Friday, January 16, 2009

"New Moon" Casting Director Announces Search for Native Americans

For months, Twilight fans have been sending us their submissions for the Native American roles in "New Moon," despite the fact that we have announced on several occasions that we are not casting it.

(We did put out an open casting call for some of the Native American roles in "Twilight," but since the sequel is shooting in Vancouver, we knew that new casting companies would come on board to hire the actors.)

What a shame, though, for all those contacts to go to waste. We wanted to make sure to pass our resources on to the new casting directors, so after exchanging emails and phone calls with Summit and with the new LA casting company, we were able to talk with the casting director who has been hired specifically to cast the Native American roles.

We're very excited to announce that the wonderful and supremely qualified René Haynes is helming the Native American casting on "New Moon"...AND she wants to hear from everyone who fits the qualifications of the roles.

Now, before everyone hyperventilates, please read the following instructions and follow them TO THE LETTER, in order to ensure your chances at being considered for the film:

Casting Director René Haynes and her staff are very happy to accommodate any Native teens and young adults (who look very youthful) who are interested in sending them an audition.

First thing to do if you fit the specs is to email a recent photo and your contact information to:

They are not currently seeking submissions for any roles other than the ones mentioned here, so only respond if you meet the above requirements.
  • For the love of Edward, do not attempt to call the casting office.

  • Repeat: Do not call the casting office.

  • One more time? Please, please, please do not call the casting office.

You will be sent a package that has very specific instructions, as well as the deadline, which is January 30.

Break a leg!


PS: Here are a few tips to help you stand out in the crowd:

We mentioned most of this once before, but it bears repeating:

1. Be professional

The casting company's job is to find the best and most professional actors for the parts. Your chances of being chosen will increase if you demonstrate that you are reliable, responsive and serious about your acting career.

2. Fit the specs

The film calls for Native American teens and young adults, so that's whom the casting directors want to see. The most experienced, trained, legal-to-work actors who fit these specs will be given first priority.

In our experience, only after exhausting all possibilities among those who meet the requirements will casting directors begin to consider those who don't (in this case, great actors who are not Native American, or Native Americans who are not actors).

Reminder: This casting call is for the Native American roles only. Submitting for any other roles in the film will only waste your time and the casting office's.

3. Follow instructions precisely

* Please send your information to

* Be sure to include ALL the requested info in your email. Your photo should be recent and should show a clear view of your face. It doesn't need to be so big that all the casting director sees is your eyeball in her browser window. ;) Typically a 400x600 pixel image will do.

* Please don't email every other person on the company roster or send multiple emails. Stalkers are quickly eliminated (if you don't know how to behave and follow instructions in something as simple as an email, how do they know how you'll behave on set?).

* If it says "no phone calls," they really, really, really mean it. Please be respectful of their time, their limited number of phone lines and their already heavy work load.

4. Be patient

They love and adore you, but the casting staff often doesn't have time to respond to requests for updates or sometimes even to confirm that they received your materials. They'll only get in contact with you when and if there is news. Unfortunately, that means a lot of waiting, but due to time constraints, there's usually no other alternative.

Hope this helps and best of luck to everyone. We can't wait to see you on the silver screen.


Jackie said...

im not sure how much you know about the details but... do we have to be registered with our tribe?

Brenda said...

I'm disappointed in the fact that everyone that they seem to be hiring for any part of this movie are all all ready famous actors. The opportunity is not given to people out there than want to rise in this field.
It sad again to see that they only post their auditions, get everyone so excited and then pick someone that Hollywood all ready knows~.
I been wishing to be given the opportunity to even try for this movie, which I m sure it will be cheaper paying me than a Hollywood star, and yet they rather pay someone like Musical actress Vanessa~

Anonymous said...

You probably shouldn't bother sending a picture to them if you're Native but your skin is on the fair side right?

Anonymous said...

Lana, when you said "recent photo", can that be a recent snap shot or does it have to be a professional headshot?

Anonymous said...

The only information we have to send is contact information? No resume?

Carolina said...

Hi! mi name is Carolina Cides
i´m from Argentina,
how can i do to participe in this casting for "new moon"?
I understand a little your tips.
sorry for my english,

natasha.h.khan said...

