12.01.2009 - Equipment Arrives in Hungary more »

05.01.2009 - New Year Message from ELF President more »

31.12.2008 - 1. European Box Lacrosse Championships more »

20.12.2008 - ELF wishes you happy holidays more »

09.12.2008 - Lacrosse on Eurosport more »

01.12.2008 - Lacrosse Introduction in Belgium more »

27.11.2008 - Equipment on its way to new lacrosse start-ups more »

21.11.2008 - Lacrosse Featured on New "90210" Series more »

16.11.2008 - Game Action in Newest ELF Member Nation more »

03.11.2008 - Czech Lacrosse Finals on Net-TV more »

01.11.2008 - The ELF Appoints Women's Umpire Coordinator more »

07.10.2008 - A great start for the Men's Lacrosse Champions Cup more »

03.10.2008 - European Lacrosse Federation Men's Champions Cup - 2008 more »

03.09.2008 - Lacrosse in Europe further on the rise - a report on the men's game more »

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Welcome To The European Lacrosse Federation

Opening Ceremony Euros 2004

Over the past few years lacrosse has grown from being played in just a few countries in Europe to now having teams and leagues in 21 countries, with others looking to start. Lacrosse is no longer just "the fastest game on two feet", it is also considered one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

The European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) is the organisational body for lacrosse played in Europe including women's and men's lacrosse. At the ELF website you can find:

Support the Development of Lacrosse in Europe

Join the Friends and support the growth of lacrosse.

What is Lacrosse?

Watch the video below to learn about lacrosse - Europe's fastest growing sport and the fastest sport on two feet: