1952 The Richard and Dolores Booth Residence, 3119 Birnamwood, Raleigh. Sold to Joseph and Linda Grimsley in 1973.  Sold in 1985 to Judson P. and Nancy Essex.  Renovation in the late 80s designed by Gail Lindsey.  Sold in 2000 to current owners Ben and Beth Yerxa.  Will Alphin redesigned and built the front entry and second story plan. Louis Cherry has designed a rear addition and kitchen overhaul yet to be built.  Top picture is from 1998.  Bottom picture is from 2007.

1954 -The John R. and Martha C. Adams Residence, 2336 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, architect unknown.  The Adams sold in 1963 to William and Dorothy Simonds.  Mrs. Simonds sold it in 1970 to John and Sheila Nader.  They sold in 2007 to their daughter, Mary Nader, and her husband, architect Louis Gerics.  

1954 - The Thomas Darden House at 124 Fern Lane, Chapel Hill.  This appears to be a Jim Webb house and is consistent with other Webb designs in the area, but that is a guess. Sold to John and Alice Cross in 1985.  Sold in 1999 to Malcolm and Jennie Kendall.  Sold in 2004 to current owners Burton and Kathleen Goldstein.


1955 - The Claude Currie House, 3435 Rugby Road, Durham. Sold in 1957 to Paul and Helen Perry.  Architect unknown by any of the owners.  Sold to Keith and Jill Kaye in 2000.  Sold to current owners Sally and David Vasbinder in July 2006.   Recent renovations by Lee Tripi.

1956 - The Harry Macklin House, 112 Noble Street, Chapel Hill.  Architect unknown.  Probably built from mail order plans according to Ruth Little.  Sold in 1966 to Ralph and Sandra Macklin.  Sold to a variety of mortgage companies during the 1970s.  Sold in 1975 to Eleanor and Jerome Seng.  Sold in 1999 to current owners John and Rita O'Sullivan.


1956 - The Ruth Shaw Residence, 1210 Anderson Street, Durham. Architect unknown. 1566 square feet, three bedrooms.  Shaw did not recall the architect.  Sold in 2008 to current owner Christel Greiner.

1957 - The Spencer and Rosemary Overton House, 1208 Anderson Street, Durham.  Architect unknown. Twin to the house at 1210.  Sold in 1961 to James and Frances Barwick.  Sold in 1979 to James and Mary Kelley.  Sold in 1986 to John and Irene Need.  Sold in 2003 to current owners Robert Letourneau and Russell E. Burns who do not know the architect.

1957 - The Gregory Adams Kimble Residence, 2513 Wrightwood Avenue, Durham.  According to their son, the Kimbles designed this house themselves.  Built by James (Jimmy) Heizer of Heizer Construction.  When the Kimbles moved to Colorado in 1968, they sold the house to Stanley Appel. Bought by current owners Bryan and Vicki Koon in 1977.

For Sale1960 - The Jeanne Dunphey Hudson House, 619 Greenwood, Chapel Hill.  Designed by Jack Pruden of Carr, Harrison, and Pruden. 3325 square feet.   Sold in 1961 to SD and Janet Flinn.  Sold in 1966 to John Hallberg.  Sold in 1968 to Eda Waugh Burnett.  Sold in 1976 to Ralph Penniall.  Sold to in 1979 to Carr and Grace Purser.  Sold in 1987 to current owner Arthur Cogswell, who designed an addition. 

1960 - The Stewart and Jane Alexander Jr. Residence, 40 Beverly Drive, Durham.  Alexander was a local car dealer with a showroom on Main Street.  The architect of this house is unknown.  TMH's best guess, if it is not kit, is Yancey Milburn as his firm designed  the Alexander family's car dealership, above right.  The house was built by Jane Alexander's brother from Tennessee. This ranch brick house has a 2-story center block, slab floor, a flat roof, a recessed entrance, and a 1-story left side wing.   Sold in 2000 to and renovated by current owners Douglas "Casey" Herbert and Kathleen Bennett.  Carrboro architect Giles Blunden designed replacement casement windows and a latticework brick wall that screens the original carport at the left side.

