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AC/DC Announce North American “Black Ice” Tour Dates

9/11/08, 9:01 am EST

AC/DC have scheduled the North American leg of their upcoming Black Ice world tour, the band’s first since 2001. Following the October 20th release of the band’s Black Ice, the “Rock N Roll Train” opens in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania on October 28th and wraps up on December 18th in Charlotte, NC (more North American dates will be revealed soon). Along the way, the band has plotted a two-night stand at NYC’s Madison Square Garden for November 12th and 13th and a trip to the Forum in Los Angeles on December 6th. AC/DC will then invade South America, Asia and Europe before returning to the U.S. for a run through stadiums in summer of 2009. Tickets go on sale September 20th. Check out the current set of confirmed dates after the jump.

October 28 - Wilkes-Barre, PA @ Wachovia Arena
October 30 - Chicago, IL @ Allstate Arena
November 3 - Indianapolis, IN @ Conseco Fieldhouse
November 5 - Detroit, MI @ Palace of Auburn Hills
November 7 - Toronto, ONT @ Rogers Centre
November 9 - Boston, MA @ TD Banknorth Garden
November 12 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
November 13 - New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden
November 15 - Washington, D.C. @ Verizon Center
November 17 - Philadelphia, PA @ Wachovia Center
November 19 - East Rutherford, NJ @ IZOD Center
November 21 - Columbus, OH @ Schottenstein Center
November 23 - Minneapolis, MN @ Xcel Energy Center
November 25 - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center
November 28 - Vancouver, BC @ General Motors Place
November 29 - Seattle, WA @ Key Arena
November 30 - Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome
December 2 - Oakland, CA @ ORACLE Arena
December 6 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Forum
December 10 - Phoenix, AZ @ US Airways Center
December 12 - San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center
December 14 - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center
December 16 - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena
December 18 - Charlotte, NC @ Time Warner Cable Arena

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rnrchef | 1/15/2009, 12:08 am EST

Best frickin’ Rock N Roll band in the universe! Seen 5 shows of the Black Ice tour so far and last weekend in Toronto was the ultimate! More canadian cities will eventually be announced for next summer.
Rock On AC/DC forever.

cape bretoner | 1/10/2009, 9:28 pm EST

I paid 600 dollars for two tickets for the t.o. show,and it was worth every dollar..everybody on this blog bitch’n about ticket prices should stay home and shut up..nobody cares or wants to hear your wwwaaa wwaaa.These guys are 60+ years old and tore the roof of thr rogers center..If they come back to Toronto i have no problem paying a grand for my tickets…It was a experience my wife and i will never forget.. | 1/7/2009, 11:34 pm EST

AC DC rocks! great sound, great stage props, Brian’s vocals were terrific, and all together this was an un-forgetable show in Pittsburgh.

Supa Fo | 1/1/2009, 5:32 am EST

I saw AC/DC in Tacoma Wa @ Tacoma Dome My fav song from AC/DC is for those about to rock we Salute you and that was the last song they Snag in the Dome I was screming Brian Johnson’s a best and also yelling Angus!!! 2 kids were yelling Angus!!! The Answer was pretty good just nothing like AC/DC

AC | 12/22/2008, 1:40 pm EST

If you dont wanna drop a bill to go see the best show ever, then don’t. It just means that somebody worth a spit is gonna get your seat. I would rather not have you there. Go enjoy your Hanson show.

Dan, the man | 12/12/2008, 1:08 pm EST

Last time AC/DC came to Toronto, my extensive family came to see them with me and they’re all from P.Québec. I wanted to surprise them and by tickets for everyone to go see them in Montreal with me. What a blow…that was. No Montreal date…it hurt so bad, I forgot to buy my tickets to see them in Toronto !

Guess, I lost my drive.

DIEHARD AC/DC FAN | 12/11/2008, 2:57 pm EST


AC/DC FAN | 12/5/2008, 7:40 pm EST

If you can’t afford 100 bucks for a ticket then you should stay home, cause you can’t aford to worry about it!loser!

AZJoe | 11/29/2008, 12:25 pm EST

I have never and never will pay a C-Note for a concert. AC\DC is a Awesome Classic Rock band up to par with bands like The Stones, The Eagles ect… I think its another attempt of the music industry and the bands to GOUGE the fans for all they can get before being WASHED UP. I don’t mean to sound like an AC\DC basher but their new stuff isn’t really that great. Also, there are alot of bands out there that aren’t charging sky high prices for their tickets e.g Van Halen, Metallica ect… I’ll just listen to the local classic rock station to get my daily dose of AC\DC. NUFF SAID.

