Along with the nine generations of Collies
who portrayed Lassie in movies and television,
Weatherwax-trained dogs include:

The Champ, 1931 and Peck's Bad Boy, 1934

The Thin Man series, 1930s

All Dogs in Call of the Wild, 1935

Our Gang series, 1935-38

The Yellow Cameo 1928
Torchy Blane series, 1936-39

Blondie series, 1938-40s

Hound of the Baskervilles, 1939

The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Reap the Wild Wind,George Washington Slept Here, 1942,
Air Force, 1943, Without Love, 1945, Undercurrent, 1946

Counter-Attack, Sgt. Mike, Jungle Marine, 1945

Molly and Me, 1945, Bob Son of Battle, Thunder in the Valley

Dogs in The Yearling, 1946

Living in a Big Way, 1947

Buttons / Scheherezade / Louis
The Emperor Waltz, 1948

5000 Fingers of Dr. T, 1953,
Dennis the Menace 1959-63, Dondi, 1961

Hondo, 1953

Fangs of the Wild, 1954

Dogs in Picnic, 1955

Bachelor Father, 1957-62, Get Smart, 1965-70

Old Yeller, 1957

Island of the Blue Dolphins, 1964

Wild and Wonderful, 1964

Dog in Goodbye Charlie, 1964

Coonhound in Sounder, 1972

And the dogs in
Aftershock, Back to the Future, Big Jake, The Borrowers,
David Copperfield, FBI Untold Stories,
Harry and the Hendersons, Joshua's Heart, Life Goes On,
Married with Children, Michael, Moment by Moment,
Poltergeist II, Racing with the Moon, Red Dwarf, Roseanne,
See You in the Morning, Simon and Simon, Skeezer,
Stone Fox, The Watchers II, and Who's the Boss?

Welcome to our Credits page.  The Weatherwax trainers take individual as
well as family pride in their accomplishments with their dogs.  Much
misinformation has been published on the internet regarding who trained
which dog.  In some cases, a movie or a TV series featured several dogs in
various scenes or over a course of time, and more than one trainer was
involved, adding to the confusion. For example, Rudd Weatherwax was one
of several trainers to work with "Petey" for the "Our Gang" series. However,
Rudd exclusively owned and trained the first seven generations of Collies who
portrayed Lassie (and bred the first six issuing from "Pal"). At Rudd's death,
Bob Weatherwax inherited the Lassie dogs, completed the training
of Lassie VII, and continued carrying on his father's famous
legacy and line of collies.
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This page was last updated: November 9, 2007