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Crash Test Dummies

I Don't Care That You Don't Mind  Hear it Now

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Normally, the Crash Test Dummies play a similar style of catchy, clever geek rock as their Canadian brethren Barenaked Ladies. But while I Don't Care has some cheeky moments, this largely laid-back, acoustic collection is a more mellow affair than one might expect, or want. Originally written as a solo album by lead singer Brad Roberts, such tunes as "Let It Feel Like Something Else" actually sound like the Cowboy Junkies, but with a baritone boy on vocals. Some of these tunes employ a twangy, alt-country approach, while others take a more lounge-jazz route, and while this makes for some beautiful moments, it also makes for some lethargic ones as well, especially since the mellow mood just keeps going and going and going. Which is why, unless you're a big fan of this band, or are in a really sad mood, this album will probably inspire more yawns than cheers. (PAUL SEMEL -- April 3, 2001)

(Posted: Apr 2, 2001)


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