Christine | 11/21/2008, 10:24 am EST

We are going to see ACDC in one week at GM Place in Vancouver, are they going to have a guest band!

Ottawa,what about Ottawa | 11/14/2008, 8:15 pm EST

my teenage son has never been to a good concert and i want him to have an experience he will never forget. p.s so dont forget about Ottawa

GARTH | 11/9/2008, 5:55 pm EST

My wife and two boys and myself saw acdc friday night in TO at the ACC they were unbelievable one of the best show i have ever seen if you don,t have tickets for there next show get some you have to see it to beleive it.

hold up | 10/28/2008, 6:13 am EST

they cant go to every city known to man ok guys and since wen is st louis the city to play? they havnt even mentioned half the dates barely so just chill

Big Gun | 10/23/2008, 1:34 pm EST

Being associated with the band, I can tell you all that they have the utmost regard for their fans and struggle to keep ticket prices low. For those of you complaining about high ticket prices- try the Stones at $300.00 a pop. Also, AC/DC spends an enormous amount of money on their stage show, set and production, they have 16 trucks and 6 buses traveling with the tour, and over 60 personnel working on the crew. Imagine that cost! And fuel for that many vehicles and the 300-500 miles drives every night? Add into the mix hotels, plane flights and the many daily costs involved in the day to day running expenses of a tour this large, and you will find indeed that their ticket prices are a bargain. I guarantee that any AC/DC fan will find the price worth it once they see the tremendous show they put on!

Barry | 10/22/2008, 12:18 pm EST

listen to the money talk

rnr train | 10/22/2008, 9:44 am EST

lol look at brian johnsons face on the picture

CHEAP BASTARD ? | 10/20/2008, 2:04 am EST


Montrealmetal | 10/19/2008, 11:25 pm EST

how can any group call themselves a rock band, and not come to Montreal? it is THE Rock town in Canada, and one of the biggest rock towns in North America.

There is no excuse, either. the bell centre is free Nov 6th and 8th (Toronto is Nov 7th.)

This blows

washington fan,Auburn | 10/19/2008, 10:07 pm EST

I am siked that you are coming to both seatle and tacoma!My dad was and still is a big fan of your band,he never whent to a concert but he had practickly had all of your cd’s.My favorite song is back in black.

Anonymous | 10/14/2008, 2:39 am EST

what? no Montreal, the capital of metal?

dirty deeds done dirt cheap | 10/13/2008, 11:49 am EST

I think they r comin 2 dallas in like feb.

Pissed_Off_Fan | 10/10/2008, 11:15 am EST

It’s great that they added another date to Toronto, but just this morning I tried to get tickets. At 9:59am I got on the ticketmaster website, and on the phone at the same time, and at 10:02am, the site told me there were no tickets left ! I mean c’mon !!! And the phone is STILL busy an hour later and no more tickets. I mean, in 2 minutes you can’t get any more tickets ? Ticketmaster is ridiculous, how are we suppose to get tickets ???!!!! SO PISSED OFF !

marc andre | 10/7/2008, 11:59 pm EST

fuc.. hope they are comming to montreal

oz fan | 10/7/2008, 9:50 pm EST

when are they coming to australia? i would have thought they would start off the tour in their home country!!! we get the album first, so why can’t we have the first tour dates???

SinkThePink | 10/2/2008, 4:46 pm EST

Seriously, they better come to Vegas. I don’t care if I have to sell internal organs on the black market to see them. But they better come here.

?!?!?! | 9/29/2008, 8:19 pm EST

how the HELL could there be no florida dates?!?!?!

ac/dc fer life | 9/29/2008, 6:40 pm EST

wheres the cheap tickets??

ac/dc fer life | 9/29/2008, 6:40 pm EST

wheres the cheap tickets??

confused fan | 9/28/2008, 2:12 pm EST

ac/dc for life but these prices gota change i mean whats gona happen to all the people whov nevr seen them? this is a serious situation!!!!!!!!!!!

confused fan | 9/28/2008, 2:12 pm EST

ac/dc for life but these prices gota change i mean whats gona happen to all the people whov nevr seen them? this is a serious situation!!!!!!!!!!!

confused fan | 9/28/2008, 2:12 pm EST

ac/dc for life but these prices gota change i mean whats gona happen to all the people whov nevr seen them? this is a serious situation!!!!!!!!!!!

confused fan | 9/28/2008, 2:07 pm EST

no florida? im pissed- ive dedicated my ears ta this band, and $2000 for floor seats?? what happened to 90????

