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Welcome to the Naval Historical Center

This is an official U.S. Navy web site

As the official history program of the United States Navy, the Naval Historical Center manages the Navy Department Library, twelve Navy museums, art collections, archives, and an underwater archaeology program. The Center prepares and publishes reference, documentary, analytical, and narrative works on the history of the United States Navy. The NHC Website allows you to research any number of naval history topics online and check out new public and educational programs and exhibits offered at Navy museums all over the country.

We frequently update and add new sections. Please check out our New Items. We encourage you to explore the different parts of the site and ask for your patience as we continue upgrading our webpages to make naval history more accessible.

Today in U.S. Naval History:

Scuttlebutt at the Naval Historical Center

Read about plans to expand the National Museum of the United States Navy with a gallery to be titled the U.S. Navy in the Cold War: Korea, Vietnam and the Soviet Confrontation.

Sailor's Valentine

The Navy Department Library has put together a display on ships holiday menus. This exhibit can be viewed in the circulation area.
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As of 1 December 2008, the Naval Historical Center is re-designated the Naval History & Heritage Command. Changes in the command's name will take place on this website as time permits.