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Top five rural Prides
GT McCallan

Fed up with the same old gargantuan, slick big-city Prides? Want a bit more character in your out-and-proud shenanigans this year? Make a date with a Pride festival off the beaten track and see how this crop of fresh-faced small towns and cities in the middle of predominantly rural areas proudly put rainbows on their calendars.

Fargo-Moorhead Pride, North Dakota
June 3-8, 2008
Last year, rainbow-hued rollerskating got Fargo's Pride activities under way, with a host of enticing activities careering along in its wake, from coffee shop hops and bowling to drag shows, dancing, a beer bust and a rally. Weekend highlights in the city known as "The Gateway to the West" included volleyball and softball at Lindenwood Park's Pride Park and a Fierce Drag Show. Check their website for the excitement on this year's calendar.

Bisbee Gay Pride 2007, Bisbee, Arizona
June 13-15, 2008
The West is getting wilder in tiny Bisbee (population 6,000), a former copper-mining town at the foot of the picturesque Mule Mountains. Once known as "the Queen of the Copper Camps," Bisbee's queens and kings camp it up during a Leather and Lace Street Party, poolside BBQ, a lingerie pub crawl, the Bert Lundy Dance Party, a turn-of-the-century ball and other such high-spirited goings-on during this southern Arizona mountain town's jaunty annual Pride celebrations.

Montana Pride Celebration 2007, Billings, Montana
June 20-22, 2008
"Magic City" sits in south central Montana, close to Yellowstone National Park. The biggest city in a 500-mile radius serves as a focal point for gay folks from Montana and Wyoming. Entertainers including Pope Jane, Josh Zuckerman and Sheena Metal take the stage, and a drag show, parade, rally and festival are other alluring events taking place over the weekend.

Pride in the Park 2007, Fort Collins, Colorado
June 5-8, 2007
Billing it as a "hometown Pride," college town Fort Collins celebrates its fifth Pride in 2008. Kicking off with Kamikaze Karaoke on June 5th, 2008, the Demented Divas perform on the 6th, the Pride on the Poudre Bicycle Tour and Pride in Park Festival brighten up the 7th and an interfaith service closes the festival on the 8th.

Rendezvous 2007, Medicine Bow, Wyoming
Aug. 6-10, 2008
This one is as rural as it gets. Camp out under the stars for five days in the Medicine Bow National Forest, between Laramie and Cheyenne. Wyoming's Rendezvous 2008 offers five days of good old-fashioned LGBT fun. The celebrations kick off with a pot-luck dinner, and the rest of the week is crammed full of activities, contests, workshops and entertainment.

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The-Creator (2008-06-02 10:37:50.0 )

Pine City, Minnesota is one of non-metro locations in the U.S. to be the site of a pride as well. It was held June 1 with over 250 in attendance. Not bad for a town of just over 3,000.

glosterguy (2008-07-20 04:05:24.0 )

Small Prides are always the best. Perhaps it is because they are real "community events". Pine Tree Pride sounded good. Anyone visiting the UK in early August should try Gloucester Pride on August...

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