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Ray and Melanie Young, Starchild Skull ownersRay and Melanie Young

Ray and Melanie were given two skulls, including the Starchild Skull, in 1998. They entrusted these skull to Lloyd Pye for testing, and co-founders The Starchild Project with him, but maintained a low public profile until 2007. They make occasional public appearances with the skulls, and were featured in a National Geographic Channel documentary.

They currently reside in El Paso, Texas, and are active proponents of The Starchild Project.

               Starchild Skull Owners
             Ray and Melanie Young


Lloyd Pye, Research Coordinator, The Starchild Project

Lloyd Pye

Lloyd Pye became involved with the Starchild Skull in 1999, and founded The Starchild Project in February of that year. He's the chief USA fundraiser, international spokesperson and research coordinator.

He has also written the seminal book on the skull, titled "The Starchild Skull", and he has appeared in numerous television documentaries, on national and international radio, and written a series of articles for publications in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy Japan, and Brazil.
       Research Coordinator Lloyd Pye


Belinda McKenzie, UK Head of Operations, The Starchild ProjectBelinda McKenzie

Belinda McKenzie of London, England, is a noted activist and philanthropist. She contacted Lloyd Pye in 2003 and was soon an indispensable asset to the Starchild Project team. She personally invested in the project, providing needed funding as well as assembling a publicity team to establish a UK base from which the Starchild Project was able to launch an extensive testing program that revealed some of the most compelling data about the Starchild bone.

   Belinda McKenzie, UK HOO


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