Kingdom Hearts Voice Talent Announced

Haley Joel Osment, that lovable little scamp from feel-good movie The Sixth Sense, will voice the hero of Square's next big RPG.

Square and Disney Interactive released the voice cast today for Kingdom Hearts, Square's latest PlayStation 2 action RPG. The list is surprisingly impressive: Haley Joel Osment, from The Sixth Sense and A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, will provide the voice of Sora, the hero of the game. David Gallagher (Seventh Heaven) and Hayden Panettiere (Ally McBeal) will play his friends Sora and Kairi.

Other voice talent tapped for the game includes Sean Astin (Sam from Lord of the Rings), Lance Bass (from *NSYNC), Angel star David Boreanaz, Mandy Moore, and Christy Romano. The Disney characters, of course, will be voiced by the original film voice actors.

Square will be showing the English version of Kingdom Hearts will at next week's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Check out GamePro then for more information and some first impressions.

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