Transcript for chat on Saturday, January 29th, 2005
Topic: Twilight by Meg Cabot
admin-janey Hi everyone, sorry for the late start. Type in your questions and I will send them to Meg. Also watch out for MAJOR SPOILERS!
MegCabot Welcome to the Mediator chat! Thanks for coming! It's great to see so many of you here to talk about let's get started!
michael_fan765 <Q>How did you feel when you finished Twilight and were done with the Mediator series?
MegCabot <A>Of course I was a little sad...I always knew how the series would end, and I had hoped it would go on for a few more books...but I knew I couldn't devote the time the books needed, so I figured I should end it while I still had the energy to write them!
hcim <Q>Meg, has the ghost who haunts your house showed up recently?
MegCabot <A>Mary, my ghost, was exorcised by GP Taylor, the author of Shadowmancer, and a vicar. I never saw her again after that. Actually, I never saw her at all. GP said she was in love with my husband. HE has never seen her again.
FtLouie <Q>Meg--are you feeling better?
MegCabot <A>Yes, I am. At least, I have stopped barfing, although I still have the sniffles/cough. Janey and I compared notes on her Spanish flu, and I had the same thing! Watch it, it is going around.
timeforheroes <Q>Did you have writer's block at any point whilst writing the book?
MegCabot <A>Not while writing this book. But while writing others, yes.
ikiN <Q>Why do people want you to write a sequel when clearly Twilioght ends the series?
MegCabot <A>I have no idea. I guess they want the story to go on and on. But what they don't realize is that in order for the story to be interesting, ie worth putting in a book, bad things would have to happen!
x_DORKSRULE <Q>Meg, when you were writing the Mediator series, did Buffy ever inspire you? Both The Mediator series and Buffy have a lot in common. They both fight a lot, spend a lot of their time in graveyards, and end up destroying parts of their schools. Plus in Buffy, Willow is in love with Xander just like CeeCee is in love with Adam. And both Buffy and Suze have the whole forbidden love thing going on (Angel & Jesse).
MegCabot <A>I started writing the books before Buffy came on TV, but I will admit the Angel/Buffy romance totally grooved with the Suze/Jesse thing. But I didn't model the books after Buffy since I started the series before Buffy came on.
starlight <Q>Did you know how you would end the series when you began it?
MegCabot <A>Definitely.
Meganf91 <Q>Which of the Mediator books is your favorite?
MegCabot <A>You know I can't answer that! But I do have a soft spot for Twilight.
Veggie_Girl <Q>Hi Meg! I was wondering: Do you cry while writing the parts of books that make readers cry, like when Suze thought she was going to lose Jesse, or does it not bother you, since you know what's going to happen?
MegCabot <A>I didn't cry at all, but my agent did. I was shocked! I had never made her cry before. That's when I realized I'd written a book that was going to make some people cry.
starlight <Q>How did you get the ideas for the time travel details?
MegCabot <A>This was something my editor felt very strongly about. We hashed it together over many phone calls.
D_tracy <Q>Hey Meg! Loved Twilight! It was awesome. I think you mentioned once that you made a glitch in Chapter Sixteen, and you had to fix it really quick. What was the glitch? (Just curious!)
MegCabot <A>Hi, Thanks! And I don't remember...but I do remember there was one.
iLoVeJeSsE_ <Q>where did you come up with the idea of going back in time to not kill jesse?
MegCabot <A>My editor. I had a totally different idea planned out, but when she came up with the time travel thing, I was like, Hmmm. Way better.
aria86 <Q>Meg, will you be writing another series with Suze and Jesse???
MegCabot <A>No, but I will be writing some new series with new characters. I can't give you details though because at this time no one has actually bought them.
Missy_A <Q>Are you sad that this series ended?
MegCabot <A>Well, I'm a little sad, but I'm thrilled with the response, and I'm glad Suze and I can have a rest now.
naddy103 <Q>I'm really happy that you decided to end the series with a happy ending, but, why did you chose to make it happy?
MegCabot <A>Hey! Spoiler! Well, I guess that's OK. I made it a happy ending because I am a happy person. Also, I dearly love Suze, and wanted to give her what I thought she deserved.
starlight <Q>Are Paul and Kelly together forever? Kelly seems a little ditzy for him.
MegCabot <A>Paul can never be with anyone forever. He is too selfish.
