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About Us



Full Member Parties

Albania Social Democratic Party, PSD
Albania Socialist Party of Albania, SPA
Algeria Socialist Forces Front, FFS
Andorra Social Democratic Party of Andorra, PS
Angola MPLA
Argentina Socialist Party, PS
Argentina Radical Civic Union, UCR
Armenia ARF Armenian Socialist Party
Aruba People's Electoral Movement, MEP
Australia Australian Labor Party, ALP
Austria Social Democratic Party of Austria, SPÖ
Barbados Barbados Labour Party, BLP
Belgium Socialist Party, PS
Belgium Socialist Party, SPA
Benin Social Democratic Party, PSD
Bosnia and Herzegovina Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina, SDP BiH
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD
Brazil Democratic Labour Party, PDT
Bulgaria Bulgarian Social Democrats, PBSD
Bulgaria Bulgarian Socialist Party, BSP
Burkina Faso Party for Democracy and Progress/Socialist Party, PDP/PS
Cameroon Social Democratic Front, SDF
Canada New Democratic Party, NDP/NPD
Cape Verde African Party of Cape  Verde's  Independence,  PAICV
Chile Party for Democracy, PPD
Chile Radical Social Democratic Party, PRSD
Chile Socialist Party of Chile, PS
Colombia Liberal Party of Colombia, PLC
Costa Rica National Liberation Party, PLN
Côte d'Ivoire Ivorian Popular Front, FPI
Croatia Social Democratic Party, SDP
Curaçao MAN
Cyprus Movement of Social Democrats EDEK
Czech Republic Czech Social Democratic Party, CSSD
Denmark Social Democratic Party
Dominican Republic Dominican Revolutionary Party, PRD
Ecuador Democratic Left Party, PID
Egypt National Democratic Party, NDP
Equatorial Guinea Convergence for Social Democracy, CPDS
Estonia Estonian Social Democratic Party
Finland Finnish Social Democratic Party, SDP
France Socialist Party, PS
Germany Social Democratic Party of Germany, SPD
Ghana National Democratic Congress
Great Britain The Labour Party
Greece Panhellenic Socialist Movement, PASOK
Guatemala National Union for Hope, UNE
Guinea Guinean People's Assembly, RPG
Haiti Union of Haitian Social Democrats
Hungary Hungarian Social Democratic Party, MSzDP
Hungary Hungarian Socialist Party, MSzP
Iceland Social Democratic Alliance of Iceland
Iraq Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, PUK
Ireland The Labour Party
Israel Israel Labour Party
Israel Meretz-Yachad Party
Italy Democrats of the Left, DS
Italy Socialist Party, PS
Jamaica People's National Party, PNP
Japan Social Democratic Party, SDP
Latvia Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party, LSDSP
Lebanon Progressive Socialist Party, PSP
Lithuania Lithuanian Social Democratic Party, LSDP
Luxembourg Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, LSAP/POSL
FYR Macedonia Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, SDUM
Malaysia Democratic Action Party, DAP
Mali African Party for Solidarity and Justice, ADEMA-PASJ
Mali Assembly for Mali, RPM
Malta Malta Labour Party
Mauritania Assembly of Democratic Forces, RFD
Mauritius Mauritius Labour Party
Mauritius Mauritius Militant Movement, MMM
Mexico Party of Democratic Revolution, PRD
Mexico Institutional Revolutionary Party, PRI
Mongolia Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party, MPRP
Montenegro Social Democratic Party of Montenegro, SDP
Montenegro Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro, DPS
Morocco Socialist Union of Popular Forces, USFP
Mozambique Frelimo Party
Namibia SWAPO
Nepal Nepali Congress Party
Netherlands Labour Party, PvdA
New Zealand New Zealand Labour Party, NZLP
Nicaragua Sandinista National Liberation Front, FSLN
Niger Party for Democracy and Socialism of Niger, PNDS
Northern Ireland Social Democratic and Labour Party, SDLP
Norway Norwegian Labour Party, DNA
Pakistan Pakistan People's Party, PPP
Panama Democratic Revolutionary Party, PRD
Paraguay Revolutionary Febrerista Party, PRF
Paraguay 'País Solidario' Party
Peru Peruvian Aprista Party, PAP
Poland Democratic Left Alliance, SLD
Poland Union of Labour, UP
Portugal Socialist Party, PS
Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Independence Party, PIP
Romania Social Democratic Party, PSD
San Marino Party of Socialists and Democrats
Senegal Socialist Party, PS
Serbia Democratic Party, DS
Serbia Social Democratic Party of Serbia
Slovakia SMER-Social Democracy
Slovenia Social Democrats, SD
South Africa African National Congress, ANC
Spain Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, PSOE
Sweden Swedish Social Democratic Party, SAP
Switzerland Social Democratic Party of Switzerland
Tunisia Constitutional Democratic Assembly, RCD
Turkey Republican People's Party, CHP
Uruguay New Space, PNE
Uruguay Socialist Party of Uruguay, PSU
USA Democratic Socialists of America, DSA
Venezuela Democratic Action, AD
Venezuela Movement for Socialism, MAS
Zimbabwe Movement for Democratic Change, MDC

Consultative parties

Antigua Antigua Labor Party
Azerbaijan Social Democratic Party of Azerbaijan, ASDP
Belarus Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Narodnaya Hramada), BSDP
Burundi Frodebu
Dominica Dominica Labour Party
Gabon Gabonese Party for Progress, PGP
Greenland SIUMUT
Guatemala Social Democratic Convergence, CSD
Guinea-Bissau African Party of Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde, PAIGC
Iran Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, PDKI
Republic of Moldova Democratic Party, PDM
Namibia Congress of Democrats, CoD
Palestine Fatah
Paraguay Progressive Democratic Party, PDP
Philippines Akbayan, Citizens' Action Party
Philippines Philippines Democratic Socialist Party, PDSP
St. Kitts-Nevis St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party
St. Lucia St. Lucia Labour Party, SLP
St. Vincent & the Grenadines Unity Labour Party
Timor-Leste Fretilin
Togo Democratic Convention of African Peoples, CDPA
Tunisia Democratic Forum for Labour and Freedoms, FDTL
Ukraine Socialist Party of Ukraine, SPU
Ukraine Social Democratic Party of Ukraine, SDPU
Venezuela PODEMOS
Yemen Yemeni Socialist Party
Pending consultation  
Cyprus Republican Turkish Party, CTP

Observer parties

Botswana Botswana National Front, BNF
Bulgaria Bulgarian Social Democracy, BSD
Central African Republic Patriotic Front for Progress, FPP
Central African Republic Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People, MLPC
Colombia Alternative Democratic Force, PDA
Democratic Republic of Congo Union for Democracy and Social Progress, UDPS
Haiti Organisation of the People in Struggle, OPL
India Janata Dal (secular)
Jordan Jordanian Democratic Party of the Left, JDPL
Kyrgyzstan Ata Meken
Republic of Moldova Social Democratic Party of Moldova
Palestine Palestinian National Initiative, PNI
Russian Federation A Just Russia Party
Turkey Democratic Society Party, DTP
Polisario Front

Fraternal organisations

International Falcon Movement/Socialist Educational International, IFM/SEI
International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY
Socialist International Women, SIW

Associated organisations

International Federation of the Socialist and Democratic Press, IFSDP
International Labour Sports Confederation, CSIT
International League of Religious Socialists, ILRS
International Social Democratic Union for Education, ISDUE
Jewish Labour Bund, JLB
National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, NDI
Socialist Group in the European Parliament
Party of European Socialists PES
Social Democratic Group of the Latin American Parliament
World Labour Zionist Movement, WLZM