El Paso, TX | 9/25/2008, 10:47 pm EST

El Paso, Texas wants to SEE AC/DC!

Angel | 9/24/2008, 6:52 pm EST

I cannot believe that this band is willing to go to several city in the state but only do one show in canada….Lets hope there smart and add some more tour dates…

Boneman | 9/23/2008, 4:53 pm EST

No Florida? We have almost 20 million people down here and one of the band members has a home in Naples. If Palen can draw 60,000 I know AcDc should draw twice that.

Andy | 9/23/2008, 2:38 am EST

Can anyone out there explain to me how it is Ticketmaster can legally paricipate in the sale of scalped tickets through their new “Tickets Now” website, whilst at the same time telling the fans trying to buy tickets online through their website that the Vancouver venue is a complete sellout? Tickets sold on Tickets Now are between $750 and $1500 for a ticket with face vakue of $100. We’re being ripped off!!!

Tina | 9/22/2008, 9:32 pm EST

I seriously hope they had a Montreal date to this North American tour. I wanted Toronto tickets and they were sold out, my only hope left is that they add a Montreal date! If they come to Canada, they *have* to come to Montreal, it’s just a must !!!!
*crossing my fingers*

rip~bon | 9/22/2008, 6:24 pm EST

acdc sold out toronto in 2o minutes closest show to buffalo scalpers suck no bands come anymore seen dc 5 times met angus in toronto

Chris | 9/22/2008, 3:08 pm EST

My family loves AC/DC!! My kids are another generation of rock n rollers. We were really surprised and ticked to see they are not coming to ST Louis, MO. I’ve been very fortunate and have seen them 3 times, but my kids have never seen them. There was a time when ST LOUIS was the City to play!! What happened?????

fonzbear2000 | 9/19/2008, 10:26 pm EST

The average ticket price for AC/DC’s upcoming tour is $90, NO matter where your seat is! That’s right, just ONE price! Nosebleed or front row center, you WILL pay the SAME price! An average price of $90 for a ticket no matter where your seat is??? For those of you who say “seeing AC/DC in concert is worth any price”, that’s not the point. Their concert promoter is taking advantage of you by doing just 1 price for all tickets! They have MORE money than they’ll EVER know what to do with! They’re doing this because they KNOW you, the diehard, super fans will give into this! PLEASE, don’t give into this greed! Boycott buying tickets and force them into lowering the price! Also, don’t you think it’s unfair that you have to pay the same price for nosebleed seats as someone else is paying for front row center? The MAIN point is the GREED though! Don’t give into it! Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of by the evil concert promoters! If you don’t buy any tickets, they will be forced to lower prices! I know how much you all love this band, but this type of greed has gone too far! Trust me though, these GREEDY concert promoters WANT to sell tickets and will lower the price if forced to do so because they would rather sell tickets at a lower price than sell none at all. So, let’s all stand up to this HORRIBLE greed!!! Who’s with me??? Also, if this goes well, which it will, this could become a standard for ticket pricing at all future large arena shows.

Tammy | 9/19/2008, 4:39 pm EST

ok so are they coming to seattle and tacoma because you cant buy tickets for seattle on ticketmaster. Whats the deal the tour dates on ac/ no longer say seattle? Does anyone know whats going on? I would rather go to seattle so if i wait and see if they are going to come to seattle and i dont buy tickets to tacoma im screwed cause you know they will sell out. someone please help?

Lee | 9/19/2008, 11:58 am EST

I hope that if they do play Dallas, that it’s not part of Ozzfest, because I’m not sure if I’d go to that just to see one band, & maybe Ozzy as well. Hopefully it will just be an AC/DC show by themselves.

Mark | 9/18/2008, 3:12 pm EST

I just went out to TicketMaster and to the Toyota Center and the Houston date isn’t there anymore. Any idea whether this date has been cancelled/postponed?

