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Explaining the new 3DNow!™ Professional Technology

The new 3DNow!™ Professional technology from AMD is a processor-enhancement technology aimed at increasing performance by accelerating 3D-intensive calculations. This technology is designed to produce more realistic and lifelike 3D images and graphics, enhanced sound and video, and an extreme Internet experience.

3DNow! Professional technology does not replace 3D video cards. Rather, it teams up with the video card to enhance overall system performance. Some software puts such a strain on a system’s graphics accelerator that it can't keep up, causing the entire system to slow down. 3DNow! Professional technology relieves this bottleneck by speeding up many of the 3D-intensive calculations that occur. This means the graphics accelerator doesn’t need to do all the work. Eliminating this bottleneck results in outstanding 3D performance.

    What does 3DNow! Professional technology support mean for your customers?
  • Powerful 3D performance
  • Fast, realistic 3D imaging and graphics
  • Enhanced sound and video
  • Extreme Internet experience
  • Unmatched software compatibility
3DNow! Professional technology in the AMD family of processors
3DNow! Professional technology includes special instructions to take performance to the next level. Some of these new instructions enhance speech recognition and video processing. Others accelerate data movement for Internet browser plug-ins and other streaming applications. Only AMD processors have specific DSP instructions, which support soft modems, MP3, and Dolby Digital surround processing.

AMD processors with 3DNow! Professional technology include the enhanced 3DNow! technology that was included with previous AMD processors, plus the SSE and MMX™ instructions. With 3DNow! Professional technology, new AMD processors offer great software compatibility and give the user unmatched performance.

3DNow! Professional technology is supported in all the popular operating systems. Optimized drivers are in products from leading 3D graphic accelerator suppliers, including ATI, Matrox, and nVIDIA. The leading application-programming interfaces—Microsoft's DirectX and SGI's Open GL API—are already optimized for 3DNow! Professional technology.

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