MEGC.4EVER <Q>Now that the series is over, are you planning to write more series in the future?
MegCabot <A>Yes, as previously stated.
____P_I_W______ <Q>It's pretty much guarnteed that your books will be bestsellers EVERYWHERE, so why do your publisher release them in the US first? (I mean, I went into a bookshop a week after Teen Idol came out, and it already had a bestseller sticker on it.)
MegCabot <A>Well, it is really up to the individual publishers to decide when to release them, but because the US is the biggest market (population size wise) it makes sense to release them here first (also, considering that I am an American and they are all about Americans).
michael_fan765 <Q>Is Jesse based on your husband, like Michael and Scott?
MegCabot <A>Not so much.
Christina <Q>Is Suze based on anyone you know? Such as yourself?
MegCabot <A>A little bit of me, a little bit made up.
____P_I_W______ <Q>How much money do you spend on books every month?
MegCabot <A>Personally? Anywhere from 0 (people give me books all the time) to $100.
MEGC.4EVER <Q>Now that you finished the book, do you feel more accomplished?
MegCabot <A>Well, not more accomplished, but satisfied of a job well done (in my opinion).
FtLouie <Q>you said once that it took you 10 days to write a book-what book was this?
MegCabot <A>Nicola and the Viscount. And I had a cold the whole time!
ltlouie <Q>hi Meg how long did it take to write this book and did you enjoy it?
MegCabot <A>This book took me about a month and a half. I did enjoy it. I wrote it almost entirely by the side of a pool at a house we were renting at the time in Connecticut.
Susannah <Q>what other books do you recommend for someone whos only read Mediator but wants to read your other books?
MegCabot <A>Definitely 1-800-WHERE-R-U. And everything else, too, of course!
x_DORKSRULE <Q>Would you ever consider writing another mystery/paranormal series?
MegCabot <A>Absolutely. Right now I have two stand alone paranormals coming out, Avalon High, due out in Winter 2005, and Jinx, due out in Winter 2006.
kittiesunite <Q>how does this thing work?
admin-janey Type in your question. I lfilter through all the questions and forward them to Meg. Then Meg selects some questions and answers them. At the end of the chat, there will be an open chat for you all to talk to eachother about Twilight.
BarnBum <Q>Omigoodness First I just have to say that was the BEST Happily Ever After EVER! How did you come up with the concept of a Mediator?
MegCabot <A>After my dad died, I kept thinking I saw him everywhere, and I wondered what it would be like if I saw ALL the dead people. The idea of a girl who has that happen to her was born.
alley_is_hot <Q>Meg, Do you think you might Ever wright another book in the series? I love it SO much. It just cant end!
MegCabot <A>Thanks, but for it to continue, Bad Things might happen. Would you really want that? I wouldn't.
flamecat <Q>Meg, did you ever feel bad for Paul when Suze kept rejecting him?
MegCabot <A>No. Paul is a jerk. I don't understand why so many of you like him. But then, I know the REAL LIFE Paul that he is based on, so maybe I am prejudic ed.
fairycow <Q>In Haunted, Paul seems to really hate Kelly, so why the change in attitude towards her in Twilight?
MegCabot <A>Why do you think? To be frank, Kelly puts out.
Susannah <Q>do you know ways to get a book we want published published?
MegCabot <A>Yes. Visit my tips in the Writing Forum on this website.
MEGC.4EVER <Q>Will you write another series that deals with ghosts?
MegCabot <A>Maybe. None planned at this time.
x_DORKSRULE <Q>Is the 1-800 MISSING series still on TV? Do you know what time and channel it is on?
admin-janey <A>Here is the info for Mssing the TV show
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>Do you ever create a charcter that's like one of your enmies, and make sure that they get what deserve?
MegCabot <A>Duh. Paul.
x_DORKSRULE <Q>Where did you get the idea of setting the series in Carmel, CA?
MegCabot <A>I like to set things in places I have lived, so I can make them more realistic. I lived in Carmel, and it seemed to lend itself nicely to the theme.
Christina <Q>Meg, what is the one thing you could've changed in the whole series?
MegCabot <A>I would have liked to have explored Father Dom's romance a bit more (with the dead girl) but I didn't have time.
Mediator_Suze <Q>Are we allowed to ask more than one question?
admin-janey <A>Yes.
Missy_A <Q>Was Jesse almost like your fantasy man?
