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Island of
Rejected Toys

Horribly Twisted Gifts... Like Baby's First
Table Saw

Grand Theft OTTO: Springfield

Snake... Wiggum... Homer... They're all here!

Episode 134

Lifeguard Opportunity at Bayview Beach

Rastafarian Homer

Pass the Dutchie on the left side, mon.

Episode 131

Dexter & Marley...
Forever borowing stuff that ain't theirs.

Star Whores

Looks like Han is sleeping solo tonight

Episode 128

Dexter takes a cheap shot at Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney

Episode 127

Mary & Dexter discuss the American flag

Episode 126

Dexter & Marley go shopping for female hygiene products

Episode 124

Marley goes Easter shopping

Bill Gates
Goes to Hell

Dexter's rant about
Windows Vista

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Det's Misadventures at the Lake
Fireworks, Loud Music, and Burgers until 3AM!

I tried to enjoy some time outside, while trying to avoid the cops as much as possible
An officer decided to randomly search my car, but didn't find any drugs or donuts.
Those assholes should buy you a free coffee just for the inconvenience.

Fire pit for tasty hot dogs and burgers. Mmmm... Burgers

Ever ride a Sea Doo? Those things are friggin' awesome! I took one for a 5 minute joyride a few years ago, but haven't been on one since. You gotta be one rich bastard to buy one, and even richer if you actually wanna put gas in it.

Fishing is a cheaper form of entertainment since I don't have much cash. I was on a peaceful lake, when a pair of idiots came and idled their Sea Doos about 75 feet away from my fishing boat. They stayed and watched me for about a minute, then screamed by at full throttle, making a shitload of waves, scaring away every fish within a one mile radius. I was drunk and eager to start a fight, but all I could do was swear and give them both the finger as they sped off. They're just lucky I didn't have my gun.

Forget about the dog... Beware of owner.

Despite the lousy weather, I managed to snag a few nice bass and a seagull. That friggin' gull tried to bite me when I was unhooking him! Luckily, a buddy of mine was there to hold my dog while I dealt with the seagull-hook-line crap.

"Stealth Boat" in tow

Fast and sleek, the kayak is a silent weapon that's good for fishing those tough to reach areas. While on a sightseeing adventure, I just happened to cruise by a pair of scantly clad hotties sunning themselves on the beach. They were as surprised as I was! A few days later, I was sprawled out on the beach in my underwear when a middle-aged chick paddled by in her kayak and checked me out. I thought it was hilarious.


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