1961 - The Thom and Beulah Stowe Collins House, 1920 South Lakeshore Drive, Chapel Hill.  Architect unknown. The family had a colonial-era church bell they rung every July 4, according to former neighbor Kathy Higginbotham.  Beulah Collins died in 1983.  In 1985 the house was sold by sons Todd, Paul, and Kent Collins to Louis Crittenden who redid the kitchen and bathrooms.  Sold in 1989 to William Edward McConaghay.  Sold in 2004 to Richard Crandall.  Sold in 2006 to current owners Chad and Jennifer McGlone. Renovated by Steven Fisher of Carrboro. He closed in the carport and added the second story. None of the current or previous owners know the name of the architect. 

Kent Collins recalls the builder as M. J. Cowell.   He also recalls that the original house number was 15 Lake Shore Drive.  In the 1970's, the city re-numbered the entire Lake Forest neighborhood.


For Sale1961 - The Francis X. Foster and Constance E. Foster Residence, 381 Wesley Court, Chapel Hill.  3100 square feet.  Although not modernist in the traditional sense, this plain looking split-level was unique on the inside.  Constance significantly modified a magazine plan and got John Cates to build it for $22000.  Some subsequent owners recall it without fondness; the layout was chaotic and didn't make sense.  It has been subsequently renovated and much improved.  Sold in 1964 to Maurice and Marcia Hall.  Sold in 1967 to William J. and Sally L. Powers.  Sold in 1971 to Andrew McDowd (Mac) Secrest and Ann Secrest.  Sold to Donald W. Johnson.  Sold to Liselott Weininger Mathews.  Sold to James Gray McAllister.  Sold to Gordon R. Dragt.  Sold in 1985 to John L. and Evelyn Monroe.  Sold in 1990 to Gregg D. and Carmela Kemp.  Sold in 1992 to Don Andrews and Amy Svoboda.  Sold in 2005 to Michael and Sally Gray.  Sold in 2006 to current owners Charles and Christine Stanley.  

1962 - The Gilbert and Kathleen Berentzen Chase Residence, 2105 Damascus Church Rd, Chapel Hill.  Architect unknown but was not local.  Sold to James and Marylin Riddle.  Sold to John Edmund Phillips.  Sold to Mary Beth Powell.  Sold in 2005 to current owners Richard and Cyan Godfrey. The builder was Robert Oakes.  Arthur Cogswell did an addition in 1972 but he doesn't recall the architect.


1962 - The B. A. Jones House, 2912 Sandia Drive, Raleigh.  Current owner Harry Weiss bought it in 1964 out of foreclosure from Dixie Development Company.  The architect was Don Stadham and the builder was Stevenson Construction.

For Sale1962 - The Thomas and Nancy Wilson Residence, 2721 Sevier Street, Durham.  Sold in 1998 to Deborah Rust. Sold in 2007 to current owner Johannes Bouten.   This is a prefab house, designed by TekBuilt and constructed locally.  Two beams run the full length of the house and there are no interior loadbearing walls.  The unique hot water heating system not only heats water but the entire house through a series of pipes and radiator fans.  3328 square feet. 

For Sale1965 - The Wavely Garland (W. G.) Avent and Ann Avent House, 3336 Ocotea Street, Raleigh. Designed and built by W. G. Avent (pictured above), according to wife Ann and their son Tony.  Larry B. Bell drew up the plans.  Sold in 1989 to Hill Carrow. Sold in 1993 to Robert and Mary McDowell.  Sold in 2001 to current owners Harry and Martha Tueting.

1967 The Jerry and Janice Warren House, 3113 Birnamwood Road, Raleigh.  This was a kit house. 
Sold to current owners Richard and Edith Sylla in 1971. 

