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Dáithí O'Sé

Dáithí O'Sé

2008 Full-time weather and continuity
2007 The Full Set Traditional Music Series, (RTE)
2007 Celebrities Go Wild, Charity Reality Series, (RTE)
2007 Dáithí ar Route 66 (TG4, travel/road trip across US)
2007 Glor tire
2006 Charity You’re a star, Reality Singing Contest, (RTE)
2006 Glor tire
2004/2005 Galway Races - Anchor man for a 3 œ hour live broadcast over three days.
2004 Coinne le - Saturday night LIVE chat show 10 programmes
2003 Feilte - 10 Summer Festival programme plus one hour long special from N.Y. (TG4)
2003 Cleamhnas - 13 part Blind date shows, (TG4)
2003 Gradam Ceoil - TG4’s traditional Music awards from U.L concert Hall
2002 Feilte - 10 Summer festival programme plus two Christmas specials from N.Y and Boston, (TG4)
2001 Gradam Ceoil - TG4 Traditional Music awards from the Cork opera House
1999- 2001 part-time weather and continuity on TG4, Ireland’s Irish Language Station.

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