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Source: Pukui, Mary Kawena & Elbert, Samuel H.,
HAWAIIAN DICTIONARY, Revised and Enlarged Edition, University of Hawai`i Press, Honolulu, 1986.

This page is dedicated to ku`u lei hulu.


precious, beloved, esteemed, petted, darling, indulged; favorite; the chosen


esteemed chief; beloved child or favorite

hoa kâunu

lover, delightful companion

kole maka onaona

sweet-eyed kole (a fish), said of attractive people, as the eye of this fish is considered beautiful.


garland, wreath. Fig., a beloved child, wife, husband, sweetheart, younger sibling, so called because a beloved child was carried on the shoulders, with its legs on both sides of the bearer like a lei.

lei hulu

feather lei, formerly worn by royalty. Fig., dearly loved child or choice person.


Ku`u is the endearing form of the singular possessive "my", as in ku`u pua mae`ole (my dear unfading flower) and ku`u ipo (my sweetheart).

is the endearing form of the singular possessive "your", as in kô ipo (your sweetheart).


Kâua is the endearing inclusive pronoun for "you and I", as in Aloha kâua.


Kâkou is the endearing inclusive pronoun for "all of us", as in Aloha kâkou.

mea aloha

loved one, beloved


the beloved flower or child


toy, plaything; favorite, darling, pet, beloved


cherished person that absorbs and delights one.


Nei is an endearing demonstrative, as in Hawai`i nei (my beloved Hawai`i).

nûnû maka onaona

soft-eyed dove

`ônohi kau maka

beloved one. Lit., eyeball placed in the eye.

pua mae`ole

unfading flower

pua lei

flowers for leis; cherished blossom or child

pua laha `ole

A choice and rare flower. Fig., a beloved person. Lit., flower not widespread.


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