MegCabot <A>Ha! No, not really. He is sort of based on a friend's boyfriend, though, and she seems happy enough.
starlight <Q>So will Jesse and Suze be ghostbusting together now?
MegCabot <A>Absolutely.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>Do you ever get headaches from trying to write?
MegCabot <A>No, only from the alcohol I drink after writing. KIDDING. Sort of.
Writeress <Q>Would Paul ever go back on his word and go after Suze?
MegCabot <A>Well, we will never know, will we? But I would imagine so.
kittiesunite <Q>Whatever happened between the relationship between Paul and his grandfather?
MegCabot <A>Ah, that is mentioned at the end of the book, yes? They talk, remember?
timeforheroes <Q>What music were you listening to whilst writing Twilight? were there any particular songs that helped you through?
MegCabot <A>Ooooh, good question. I don't remember.
Princess_Nicky <Q>What books are you reading at the moment ?
MegCabot <A>Right now I just finished John Grisham's The Last Juror. It was good.
hcim <Q>What do you think of the theory that Paul is perfect for Suze that many people were entertaining before Twilight came out?
MegCabot <A>I think they must all have read different books than the ones I wrote. Or they're projecting.
celiac <Q>is ther another book tour soon?
MegCabot <A>Yes, in April.
iLoVeJeSsE_ <Q>Was this your first series?
MegCabot <A>I started the Mediator series and the Princess Diaries at the same time.
Paige <Q>How did you come up with all their names?
MegCabot <A>Phone book.
iLoVeJeSsE_ <Q>Is Suze's dad based off of your dad?
MegCabot <A>Awww, yeah, actually.
SharkFin <Q>Does Suze's family ever find out about her ability to see ghosts?
MegCabot <A>No. Just David.
Christina <Q>Meg, I loved the ending of Twilight but did you have any other ideas other than Jesse and Suze being together?
MegCabot <A>I was going to kill Suze at one point. My editor talked me out of it.
flamecat <Q>Hi Meg! Will Lindsay Lohan really play Jen in the teen idol movie like it says in the back of the book?
MegCabot <A>No. That was a joke.
chloemonster8593 <Q>why is paul such a jerk to suze? like in haunted?
MegCabot <A>Because he is a jerk.
lilangel1045 <Q>who was Paul based on in real life?
MegCabot <A>A jerk I knew.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>Do you ever recreate something in your books, that happened in real life, and make sure it turns out right?
MegCabot <A>Sure, all the time.
flamecat <Q>In the Princess Diaries books do you have to read the half books to understand the plot on the next full books in the series?
MegCabot <A>Um, not really, but it would help.
iLoVeJeSsE_ <Q>Is the mission where suze goes to school really in carmel, or did you just make it up?
MegCabot <A>No, it is a real school that I went to, but in real life it is only grades K-8.
Christina <Q>I loved Father Dom throughout the story. Who was he based on?
MegCabot <A>He wasn't based on anyone in particular--well, a little bit after some teachers I had.
KrystleS <Q>Why did you decide to end w/ Suze still in HS while the Princess series continues till Mia gets out of HS and into college? No offense to Princess readers and the writer, who is awesome.
MegCabot <A>Um, I just never planned on following Suze all through school. You will note she is a sophomore when the series begins, whereas Mia is in her first weeks as a freshman. I just always planned on following Mia longer than Suze. At most, I pictured the Mediator being an 8 book series, whereas Mia seemed more a 16 books series.
BarnBum <Q>my dad also passed away earlier last year in Iraq on his way home, have you actually seen your dad? you don't have to answer this if it's to personal.
MegCabot <A>Aw, I'm sorry about your dad. Yes, I did actually used to see my dad all the time, just fleeting glimpses. Now, I just see him in my dreams. I hope you do, too.
hcim <Q>What music are you listening to now?
MegCabot <A>Right now? Gwen Stefani's new album.
eyeluffunicornsss <Q>What would you have done when dealing with Paul?
MegCabot <A>Dumped him.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>I kinda lack displine when it comes to writing. Any tips? *cheesy look*
MegCabot <A>What do you need discipline for? I assume you are not writing for a living. You only need discipline if you are trying to pay your bills with your writing. If you are just doing it for fun, just do it when it's fun.
kittiesunite <Q>Is Hector "Jesse" de Silva a real person in the history of Carmel?