Souders | 9/16/2008, 10:20 pm EST

Last i saw, there was only 1 ticket price, it was just over 90 bucks…thats nose blled to flor seats….bummer!

AC/DC Fan | 9/16/2008, 7:15 pm EST

No Dallas concert, WHAAAT!?!? I can’t make it to Houston or San Antonio for a concert!??!? Houston’s been wiped out anyway, Day After Tomorrow, man…anyone have any idea how much these tickets run?

Anderhub1 | 9/16/2008, 1:44 pm EST

If Dentons’ garage isn’t available mine is!

Mike/Houston,TX. | 9/15/2008, 11:18 pm EST

Geez Harold B…you’re not really living the High Life in 2008, are you? Where have you been most of 2008? VAN HALEN reunited with David Lee Roth and has been touring however Eddie’s health allows.

JAY P | 9/15/2008, 10:53 pm EST

Why not St. Louis???????
PLease come to the STL!!

G. | 9/15/2008, 10:30 pm EST

Fight Ticketmaster!!!!
Call and tell them scalping is illegal… is owned by Ticketmaster and are scalping all tix for NY/NJ (200%-1000% over the price. While tix are not for sale on ticketmaster!!!!

greg | 9/15/2008, 12:19 pm EST

Perhaps a great US music magazine will finally put them on the cover!?

L-Rae | 9/15/2008, 11:55 am EST

So just how sure are we that they’ll come back to the US in the Summer? Anyone have any more “hard” info than what’s in this article? If not I’m traveling I guess.

Harold B | 9/15/2008, 4:10 am EST

I had no idea these guys were still alive. What’s next, a Van Halen tour?

kra | 9/14/2008, 1:47 pm EST

Dont complain after all these years you are lucky they can play THAT many venues especially after all their kick ass concerts in the 80s that I was privileged to party at

hector | 9/14/2008, 4:06 am EST

Will be playing DALLAS as part of OZZFEST in the summer staduim tour..

bobcat44 | 9/13/2008, 8:07 pm EST

They better be coming to Nastyville, TN. I have got to take my kids to a REAL rock and roll show!

JimmyTheFoxx | 9/13/2008, 5:09 pm EST

Are you kidding me-no Cleveland? Oh well, Brian Johnson’s voice will be in shreds after the first date anyway….

Indy Rocker | 9/13/2008, 10:40 am EST

Tix are $91.50 in Indpls before Ticketmaster adds on all their fees. Scalpers…oops, I mean ticket brokers…want $1500+ for anything in first 5 rows.
I believe I’m going to sit this one out.

true fan | 9/12/2008, 8:53 pm EST

Bitches better come to florda ?

Tobe | 9/12/2008, 8:03 pm EST

“Baddog” don´t know what he is talking about. Phil and Cliff is playing of course. And “GinaS” you can buy the album from ACDC.COM if you have problems with Walmart. This is not all the tourdates, they will be back in the summer to do stadiumshows.

GinaS | 9/12/2008, 5:28 pm EST

Am I the only one pissed off that the only way you can buy the CD is at Walmart? I waited 8 years for this?

JT | 9/12/2008, 4:18 pm EST

This is just one 3 month leg of an 18 month world tour; I’m sure AC/DC will hit places in North America that they miss in the summer.

jeff | 9/12/2008, 4:03 pm EST

If you can’t afford the tickets, you can always just go to Wal-Mart and hang out with the CD

Scott | 9/12/2008, 1:11 pm EST

Of all the rock ‘n roll shows I saw over the years, the very best was in 1978 at the Seattle Center Coliseum: AC/DC (with Bon Scott, naturally), Cheap Trick, and Ted Nugent for $7.50. Talk about getting your money’s worth. And to those of you who think their songs all “sound the same”, I say “I think it’s time to change the batteries in your hearing aids”. AC/DC ROCKS !!! Always have, always will…..

mrmajestic79 | 9/12/2008, 11:12 am EST

I think I paid six bucks for tix in Albany , NY at the Palace Theatre in 1979 . Oh my . . . . .

BADDOG | 9/11/2008, 10:36 pm EST

I heard Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd aren’t going to be on this tour. They’re going to have studio musicians instead….

BADDOG!! | 9/11/2008, 10:35 pm EST

I heard Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd aren’t going to be on this tour. They’re going to have studio musicians instead….

