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Quirico Filopanti
(Gianluigi Parmeggiani)

Fig. 1: Oil portrait of Quirico Filopanti by Augusto Maiani, 1895.
Credit: Comune di Budrio)

Giuseppe Barilli was born in Budrio in the province of Bologna on 20 April 1812, the son of a humble carpenter. He chose the pseudonym Quirico Filopanti to show his affection for and attachment to Ancient Rome.

In 1834 he graduated in Mathematics and Philosophy from Bologna University, where in 1848 he was appointed Professor of Mechanics and Hydraulics. In 1849, as a member of parliament and secretary of the Constituent Assembly of the Roman States, he drew up the decree of the proclamation of the Republic.  After the fall of the Roman Republic he fled to the United States for three years and from there went to London, where he stayed for twelve years, giving private tuition in Italian and mathematics and working on his book Miranda!

On his return to Italy in 1860 he was appointed professor of Mechanics at Bologna University.  However, as he refused to swear his allegiance to the King he was removed from his teaching post, then subsequently reinstated as "temporary" professor of Applied Mechanics.
In 1864 he again refused to swear allegiance to the monarchy and it was only thanks to a students' petition that he was re-admitted to the University staff as a "freelance" teacher of Applied Mechanics.

In 1866 and 1867 he took up arms to fight with Garibaldi in the war against Austria and in the attempt to conquer Rome.  In 1868 he abandoned University for political reasons. In 1876 he was elected member of  parliament for the Republican Party and held the seat until the elections of 1892.

He died in poverty in Bologna in 1894.  He was grieved by everyone on account of his profound humanity, his love of Italy and his honesty.

Filopanti is famous for inventing time zones.


Fig. 2: Table of time zones.
Credit: The University of Texas Library on line)

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