1968 - The Frances Brantly Goodwin House, 406 Lyons Street, Chapel Hill.  Goodwin moved to NC from Santa Fe NM where her house was designed by Frank Welch, a noted Texas modernist architect.  Taking ideas from that house, she created a new one with additional ideas from a plan book.  Originally 1900 square feet.  Carolina Builders Corporation provided and installed the original Pella windows.  In 1972, Goodwin sold the property to Lorin and Sue Campbell.  In 1976, Lorin Campbell sold the property to Sue Campbell. Current owner Janet Kagan purchased the house from Sue Campbell.   A later addition was designed by Ellen Weinstein.  

1969 - The Robert Byrd House, 404 North Elliott Road, Chapel Hill.  Built from mail order plans by JP Goforth of Security Building Company. Sold to Patricia Bryan.  Sold to Stephen Huddart.  Sold to current owner Lisa Tust.

1969 - The Bernard and Pauline Silberman House, 14 Heath Place, Durham.  This is a Deck House.  Bought in 1972 by current owners Michael and Lise Wallach.

1969 - The James Blythe Brown and Evelyn Brown House, 5200 Sedgefield Drive, Raleigh. Architect unknown.  Sold in 1970 to Hilda P. and O. Ray Barbour.  Sold to Able Investment Company in 1971. Sold later in 1971 to Stephen G. and Sheryl Bush.  Sold in 1972 to Dorothy K. and Ronald Craig Wilburn.  Sold to Victor and Mary Anne Hocutt in 1979.  Sold in 1980 to Nellie Alford.  Sold in 1983 to John and Wanda Canada.  Sold in 1990 to Michael and Mary Gregory.  Sold in 1997 to John Bosch Jr.  Sold in 1998 to Arllie Lee Perry.  Sold in 2001 to Chase Bank of Texas.  Sold in 2001 to Karen and Roberto Ibarra.  Sold in 2004 to current owner Doug Stoddart.    


1969 - The Richard B. and Rachel Z. Booth Residence, 1817 Woodburn Road, Durham.  Currently 3868 square feet.  This is a Deck House, model "757 reversed" dated 1 Sept, 1966, revised 7-24-68.  Sold in 1987 to James D. and Lynne M. Skinner.  Sold in 2002 to Peter and Caelan Klein.  Sold in 2007 to current owners John H. Taylor and Laurie A. Braun. Undergoing extensive renovations, as shown above, by Bill Waddell

1969 - The Horst and Ruth Mary Meyer Residence, 2716 Montgomery Street, Durham. This is Plan P-907 from the plan book Encyclopedia of Home Designs 1967 by Master Plan Service, Inc.  3000 square feet.  Sold in 2007 to current owners Scott and Julie Hollenbeck.

For Sale1969 The James Stanley Wiberly and Helen K. Wiberly House, 2119 Ridge Road, Raleigh.  Architect unknown.  2922 square feet. Sold in 1976 to Gerald G. L. and Nancy C. R. Meyer.  Sold to current owners Carl E. and Tina Poole Grad in 1977.  Two additions, one in 1988 and one in 2002, both designed by the current owners. 

1970 - The Henry and Carol Miller House, 1301 Arboretum Drive, Chapel Hill. 
This is a Deck House.  Sold to Johnny Randall in 1999.

1970 - 2814 Dekalb Street, Durham.  4000 square feet.  This is Plan P-742 from the plan book Encyclopedia of Home Designs 1967 by Master Plan Service, Inc.  Current owners Yi Hong and Ellen Kong. 

