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Kardinal Offishall
The Boy Hollywood

CHAMP: Kardinal what’s good man?

Kardinal Offishall: I’m good man just over here in Washington

CHAMP: Oh ok ok, what’s going on down there in Washington at the moment?

Kardinal Offishall: Ah man same thing as every other city across America. We getting’ out that good word, so we about to head to a radio I think it’s the third or fourth interview for the day

CHAMP: Ah man so they got you on that clock today

Kardinal Offishall: Yeah man but it’s gonna be like this every day pretty much until Christmas

CHAMP: So of course Not 4 Sale is out right now and dropped last month, how are you feeling on the response of the album thus far?

Kardinal Offishall: Thus far everybody that got it is lovin’ it. I think that’s why were doping so much touring besides doing the shows we want people to know it’s out in stores so everything is real dope man everything is real good

CHAMP: Now I peeped the album and what me and peers noticed is that there’s a lot of songs on the album that can become successful commercial-wise. Was that your intention when creating this album?

Kardinal Offishall: My intentions is to always make good music.After that the music does what it does so when I’m in the studio my intentions are never to do anything but just make the best music that I feel I can make

CHAMP: Understandable now of course the title Not 4 Sale was developed off a shirt that you were seen wearing a few times and a lot of people liked the shirt. Was there anything beyond the shirt because I think it’s a bigger picture as to why you had picked that as the album title?

Kardinal Offishall: Sure enough it turned into that, ‘cause I had made the shirt a few years ago but pretty much the ideology that went behind the t-shirt is what  kinda developed into the title of the album because it kinda just goes along with the stuff I’ve been standin’ for and that I still for even though right about now were in a bigger arena, at the end of the day, the type of music that I make is the type of music that has to make me feel good and I think the type of music my fans will love also as the music industry as a whole, and I just didn’t want it to turn into something totally to the left just because there’s a little bit more money that’s attached to the situation

CHAMP: With this album of course on the production side we got the Scarborough native Boi -1da on the joint as well as yourself who did a few productions on your own on this album

Kardinal Offishall: Uh Huh!

CHAMP: Now in terms of the selection process, was there a bunch of tracks you had sitting on or was there fresh material that we had on this album?

Kardinall Offishall: Everything that we have on there is fresh material. If I think about it, the oldest joint that’s on that album might be Dangerous

CHAMP: Ok ok. Now there’s one joint that I thought would of made it was the Swag joint. Any particular reason why you didn’t put that one on?

Kardinal Offishall: Umm there was a few different reasons. One was the sample, two was at the end of the day I wanted to have a joint with both the brothers on it with Pusha and Malic so that’s how we had the Set it Off joint. Obviously no disrespect to Wayne or whoever but The Clipse have definitely helped me in my career by puttin’ me on Grindin’ and it was just one of those times where I wanted to return the love and show The Clipse is still killin’ it and that’s why I put The Clipse on the album oppose to the Swag joint that just had Pusha on it

CHAMP: I feel you on that. Now of course with the album what I gathered is Numba 1is gonna be the next single off the album. When can we expect the video droppin’ for that?

Kardinal Offishall: Well we shot the video a couple weeks ago in Miami and we’re moving with the Keri Hilson version

CHAMP: Ok because a few people were saying “aint that supposed to be Rhianna on that?” because the radios up here were sayin’ Keri Hilson so we thought they got it confused

Kardinal Offishall: Yeah nah nah nah there’s actually three versions. There’s one with Rihanna and one with Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls, and one with Keri Hilson but my favorite one is the one with Keri Hilson and that’s the one that we shot the video for a couple weeks ago. In Canada it should be out this week I believe, because I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to get on MTV and BET and all that stuff so I think pretty much as far as North America, it’s supposed to come out next week. It was a crazy video. Gil Green who did Dangerous has been working a lot more closely with the Konvict camp by shooting a bunch of videos for the camp. He did the video with Akon, Lil Wayne, and Jeezy I’m So Paid after my video and the video looks absolutely crazy and the energy in that video is magnificent and at the end of the video we had snippet a little piece of the song Nina off the album kinda like the how we did Ol Time Killin back in the day and we had Maxine at the end but we did Nina at the end

CHAMP: Now speaking on the Konvict situation how’s everything going down there and how’d the family there?