Do you think that they will be
casting elswhere for exammple england or a european country?
Do you think there is any point in sending in your details if you do not live near vancouver?
thanks N

Daniella said...

Do you have to be professional actress? What if were not Indians but are close to it? I'm a Mayan, is that good? Also I'm 13.

The Casting Scoop said...

That's a good question for Rene Haynes!

Yaskara said...

I am so sorry for bothering you with that, but do you have any preview of when the casting of other roles for the movie will be annouced? I am really interested in trying for a role, but I am going to NYC soon, for an acting couse. If you could, would you please give me some information? And will you be casting in New York?
Thanks, and sorry for bothering again.

Tabitha Cabral said...

Hi! My name's Tabatha,and I'm 16 years old.
I'm from Brazil, and I was wondering if there would be an oportunity for me to participate in the casting for 'New Moon'. The problem is that I really live in Brazil. But if you say me it could be a chance, I would try so hard to get this chance.
Already thank you (:

Anonymous said...

So when then they say a young adult what excalt ages are they looking for?
I am Native American and have done acting, nothing recent by any means.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Genesis Cuxeva. I am 13. I was wonder if the "recent photo" had to be professional? I am not Indian, But I am Hispanic and have the Native American skin tone. Is that okay?

Thank You,

Kayla Vanessa said...

well, its sort of nerve wrecking if we want to do this because it seems as if the movie consumes of already professional actors and i'm not native american but i'm sure you guys are depending more on the skin. I'm from Nicaragua and my skin is a fairly light tan. So does "Native American" really matter? And does the age have a specific toll, i tend to be 15, going on 16 soon. So i'm not quite positive.

-Kayla Vanessa<3

Elisabeth said...

Hi! I know it says strictly Native Americans but I have a background of Mayan Indian and I have been mistaken to be Native American. I was just wondering if sending in my resume would be bending the rules.? Thank you!


twilighter said...

hi, im a north american girl and i am 15. i live 2 provinces away from bc and i was wondering what the requirements for the casting were and which characters were being cast.

thank you and i wouuld love to hear advice

Anonymous said...

Hi I live in Vancouver. Is there any chance that anyone knows the casting agency in Vancouver for extras? I would love to be in an extra in New Moon. Even if locations are known, it would be greatly appreciated if it could be shared. I would be thrilled just to catch a glimpse of Edward and Bella.

Thanks so much,

Anonymous said...

I will apologize for everyone else who asks the dumb questions over and over (especially for the 13 year olds), when you have totally outlined it for them, but I don't want you to think it was a waste of your time, because I love the blog and the posts. By the way, is THIS the exciting news..because it is only exciting I guess if your Native American...I've been on the edge of my seat. Keep up the good work...Thanks again!

PS You don't have to post, just an FYI for all your hard work!

Sage Moonstone said...

Thank you so much for posting some info on Head Shots!

It's wonderful to know what size photo to send and to see some other Head Shot photos to get an idea of what Casting Directors are looking for!

Have a Wonderful Evening~

Anonymous said...

I really hope they use real Native Americans! I am Native American and find it a little offensive when they use other ethnicities for Native roles. There are so many talented Natives out there.

Becky Sue said...

To Brenda.......... That was a total rumor that Vanessa Hudgeons would be in New Moon as Leah. There isn't even a Leah in the script. And if you are a Native American then you DO have an oppurtunity to try for it. And actually the actors in the movie were all relativly unknown before Twilight; they'd never had any majorly huge roles before. Most people knew Rob, Kristin, and Taylor, but the others were pretty obscure.

Anonymous said...

hey i am brazilian but i live in america. i do have a native american skin tone do you think by any chance. is worth doing a audition and i am also 15 years old do you think my age is a problem.

thank you gabriela

Anonymous said...

does the photo have to professional??

Zayba said...