1970 - The Charles Herbert (Herb) and Elizabeth (Betty) W. Ellis House, 411 Lakeshore Lane, Chapel Hill. Designed by first owner Herb Ellis, a senior engineer at IBM.  Sold in 1983 to Eliot Roy Weintraub and Margaret Edwards Weintraub.  According to Roy Weintraub, "Herb seemed to have been in charge of design; indeed, he made the building his work. He was one of those engineers who are always in error, but never in doubt. I know for instance that he purchased the bricks from a destroyed warehouse in Greensboro and the wood from a farmhouse that was being torn down somewhere. It took him a few years to accumulate that kind of stuff.  It was designed around the swimming pool since Betty had a degenerating spine and spent her time lying down.  But the house was a wonder. From the Rube Goldberg plumbing system, which no plumber could fix, to the structural defects of flat roof to structure joins, to the absence of an entrance to the house except through the carport and swimming pool, to the crazy-making kitchen which was divided into essentially two rooms, to the fact that every bathroom had a door exit to the pool."  The kitchen has since been remodeled.   Sold in 1989 to Anthony B. and Marsha S. O'Hare.  Sold in 1997 to Katherine Coleman Ballew and J. Hunter Ballew.  Sold in 2006 to current owners Emily Moseley and Robert J. Esther. 

1973 - The William and Alma Waters House, 212 Edinburgh Drive, Cary.  1952 square feet.  Sold in 1977 to Edward and Eleanor Battiste.  Sold to James and Eleanor Shawfield Strothman in 1994.  Sold to current owner Beryl Road Properties in 2007.  Photos by Bill Mooney.

1976 - The William and Leilani Carter Residence, 3509 Catalano Drive, Raleigh.  Mrs. Carter took a magazine plan for the original house.  There were two renovations, one by Frank Craig and one by Rick Best.

1978 - The Gregory Adams Kimble Residence II, 3100 Cornwall Road, Durham.  When the Kimbles decided to come back from Colorado, they designed and lived in a second house until 2006 when both died. Their son Jeffrey Kimble and his wife Judith Kimble are the current owners.  

1978 - 8221 Netherlands Drive, Raleigh.  Sold in 1978 to Leo and Sharon Uhran.  Ken Rose was the builder.  Bennett Keasler was the architect.  Originally had black cedar siding.  Sold in 1978 to Oral David Roberson. Sold in 1990 to Arthur and Marguerite Thornton who changed the color of the siding.  Sold in 1992 to Charles and Jean Marie Livaudais.  Sold in 1996 to Richard and Marylou Cassese.  Sold in 2000 to current owners Johannes and Sonja Lombard who put on an addition in 2004.  


For Sale1978 - The Rickey Daryle Bowman Residence, 2905 Debra Drive, Raleigh.  Architect unknown.  Sold in 1987 to Sandra Cooper.  Sold in 1993 to Frederick (Ted) Givens and Min Loi Hwee.    3 bedrooms.  2113 square feet. 

1984 - 9 Appleton Place, Durham.  Designed by Boston architect Robert Burkhart for his parents Richard and Elizabeth
Schneider.  Sold in 1998 to Lex and Kathy Silbiger.

1985 - The Roy and Laura Mathew Residence, 3813 Windy Hill Road, Chapel Hill.  Designed by Robert Anderson of Nashville TN, a friend of the Mathews.  Built by CS Whitt.  Sold to Luca Rigotti in 2003. 

1985 - The Harold and Bettie Garner House, 2804 Cascade Place, Garner NC, on Lake Benson.  Sold in 1998 to Kenneth and Barbara Lehner.  Sold in 2004 to Mark Smith and Allison Valentine Smith.  Architect unknown.

For Sale1997 - The David Sykes Residence. This is a Deck House, built for current owner.  3504 Creekwood Bluffs Court, Apex.  1.74 acres.  2917 square feet. 

Sources:  Casey Herbert, Giles Blunden, Endangered Durham, Johnny Randall, Scott Kovens, Bryan Koon, Roy Weintraub, Emily Moseley,
The Town and Gown Architecture of Chapel Hill, North Carolina 1795-1975
by M. Ruth Little, Julie Hollenbeck, Kent Collins,
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