Kardinal Offishall: Everything is good. Akon album supposed to come out in about a month and change, the same with T-Pain. As far as some of the up and comers; like it’s in an interesting time for some of the more established people like T-Pain and Akon. Their scenario is different because they have waaaaay more money in terms of budget in order to do certain things but slowly but surely everybody is rockin’ and I think what’s dope is that I think at the end of this year the next thing were supposed to do is a whole Konvict Family Tour where the whole family goes out. Everything’s good man and there’s a lot of different artists that’s doing a lot of stuff. Rock City right now there album ain’t out but they have written music for pretty much for everybody in the r&b game, and their album’s supposed to come out next year. Ray Lavender has a crazy joint that he just put out a couple weeks ago. Colby Odonis dropped the hottest single of the year with the joint him and Akon had and umm yeah man everything’s good and we just work

CHAMP: It’s like the Dream Team over there everyone’s poppin’ off at that label

Kardinal Offishall: Yeah man you know what it is like everybody over there’s real hard workers so we just tryina get in where we fit in and that’s what it is. Akon definitely stressed the importance of doing things Internationally and taking time to build things slow but properly as opposed to a quick bust and a quick out

CHAMP: Now one thing people in the Dot are looking at as “the saviours” for Canadian hip hop is you and Drake as the people to put us on the map. Recently there’s been a bit of controversy in terms of a certain joint that Drake did with Weezy and a track that you did with Rock City and it’s a similar song but people don’t know who’s track is whos. There’s some ghostwriting claims going on. If you can clarify that situation.

Kardinal Offishall: As far as clarifying it, that song is actually a demo and it was a song we were actually gonna use for my album, and we were actually gonna use it for a soundtrack but I guess I’m not really sure as to what happened as to how Drake and Wayne ended up doing whatever they did but as far as my understanding goes, somebody from some camp leaked it ‘cause it was just a demo it hadn’t officially came out yet, but there was no ghostwriting. What had happened was the hook Drake had written the hook but the hook was never supposed to be for him to do. He had written it and then we were supposed to get either Rock City or Akon or T- Pain to sing it and blah blah blah, but who knows maybe Wayne heard it and said “yo I wanna get on it” , and did a thing and then somebody leaked it you know how it goes I mean the game is crazy as far as I’m concerned with all these leaks. Who knows who leaked it but nah it’s not any ghostwriting or anything like that. More time Drake definitely wrote the hook for that. The version that has me spittin’ that – I don’t even know what version is out because I didn’t get to hear the one that leaked but basically it’s just some random behind the scenes somebody getting’ a hold of something and puttin’ it out before it was supposed to be put out there type stuff but there’s no controversy in between camps because everybody cool. Ya dun know Wayne and Kon are good good people and me and Wayne are cool and me and Drake is cool, it’s just one of those things where everything is everything but it is what it is

CHAMP: So in terms of Black Jays, what’s going on with that camp?

Kardinal Offishall: Everything is good. First and foremost Black Jays is the family whether or not there’s music. For us it’s bigger than music.  It’s a family. My man Solitaire is with me on the road right now, Lindo P’s on the road with me right now, D.O.C’s on the road with me right now, my man Riley is back home recording his album. He’s actually on the remix for Tide Is High, and there’s two versions to the remix. There’s one that has me, David Banner, Alphamega, Lindo P, and Darryl Riley so Riley’s doing the hook on the two remixes, and there’s also another one that has Barrington Levy, Busta Rhymes, and the same people doing the hook. Everybody’s good man and then Black Jays International; you already know the family is cool. Estelle is doing her thing and she just shot a video for The Come Over joint with her and Sean Paul, but she’s doing good and she’s going around the world. Daytona, Cipha Sounds, Black Chiney or as they call themselves Black Chiney Jays

CHAMP: Now one thing I can admire is that we got artists who are successful and cross over to the states and rarely come back, but you come back as if it’s a trip from Scarborough to Downtown when it comes to going to the states and coming back Toronto and I was just wondering when’s the next time we can catch you up here and what’s next for Kardi?

Kardinal Offishall:To tell you the honest truth the next time that were probably gonna be home is or the 11th annual Kardi Christmas Bash, and as long as the schedules cool me and Chris Bosh might do it together this year and donate all the money to charity. I wanna raise some money this year and donate it to one or two of the community centers in Toronto that could really use it to help some of the programs for the yutes dem in the streets to by some computers or stuff like that so that’s probably the next time that I’m really gonna be home because we go to DC, go to Philly,then go to New York, then we go to Europe, and come back, and then from Europe we go to the West Coast in the states then we go to Barbados, Mid West. We just keep it movin’ and then were supposed to go on a tour but we’ll see what happens at the end of this year and beginning of next year. There’s an Akon, Lil Wayne, and T.I tour that we might go on with Akon which pretty much takes on into the Christmas time. Were probably not gonna be home, but the Christmas time is probably the next time we’re gonna be home home for a lil bit