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Top 10 Simpson's episodes ever

By: John Thorpe
LIFE Et cetera Editor

Issue date: 11/15/00 Section: Et cetera
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A list of the top ten Simpsons episodes ever:

1: "The Mysterious Voyage of Homer" Season 8. Homer eats super-spicy chili at the annual Springfield Chili Cook-Off, which makes him hallucinate. Homer comes down from his trip, goes home, and realizes Marge is not his soulmate.
Saddened, Homer sets out to find his soulmate, only to end up at the lighthouse, where he thinks the light is his love. Yet, the light turns out not to be his soulmate, so he breaks it. Homer eventually ends up realizing Marge is his soulmate, as she arrives to help him save the barge he accidentally caused to run aground when he bashed out the light.
Best of all, Homer is helped by a wolf with the voice of Johnny Cash. Heh heh, Ring of Fire.

2: "Two Bad Neighbors" Season 7. George Bush moves in next to the Simpsons, causing a feud between Homer and the former President. This would have been #1 if not for the fact that Homer consumed a lot of drugs and saw a talking wolf.

3: "D'Oh-in' in the Wind" Season 10. Homer becomes a flower child and tries to help his two inspirational hippies -played by Martin Mull and George Carlin- run their natural juice business. Homer screws it up, and winds up making a whole batch himself.
Unfortunately, Homer picked a bunch of drugs and bottled those, causing the town to get wasted. The cops catch on and raid the place, causing Homer to re-enact the famous daisy-rifle scene from decades ago. Good stuff.

4: "Homer Goes to College" Season 5. Homer goes back to school and re-enacts all those 80s movie college pranks and hijinks, only to find out that college isn't all about getting the dean. Classic, yo.

5: "The Crepes of Wrath" Season 1.Bart goes to France as a foreign exchange student, only to end up a slave to two dirty, wine making Frenchmen. Seeing Bart outsmart the French makes me proud to be an American.

6: "Homer's Phobia" Season 8. The Simpsons hang out with a gay guy (played by John Waters) which makes Homer nervous, because he thinks Bart may be gay. In trying to make Bart more manly, Homer endangers their lives, as a herd of reindeer try to kill Bart. Anyway, the gay guy saves the day and Bart is allowed to grow up however he wants.

7: "Bart Sells His Soul" Season 7. Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for five dollars, who the trades it for some Alf pogs. Bart goes to buy his soul back from the comic book store guy, who said he already sold it. Not to worry-Lisa bought it and returns it to Bart.

8: "Bart On the Road" Season 7. Bart gets a fake (who can dentify with that) and hits the road with Martin, Milhouse and Nelson. They get stuck in Tennessee (nothing good comes from Tennessee) and put on female wigs. It's crazy. Anyway, Lisa saves the day with Homer's help.

9: "This Little Wiggy" Season 9. Ralph comes over for a play date with Bart, but Bart hates the kid. At least, until Bart discovers Ralph's dad, Police Chief Wiggum, has the master key to the town. Chaos ensues. An electric chair is turned on. Mayor Quimby nearly fries. It's the best.

10: "Treehouse of Horror IV" Season 5. Homer sells his soul to Satan (played by Flanders) in exchange for a doughnut. When Homer decides he won't go to hell, Lisa and Marge have to argue for Homer's existence. The best part comes when Homer decides not to eat the last part of the doughnut, thus saving him from hell (for a minute). He yells, "I outsmarted the Devil..." Hilarious.

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