MegCabot <A>No, he is made up.
ikiN <Q>Why do people like Paul?
MegCabot <A>Well, he is charming.
Writeress <Q>What kind of stories do you most enjoy to wirte? Histrical novels, ones with a lot of paranormal activity, etc...?
MegCabot <A>Romantic ones.
Princess_Nicky <Q>Have you ever been on an international book tour ?
MegCabot <A>I have been to England twice on book tours.
Carly <Q>Did you come up with 1-800 before or after the Mediator?
MegCabot <A>Shortly after the Mediator.
hcim <Q>You just came to CA for EBGO, but is there a possibility you'd come back for PD6?
MegCabot <A>Probably not.
naddy103 <Q>Do you think Paul just wanted Suze so he could make a mini- mutant colonie(like dean koontz)?
MegCabot <A>No, I think guys like Paul just enjoy the chase. Once they get what they are after, they lose interest.
Marmaladegirl86 <Q>What kinds of foods do you eat when your writing? I know silly question...
MegCabot <A>Lately? Smoked almonds.
Writeress <Q>Did you enjoy living in Carmel as much as Suze does?
MegCabot <A>I was really lonely when I lived there, because I didn't know anyone, and I was into books and reading, and most of the kids there were into sports. So it was really hard at first. But eventually I made friends, and had a good time.
alley_is_hot <Q>Where did you come up with the titles for the mediator series? Example:Twighlight,Haunted
MegCabot <A>My editor came up with some of them, like Haunted. I pulled Twilight out of the TV Guide. I thought it sounded good, since the characters in the book are sort of in twilight--half dead, half alive.
eyeluffunicornsss <Q>Did you ever know someone like Sister Ernestine?
MegCabot <A>YES!
Princess_Nicky <Q>Are you ever going to write any more books about the staff of the New York Journal ?
MegCabot <A>Probably not after EBGO. But maybe.
lilangel1045 <Q>why or for what reason did you start writing books? And at what age?
MegCabot <A>Because I was bored. I was 7.
SharkFin <Q>Can ghosts materialize with objects or people to other places?
MegCabot <A>Apparently so.
Carly <Q>Did you ever have the sliiiiightest crush on Father Dom? Admit it- he's a cutie. For an old guy.
MegCabot <A>Hee. Maybe.
Susannah <Q>what do you think is the most furifying thing about Paul?
MegCabot <A>His treatment of his little brother.
naddy103 <Q>How do you get Jesse From the name "Hector"??
MegCabot <A>Good question. If your name was Hector, wouldn't you rather be called Jesse? No offense to any Hectors out there.
skittles <Q>What recent movies did you enjoy watchong?
MegCabot <A>I have the first screening of Ice Princess, the movie I helped write, all set to watch in my VCR! I'll let you know how it is!
eyeluffunicornsss <Q>In a few of your books you have characters with green or other odd colored hair. I think it's pretty cool (I have green hair at the moment.) Did you ever experiment with hair dye?
MegCabot <A>Right now I have a fairly prominent pink streak in my hair.
Noroom2br3ath3 <Q>Does the type of mood you are in, at the moment effect the outcome of the book?
MegCabot <A>No, because I have the end of the book planned out well before I start writing it, so it doesn't matter how I am feeling while I am writing it, I have to stick to the proposal that I have sold my publisher.
candyangelgal <Q>Paul has done some really despicable things, but "helping" his grandfather OD on his meds seems a little extreme even for him. Did he really mean for things to go that far or was it accidental?
MegCabot <A>He just wanted to make him sleepy. To Paul, I would not imagine that was such a big deal.
Carly <Q>How come you've lived so many places? Did you move a lot when you were younger? I assumed you had moved as an adult, but you just answered that you were younger when living in Carmel.
MegCabot <A>Yes, my father was a professor and frequently went on sabbatical. I also lived in places like France and England.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>In your books, they use a lot of Instant Messaging. Are the ppls screen names nased on you and your friends?
MegCabot <A>No, they are based on the characters.
Susannah <Q>do you think being a novelist is a good career? (I think of nothing else)
MegCabot <A>Only 2% of all writers make enough money from writing to pay their bills. So you better have a good back-up career in mind, such as teaching. I struggled for many years before I made enough from my writing to pay the rent. In fact, it wasn't until I had a movie made from one of my books that I was able to quit my day job as a dorm manager.
ikiN <Q>which is more fun to write, teen romance or adult romance?
