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Mission Statement

  • To partner with DND in the development, deployment and conduct of the Air Cadet
    Program by advising and assisting with the core training program and complementing it
    with valuable optional elements.
  • To promote and encourage the nation’s youth members to develop and maintain an
    interest in aviation and aerospace and to foster and assist growth in those fields for those
    interested in pursuing such a career, in part by partnering with industry, while still
    supporting interest in other program elements of leadership, physical education, music
    and such.
  • To promote the growth and well being of the Air Cadet Movement by attracting and
    retaining the youth members and the adult leaders for both the DND and League roles
    and responsibilities.
  • To provide along with DND, a voice in Canada for the Air Cadet Movement as a whole so
    that the Canadian public is kept aware of the accomplishments and capabilities of the
    Movement and of its ability to fulfill its aims.
  • To provide an organizational structure down to the squadron sponsoring committee level
    that complements and meshes with DND’s to meet in a respectful, understanding and
    professional way the agreed and approved roles and responsibilities, including providing
    and considering studies and proposals as well as resolving the challenges in a
    progressive Air Cadet Movement.


The Air Cadet League of Canada envisions the Royal Canadian Air Cadets as Canada’s premier and a world class youth development movement. Being attuned to societal changes,it strives diligently to be a totally dedicated, proactive and innovative partner to encourage and enhance the development of well adjusted, civic minded youth to undertake leadership roles in a great Canada and a better world.


The Air Cadet League of Canada fosters development in youth of the values of self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership and physical fitness.


The members of the Air Cadet League believe that training should be kept as completely up-to-date and as progressive as possible, especially in view of the changing attitudes of today's youth. However, the League is also of the view that there is a place in our society for an educational program which is not entirely permissive, which requires the participants to meet certain standards of dress, appearance and behavior, and which expects our young people to accept a full measure of personal responsibility for their own actions.

The Air Cadet League also believes that Air Cadets should have every opportunity to qualify for the most attractive rewards the program can offer, and that a cadet should be able to earn these awards in only one way - through merit. None of the Air Cadet training rewards or scholarships can be purchased; they must be earned through good service with the squadrons and by meeting the standards that have been laid down.

While Air Cadets are not required to pay membership fees or dues in order to belong, they are expected to take part in fund-raising and other support projects initiated by the League, sponsoring bodies and squadron staff. Without this active cadet participation, it is doubtful that the Air Cadet Movement would be able to carry on. For instance, Air Cadets selected for Gliding and power Flying Scholarships help support the Structural Inspection and Repair Program (SIRP) for League owned aircraft and gliders.

The Air Cadet League assumes that a young person joins the Air Cadets mainly for the reasons that he/she is interested in aviation and wishes to be identified with the Air Force of the Canadian Forces. Sea Cadets and Army Cadets interests lie in different directions. In the Air Cadet Movement, this "air motivation" is found to extend throughout all levels of the organization - including the Squadron officers and instructors, and the members of the Sponsoring Committees, many of whom have been closely identified with aviation activity in Canada over the years.

The League believes it important that Air Cadet Squadrons and Sponsoring Committees should, wherever possible, maintain contact with the Air Force of the Canadian Forces. Every effort should be made to have our squadrons visited and inspected by officers who are professionally qualified in the field of military aviation.

Air Cadet League of Canada, National Headquarters - 66 Lisgar Street, Ottawa Ontario, K2P0C1
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