BADDOG!! | 9/11/2008, 10:35 pm EST

I heard Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd aren’t going to be on this tour. They’re going to have studio musicians instead….

mb | 9/11/2008, 9:35 pm EST

anybody have any legit insider knowledge about the ticket prices for the tour?

Anonymous | 9/11/2008, 9:35 pm EST

anybody have any legit insider knowledge about the ticket prices for the tour?

tavo | 9/11/2008, 9:02 pm EST

ey…k vengan a el paso tx,, o a alburquerque nm

John | 9/11/2008, 7:13 pm EST

I just heard from the boys in the band that they are now putting on a show just for you denton in Dallas.
Is your garage available for Jan 16th 09 ?

Big Thomas G. | 9/11/2008, 4:50 pm EST

Don’t forget to come to Quito, Ecuador, South America for the ” BLACK ICE ” tour. Our city is the most hard rock town in South America. By the way, our currency is the U.S.Dollar, so the band can make more money here than the rest of South America.

Miguel J. | 9/11/2008, 4:30 pm EST

I want to know the South America tour dates, please tell some about it.

boatman | 9/11/2008, 4:28 pm EST

I can’t go because my ears are too sensitive but I love to listen to AC/DC at low volume.

AJ | 9/11/2008, 3:44 pm EST

Ticketmaster sucks. Fight their efforts to legalize scalping in your state.

James | 9/11/2008, 3:38 pm EST

Hey “Oh Joy”
How do you AC/DC fans manage to even tell their songs apart?

I had the JOY of seeing the Ramones…wouldn’t have even known where one song stopped and the other began without the “1,2,3,4….” but the entire audience was on their feet from start to finish. I also appreciate Prince and his amazing repetoire of musical talents. And I love AC/DC.
I’ll go to this concert with a friend or two, sing along with one great, rabunctious song after another, drink some beers, and head home with a sore neck and a smile…all while you sit at your laptop in Starbucks and tap out more “astute” critical reviews.

Steel Dragon in Texas | 9/11/2008, 3:22 pm EST

I’m sure they will add dates for a second leg, or add on’s for
Tampa/St Pete
Dallas (although they get everything and we Houstonians usually get screwed, this is payback for Ozzfest)
San Fran or San Jose show
Cleveland (Columbus surprises me)
New Orleans
Las Vegas

rustyshakleford | 9/11/2008, 3:02 pm EST


Cities that were Left Out | 9/11/2008, 2:45 pm EST


Oh joy! | 9/11/2008, 2:45 pm EST

What a great show this will be…. 130 minutes of the same repetitive riff that AC/DC has been putting over and over again for more than 30 years! How do you AC/DC fans manage to even tell their songs apart?

mcstansical | 9/11/2008, 2:08 pm EST

Real music finally. Forget all these douche bag alternative bands, rappers and country acts that want to be rock n ‘rollers. These guys are going to come to your town and kick ass !!

Elms | 9/11/2008, 1:58 pm EST

How is St. Louis,Mo left out of practically every major tour?

Jason | 9/11/2008, 1:52 pm EST

All of you guys complaining DO realize that it says more north american dates are coming right????

indian | 9/11/2008, 1:44 pm EST

ozzy and the stones came to montana, why cant they :(

Brad | 9/11/2008, 12:55 pm EST

No Cleveland (Cleveland Rocks)

Francois F Martel | 9/11/2008, 12:49 pm EST

And what about Montreal
THE Canadian ROCK city !!!!

This is a sad day :( ((((((
I was hoping for a Montreal date

Sean | 9/11/2008, 12:07 pm EST

Come on, Seattle and Tacoma are 30 minutes away from each other. So you get both of those and no Portland? Fuck that.

A D K | 9/11/2008, 10:31 am EST

iam hard as rock & iam on high way to hell

Socrates | 9/11/2008, 10:18 am EST

shocker no Florida, Alex, i know. Since I retired here from Greece, we often get no tour dates from smaller bands and sometimes even larger bands….

alex | 9/11/2008, 10:12 am EST

what about florida we love ac/dc

TheDirector217 | 9/11/2008, 10:02 am EST

Try $89.50 for ALL tickets, pal . . .

AJ | 9/11/2008, 9:53 am EST

Just wait for the mongo ticket prices on this tour. Anyone care to offer a guess? Top ticket price…maybe $350?

Denton | 9/11/2008, 9:28 am EST

No Dallas date? Are you kidding me???

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