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Rather than fight the obvious, Obie Trice -- that guy who's on Eminem's label who isn't 50 Cent -- lovingly embraces his underdog status. On the hilarious come-up tale "Hoodrats," Trice mocks the women who mock him: "He ain't shit 'cause he rap for Mr. Mathers/Plus 50 Cent is, like, ten times badder." On the whimsical single "Got Some Teeth," he chronicles absurd romantic encounters over an Eminem beat that sounds like fusion jazz on cough syrup. What redeems Trice is his workmanlike emphasis of craft over style. It's not flamboyant, but it's impressive. "I remember when I was on the ave., clutching them dimes/Gut touching my spine/ Busting my rhymes," he wistfully spits on the title track. Indeed, new friends in high places can be a liability; Trice shoulders his homeys' feuds on "Shit Hits the Fan" and "We All Die One Day," strong songs that, in their vitriol, distract from his otherwise almost demure display of skill.

(RS 934, October 30, 2003)

(Posted: Oct 8, 2003)


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