20 degrees below zero, I think.  Glenn was at Roy's a while.  Alice carried the water to wash (on Monday) from Roy's.  Morris and Roy attended the church fire tonight.   Also Roy towed Henry Harrison's car with a trailer of feed up to F.B. Cox's Garage.   Was in Mrs Margeson's a little while tonight.    Nina, Shirley, Jean, George and Ruth have been and are yet - afflicted with Chicken Pox.  It's wide spread in this school section.

December 31, 1933 - Sabbath.  Cold this a.m. but got warmer.  Morris, Alice, Tom Fulton and I at church.  Morris and Tom at Y.P.S.C.E.  I was at Roy's a while in the p.m.  Mr MacDonald's text was Mark 4:29 - "When the fruit is brought forth, he putteth in the sickle because the harvest is come."  He paid a tribute to Dr John Stewart, who has passed on.