MegCabot <A>I love them both the same.
candyangelgal <Q>Does Jesse (as a Ghost and later as a person) have any memory of meeting Suze in the 1800's?
MegCabot <A>No. She has to explain it to him.
Angel <Q>How old was Father D when he met his ghosty love?
MegCabot <A>20s.
naddy103 <Q>Why didnt the ghosts possess people?
MegCabot <A>I don't actually believe ghosts can do that.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>Have you ever been in a book club before? (A|nd what was it like?)
MegCabot <A>A BOOK CLUB? I have never belonged to a book club. I hate talking about books, believe it or not, because I hate it when people have a different opinion on a book than I do.
lilangel1045 <Q>not trying to be rude, but curious, how old are you now?
MegCabot <A>37
MEGC.4EVER <Q>Are you nervous about how the upcoming movie teen idol will turn out?
MegCabot <A>No, because I know it will be great, since the producer is great.
Noroom2br3ath3 <Q>What music did you grow up, listening to? Did this effect your writing, at all?
MegCabot <A>Mostly soundtracks, musicals, and rock, and not really that I can think of. Except I am sick of musicals now.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>In some of your books, when IM-ing, they do "*I*" a lot. What does it mean?
MegCabot <A>That is to emphasize the word "I" as in, "I came." Since you can't italicize in IM.
timeforheroes <Q>A lot of your characters seem to like combat boots - how many pairs (assuming you have some too) do you own?
MegCabot <A>None. I find them very uncomfortable and not flattering to the shape of my calves.
naddy103 <Q>Ice Princess?WHAT?!?!

<A>Meg explains it here:

Veggie_Girl <Q>Where is your favorite place you have lived?
MegCabot <A>Key west.
princessmia737 <Q>Couldn't you write a prequel to Mediator? A story of Suze's and Jesse's lives before they met?
MegCabot <A>If I were to do this, it would be about Father Dom, not Suze and Jesse.
kat61890 <Q>While you were writing Twighlight were you ever sad that it was your last book in the mediator series, or were you glad to finish it up?
MegCabot <A>No, I was glad to be done. Because it is hard, keeping so many story lines going at one time.
Paige <Q>How old where you when you first book was published?
MegCabot <A>30
Carly <Q>Do your characters ever seem to speak to you?
MegCabot <A>That is a hard question. They don't tell me what to do, but I do feel badly for them sometimes, if I am being mean to them.
FtLouie <Q>do you have any plans for your bday
MegCabot <A>Why, thank you. I will be having houseguests which somewhat complicates my plans. But I plan on watching a bunch of DVDs I haven't seen yet, like Mean Girls and PD2. Also, going out to a nice dinner outside by the ocean.
kittiesunite <Q>How did you think of the Brazilian exorcisms that Suze used?
MegCabot <A>A Brazilian friend suggested them.
alley_is_hot <Q>After a book comes out,do you ever wish you would've put something in it you didn't?
MegCabot <A>No, because I don't turn them in until they are exactly how I want them.
celiac <Q>do you like writing present day or period books better?
MegCabot <A>Present day. It is a lot of research to write books set in the past. You have to research their clothes, the food, the houses, the carriages, EVERYTHING, or historians will point out your mistakes. It is annoying.
princessmia737 <Q>Who is your role model in writing?
MegCabot <A>In writing? I really like Mary Stewart. I would like it if people thought as fondly of my books as I think of hers.
V <Q>Are we going to see more heroines in other books? Since you're already done with the Mediator
MegCabot <A>Yes
KrystleS <Q>Suze is kinda a characer who does her own thing. Do you support girls who take risks or do things that aren't expected of them? Like a girl joining a HS wrestling team?
MegCabot <A>Absolutely.
Mediator_Suze <Q>You said that Father Dom was in his 20s when he met the ghost girl he fell in love with. But I thought that when Father D was telling Suze about her he said that he was Suze's age at the time.
MegCabot <A>Close enough.
V <Q>What's Jesse's full name if there is? Because Jesse doesn't sound very Spanish. Maybe I forgot if it were manetioned in books.
admin-janey <A>Its Hector De Silva, Jesse is a nickname.
ltlouie <Q>when is teen idol coming out in film?
MegCabot <A>It is still only in the writing stages, so I don't know. A studio has to buy it.
