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Dr. Ian Clark, Professor of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa,
Director, G.G. Hatch Isotope Laboratories, one of Canada's leading analytical facilities

Professor Clark has been teaching in the fields of paleoclimatology and geochemistry for the past two decades. His research focuses on Arctic hydrology and paleoclimatology using a variety of geochemical and isotopic methods to characterize past warm periods.

Dr. Clark also conducts research using environmental isotopes in contaminated landscapes. He is a consultant to industry and currently works on projects involving radioactive waste disposal. He has been involved with the International Atomic Energy Agency in the development of investigative methods as well as the teaching of environmental isotopes in hydrology. His book (co-authored with Dr. Peter Fritz), "Environmental Isotopes in Hydrogeology", won the Choice Magazine Outstanding Textbook award in 1998.

He completed his graduate studies at the University of Waterloo and at the Université de Paris Sud (Orsay) in isotope hydrogeology and paleoclimatology.

Sample newspaper articles, letters to the editor and other media activities by Professor Clark:

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