American pit bulls are not "super dogs" - what they are is determined. This determination has made them undisputed champions in the sport of weight pulling. This sport was developed for huskies and malamutes, but pit bulls excel, pulling to please their owners.

Bull baiting... this is what American pit bulls were bred for, to grasp a run-away bull by the nose and hold on no matter what the bull did to try and get it off. Because of this, the pit bull has a tough, agile body, not too large, not too small.




"April" was turned into a shelter for being "hyper" - now she is a much loved family member and guardian of the baby.



Strength of character is evident even at 2 days of age... This is Boldog Grim. His sire is Boldog Dirk, SchH III, FR Brevet. His brother K9 Dilly is a narcotics detection dog with the Washington State Patrol.




Washington State Patrol Trooper Steve Gardner and his K9 Bree. Bree was the first American pit bull on the force. Trooper Gardner is a K9 instructor for narcotics detection dogs.



K9 Scout falls asleep with her ball in her mouth. These dogs are toy fanatics!


.: Why I Use Only American Pit Bulls

I've spent a lifetime with working dogs; I earned my Police Dog Instructors Degree in 1977 at the famous California police K9 source, Mandelyn Kennels. I have worked and titled German shepherds, malinois, Dobermans, rottweilers, labradors and several other breeds. I have been utilized as an expert witness on behalf of several large police K9 units and have been featured in hundreds of print and TV media events concerning dog training and behavior. I can honestly say the American pit bull offers a package not matched by any other breed. American pit bulls offer a superior work ethic, trustworthy nature, short coat and no drool, medium sized agile body with a minimum of health issues, long working lifetime and - best of all - a rock steady, people friendly attitude making them suitable for public demonstrations.

With Homeland Security concerns elevated, the need for explosives and narcotics detection dogs for law enforcement is increasing. We see the LAWDOGS program as a way to connect outstanding cops with outstanding working dogs. The sudden need for dogs has, unfortunately, also caused a boom in dog venders who are importing Europe's rejected patrol dogs and selling them as detection dogs for thousands of dollars to unsuspecting police departments.

LawDogsUSA animals have come from two sources. Because American pit bulls are numerically the most populous dog breed in American today, many friendly, high drive, energetic animals find themselves in animal shelters through no fault of their own. The energy, determination and drive that makes an outstanding detection dog often makes the animal challenging as a household pet. When I started LawDogs I utilized rescued shelter dogs, and I put a special emphasis on using dogs siezed in dog fight investigations. Currently, this is no longer financially feasible for me.

I have developed a very small, very specific breeding program producing purpose bred dogs for detection work. I have found that early age imprinting (I start at 23 days of age) of purpose bred puppies produces a superior animal for this important job. As well, I have a clear view of the health history of the dog's ancestors. To see more about the program's health tested, titled and talented breeding dogs, CLICK HERE.

What Is A Pit Bull?

The well bred, purebred American pit bull is America's greatest working dog. Mainland Europe has several noted working breeds - sheep dogs - whose main reason for being in the past 100 years has been "man work" or the ability and desire to attack humans. America's working dog - a bull dog - has its roots in "Olde England", where butchers specifically bred "gripping dogs" for use in controlling bulls and cattle. No other breed had (or has) the courage, grit and determination to stick to the dangerous task of controlling a mad bull. The dog's gameness, or desire to complete the task of holding the bull often saved his master and other humans. In the middle ages, there were no guns or easy means to control a bull - these dogs were highly prized and carefully bred heroes. For an idea of the difference between the guts it takes to be a BULL dog versus a SHEEP dog, CLICK HERE. (And bear in mind this is just a show bred bull terrier with no training, just instinct bred in from its pit bull half. Quite a bit different from handling sheep, eh?)

These bull dogs (not to be confused with the modern AKC "bulldog" who is a recently created show ring breed) were used in exhibition contests against bulls called "bull baiting". When bull baiting was outlawed in the 1800's, bulldogs were contested against each other, to determine which dog had the determination and drive to keep at the task in the face of pain, fatigue and even death.

Because two handlers and a referee were in the pit with the dogs, the pit bull is strictly selected for amazing stability; a calm, friendly manner with people - even under extreme pressure. Dogs which lashed out at humans, even strangers, while fighting or while being tended while in extreme pain was not tolerated. Amicability is the well bred American pit bull's heritage.


The pit bulldog's athletic build and legendary determination to get the job done makes him a perfect candidate for detection work. Nothing deters him - not heat or cold, not fatigue, not the things that make lesser dogs quit. Drugs or explosives - if they are there, the pit bull will find them. It is his nature.

Today's American Pit Bull

In America, the pit bulldog of the British Isles has been perfected into a medium sized, athletic and physically tough animal possessing a very compliant nature (they are not "handler hard") endless energy, extreme toy drive and, when bred correctly, a boundlessly friendly nature with all people.

The pit bull enjoyed wide popularity during the period of 1840 - 1950 as a family pet and farm dog. At the turn of the last century, the pit bull was one of the most popular of dogs. A trusted "nanny dog", favorite with soldiers, and common mascot. Pete the Pup on the Little Rascals Our Gang comedies was a purebred, registered American pit bull.

Like the German shepherd in the 1950's - 1960's and the Doberman in the 1970's, the pit bull is currently taking its turn as the "fad breed" with macho, high risk owners. Like the shepherd and the Doberman, the pit bull is being exploited by back yard breeders, criminals, dog fighters and others who abuse the breed's amazing strengths for their own selfish gain. The press encourages fear and hysteria - fear sells.

Independent thinkers who don't fall for "media hysteria", people whose mind set does not include prejudicial tendencies, professional dog trainers and those who know the breed, understand that the true American pit bull is one of the sweetest of dogs with people.

Today's American pit bull, when properly bred and raised, possesses heart, drive and a work ethic unlike ANY other breed. What man wouldn't want the term "he's a bulldog" associated with his nature? Unlike breeds bred specifically for "man work", the true American pit bull loves people. He is a silly, happy dog. Each person is a "new best friend"! This makes them ideal for those situations where a non-threatening dog is required.







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From Boldog Kennel - a DVD on the history, construction and use and training of the flirtpole and springpole.

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According to the written standard for the American pit bull, the top weight for a purebred pit bull is 65 pounds. The average size is about 45 pounds. Reports of "pit bulls" weighing 90, 100 even 120 pounds are not purebred animals, but rather mastiff mix mutts. The aggressive temperament of some of these mastiff mix dogs are not typical of purebred American pit bulls.




This is K9 X-Dog, an explosives detection dog with the Washington State Patrol. Here she is doing well at a dock diving dog competition!



Grim and K9 Kona show the kind of intensity toward the toy that make these dogs such fantastic detection dogs.


Bred right and raised with love, our purebred American pit bulls represent the best dogs available for detection work today.


K9 Hemi, a Hurricane Katrina survivor, enjoys playing with the springpole at LawDogsUSA. These types of toys encourage toy drive and allow the dog an outlet for that bulldog drive!

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