If your're looking for actors to play Leah and Seth Clearwater (apart of the Quilute Tribe and Wolf Pack. Also they are siblings), I have 2 suggestions:
Q'Orianka Kilcher- best known for her role as Pochahontas in the 2005 film "The New World".
Kainoa Kilcher: Q'Orianka Kilcher's younger brother. He was also apart in the film "The New World", and he was also in "Rush Hour 3".
I think these 2 would be fit for playing the roles. Maybe you can even consider them for other roles in "New Moon" if Leah and Seth Clearwater are not written in the "New Moon" script.

Anonymous said...

What about those of us who
are Native American and have no acting experiences, at all.
I would like to know if we have any chances or would be given an opporunity to be on the movie.

Anonymous said...

All of you are ridiculous. The questions you are asking are clearly already answered in the post. NONE of you are going to be cast in this movie solely because of the hideous questions you are asking. Be professional and stop acting like kids.

Anonymous said...

Ummm hey I was also wondering if u had to be native American or just look like it cuz I'm Mexican but I have a fairly tanned skin and I'm also 16 but many say I look like I should be 13^.^ so would I be considered a good cadidate for that role? My English is about perfect I've had 12 years of speaking it and I also had 4 years of frrench n my native language is Spanish. Wow this was way longer than I wanted it to be but I think y'all know what I wanted to know.^0^
Oops almost forgot my name is ana Elizabeth S.

Noconi said...

I think it's amazing that you all are looking for Native Americans. I must say this is a great time for us to represent who are and where we come from. I take great pride in my Native American heritage. I'm so happy this opportunity has come up!

Ana Luiza said...

Hey, I am from Brazil and I was wondering if you really have to be a native american to tray for the parts??

Wanting to be Tanya said...

do yout think they they'll be wanting Tanya's family in. I just read on that Edi who plays laurent in the film, is seen with irina or somehting about her, and if she's in it, shouldn't Tanya since thats the first place Edward runs to.

If you do plan on doing an open casting for Tanya please let me know. I have strawberry blonde curly hair am about 5'9 to 5'10 and i do have some acting experience.

Thank you so much
Brianna. B

Anonymous said...

answer on one question: I think that you have to be around 20 years old (two years older or younger)

and now my question, please HELP all of you who might know answer: does anybody really know when will the audition in italy be and can i apply to that audition if i am not from america or italy?thanks a lot


Anonymous said...

natasha they will shoot a part of the film in italy, rome!!!
but i don't know is there already an audition for rome or not, so please if you find out let me know.THANKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

um will u post one 4 eclipse?
i think i could look lik renesmee a lil.
xcept im 13 my hair & eyes though r lik it so if u post da search 4 an actress 2 play renesmee im in.

Jess said...

What if we are cherokee, but have blonde hair and blue eyes w/ the dark skin?

Jessica =)) said...

I am grateful for this blog. Casted or not,
this is awesome opportunity. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

Come on now people read the article. Every question asked here is answered in the article. If you can't understand the clear simple instructions maybe you need to ask your self if you are intuitive enough to be a good actor.

natasha.h.khan said...

so you know when the deadline is for our resumes and head shots to be sent in ??

LaVonna said...

My name is LaVonna Owlboy i'm from Devils Lake,North Dakota. I am from the spirit lake sioux tribe i am 20 years old and have a very recent photo if you would like to see it it is on my myspace page but i will also be sending the picture with an e-mail also thanks for the heads up

TrendHater73 said...

No offense guys, but they said NATIVE AMERICAN. If you read it closely as they asked, you would see that they ARE NOT taking any othe ethnicity than Native American for now. It sas the WILL look outside those specs IF they can't find anyone. As many talented Native American and First Nations (Canadian Native Americans) as there are, I think they'll find someone. I'm not even going to try out, because I'm only part and have fair skin.

francisco said...

my name is Francisco,and i´m from Brazil,how can i do to participe in this casting for "new moon"?
I read the book and i saw the movie(twiligth)

Emalee said...

If we're chinese..couldn't we try out too..? They could always use a little makeup..say bronzer..I know that Vaneesa Hudgens is part chinese too..please answer this. I really want to try out. This means the world to me.

Victoria said...

hi the pic i sent in is a shot from my waist up and not the best of me but the only one i have and it makes me look fair even though im really dark is that ok should i send in another one when i get the chance