One of the hottest independent label buzz bands at the moment is Baroness, a progressive metal outfit from Savannah, Georgia that sounds kinda like southern-fried mish-mash of Mastodon, Kylesa and Helmet.

The group’s new cinematic video is for the song “Wanderlust,” from its third disc, The Red Album, which came out September 4. The album was recorded at the Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina and produced by Kylesa’s Phillip Cope. Now, if someone could just tell us who those Native Americans in the clip are, what they have to do with the villagers, why an old man is playing a contraption that looks like a violin and a trumpet fused together and what the hell happens in the end of the video we’ll be in business.

If you’re computer monitor is see small to see exactly what’s going on — let alone understand it — plug your laptop into an HDTV. Or, check out the clip on Saturday night’s Headbangers Ball on MTV2.

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