Angel <Q>When did Jesse first realise he loved Suze?
MegCabot <A>We will never know, will we? That's his secret. But I have my theories.
lilangel1045 <Q>how long does this chat last?
admin-janey <A>around 45 minutes, with 15 minutes of open chat.
MEGC.4EVER <Q>Does writing books affect your free time with your family a lot?
MegCabot <A>Yes. They get very crabby if you are always writing. You have to remember that family is more important than books. Even though its hard to keep in mind when you are really into a book.
Christina <Q>I have a friend that's incredibly obssessed with the whole series. How do you feel about the fans and fanfiction ?
MegCabot <A>I am fine with it, so long as nobody tries to make me read it, and everyone remembers what the author (me) says, goes.
timeforheroes <Q>who is your favourite heroine that you have created, if you were forced to pick?
admin-janey <A>Meg always says that like a mom loves her kids, she loves all her characters equally.
Writeress <Q>Do you care if the screenwriters ever turn your story around, as they have with other writers before? Or does it matter to you?
MegCabot <A>If they pay me enough, I don't care. Of course, I would prefer for them to keep the story as it is, but when translating script to screen, this is not always possible, for lots of reasons. Which I understand.
chloemonster8593 <Q>what movie will come out first? AAG or Teen Idol?
MegCabot <A>God knows.
Paige <Q>How old was Jesse when he died?
MegCabot <A>20.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>How come on your blog, you never reveal your age, but you do here?
MegCabot <A>I do reveal it in my blog. Just not in the archives.
Marmaladegirl86 <Q>How's has your life chaged since you've become an best selling author?
MegCabot <A>Well, I now make a living from my hobby. Which makes my hobby my job. Which takes some of the fun out of it, to be frank.
MEGC.4EVER <Q>How is your cat doing?
MegCabot <A>She has mental problems. But lately she has been venturing out from under the bed more often, which is good.
naddy103 <Q>What is your Favorite quote?
MegCabot <A>From the book? I don't know.. What are some of yours?
Christina <Q>Time traveling was awesome in Twilight. What period would you time travel to if you could?
MegCabot <A>Wow. I don't know. They had so many diseases back then. I would say I would probably go to the future, to see what happens to us all.
Missy_A <Q>Were you ever affraid of failing when you started writing books?
MegCabot <A>I still am.
KrystleS <Q>What is a infosource you can use if you want to publish a book? (ie. Books, website)
MegCabot <A>Jeff Herman's Guide to Getting an Agent/editor/publisher
celiac <Q>you do use blogger for your blog, right?
admin-janey <A>Yes Meg uses blogger.
MEGC.4EVER <Q>Growing up, did you have brothers like David, Jake, or Brad?
MegCabot <A>Yes, I have two younger brothers.
Noroom2br3ath3 <Q>What age groups do you think your books attract more?
MegCabot <A>13-17.
Moi_is_da_ruler. <Q>I'm just wondering, for future reference, if you find a agent who likes your books, but asks for a reading fee, should you go and pay them? (I assume not.)
MegCabot <A>NEVER!!!
kat61890 <Q>Do you have any say about who gets casted in your movies
admin-janey <A>No she does not.
flamecat <Q>Have you ever had a huge crush on a movie star like Trina in Teen Idol?
MegCabot <A>Um, I recently had a very sexy dream about Neil Patrick Harris, aka Doogie Howser. So I guess so. Though in real life he is not who I would choose to have a crush on.
celiac <Q>what is the order of the Meditator books?
admin-janey <A>Mediator #1: Shadowland Also Known as Love You to Death Mediator #2: Ninth Key Also Known as High Stakes Mediator #3: Reunion Also Known as Mean Spirits Mediator #4: Darkest Hour Also Known as Young Blood Mediator #5: Haunted Also Known as Grave Doubts Mediator #6: Twilight Also Known as Heaven Sent
admin-janey <A>The Mediator books have all been re-released in the USA and will be released one by one in the UK. Other countries should check with the publisher.
KrystleS <Q>What is the next Pick of the Month??? I'm beggin' to know!
admin-janey <A>Meg's computer connection just died so I am typing as she speaks. The next pick of the Month is Every Boy's Got One by Meg Cabot! Hope you enjoy it.
admin-janey Meg also says, "Thanks for coming to my chat! Talk to you next month! Bye."