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Project Overview

The 100 athletes whose profiles are published here are among the finest ever to have represented Australia at the Olympic Games. I have selected them at the request of the Australian Olympic Committee, basing my judgment on a belief that they demonstrate best the achievements, the history and the diversity of Australian athletes who have been competing at the Olympics since the Modern Games began in Athens in 1896. [more]

About the Author
Harry Gordon   AOC Historian Harry Gordon was responsible for
compiling the list and writing the profiles for the '100 of Our Finest'.
Read about Harry here

100 of Our Finest
Click on the athletes below to read their profile, view their Olympic results and view images.
Archery    Archery
Simon Fairweather

Athletics    Athletics
Anthony Winter, Betty Cuthbert, Cathy Freeman, Debbie Flintoff-King, Edwin Flack, Glynis Nunn, Herb Elliott, Jared Tallent, John Winter, Marjorie Jackson Nelson, Maureen Caird, Peter Norman, Raelene Boyle, Ralph Doubell, Shirley Strickland de la Hunty, Steven Hooker

Basketball    Basketball
Andrew Gaze, Lauren Jackson

Beach Volleyball    Beach Volleyball
Natalie Cook

Boxing    Boxing
Reginald 'Snowy' Baker

Canoe/Kayak - Flatwater    Canoe/Kayak
Clint Robinson, Kenneth Wallace

Cycling - Track    Cycling
Anna Meares, Edgar 'Dunc' Gray, Kathy Watt, Lionel Cox, Russell Mockridge, Ryan Bayley, Sara Carrigan

Diving    Diving
Chantelle Newbery, Matthew Mitcham, Richmond Eve

Equestrian - Eventing    Equestrian
Andrew Hoy, Bill Roycroft, Gillian Rolton, Lawrence Morgan, Matt Ryan, Neale Lavis, Phillip Dutton

Freestyle Skiing    Freestyle Skiing
Alisa Camplin, Dale Begg-Smith

Hockey    Hockey
Alyson Annan, Jamie Dwyer, Rechelle Hawkes, Richard Charlesworth

Rowing    Rowing
Drew Ginn, Henry 'Bobby' Pearce, James Tomkins, Kate Allen (Slatter), Mervyn Wood, Michael McKay, Nick Green, Peter Antonie

Rugby Union    Rugby
Daniel Carroll

Sailing    Sailing
William Northam

Shooting    Shooting
Donald Mackintosh, Michael Diamond, Russell Mark, Suzy Balogh

Skating - Short Track    Skating - Short Track
Steven Bradbury

Swimming    Swimming
Andrew 'Boy' Charlton, Beverley Whitfield, Bob Windle, Brad Cooper, Cecil Healy, Clare Dennis, David Theile, Dawn Fraser, Duncan Armstrong, Frank Beaurepaire, Freddie Lane, Gail Yeo (Neall), Grant Hackett, Ian O'Brien, Ian Thorpe, Jodie Henry, John Davies, John Devitt, John Konrads, Jon Henricks, Jon Sieben, Kevin Berry, Kieren Perkins, Leisel Jones, Lisbeth Trickett, Lorraine Crapp, Lynette McKenzie (McClements), Michael Wenden, Michelle Ford-Eriksson, Murray Rose, Petria Thomas, Sarah 'Fanny' Durack, Shane Gould, Stephanie Rice, Susie O'Neill

Taekwondo    Taekwondo
Lauren Burns

Triathlon    Triathlon
Emma Snowsill

Water Polo    Water Polo
Deborah Watson

Weightlifting    Weight Lifting
Dean Lukin

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