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Robbie Williams - Intensive Care

Robbie Williams - Intensive Care

intensive-care rated 3
When Robbie Williams fans heard that he was leaving his long-term songwriting partner Guy Chambers and teaming up with Stephen Duffy, a few eyebrows must have been raised. After all, 'Tin Tin' Duffy's effete folk-pop has never exactly set the charts on fire. But in fact, Intensive Care is much the same as all other Williams albums - suggesting that maybe he's always had more creative control than he let on. So we get the usual mix of synth-heavy power pop, a dash of country-rock and a massive ballad ('Advertising Space') that's already a strong contender for the Christmas Number One. The problem, as always, is Robbie's massive ego, which manifests itself in some ridiculously self-obsessed lyrics. Still, there's more than enough here to ensure that his commercial bandwagon will roll on and on.

Review by Andrew Lynch

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