News from the Mayor of London: March 2008

Getting around

Next stop south London

train Following the successful takeover of the three Silverlink overground rail services in north London – that has delivered safer trains and increased revenue – Transport for London have asked the government for responsibility for national rail services in south London, too.

London TravelWatch, the passenger watchdog, welcomed the proposal. Chairman Brian Cooke, said: 'The network would be much easier to use if it was run by one organisation under a single set of rules.' Commenting on the proposal, the Mayor said: 'I am optimistic that Transport for London will end up controlling all the over land train franchises in Greater London. We want to get the same standards we are introducing on London Overground on all services.' Bringing south London's trains under Transport for London control would mean more passengers could benefit from measures such as the recent fares freeze.

Fares would also be set at a level to attract passengers rather than maximise profits and sharp fare rises, such as the 20 per cent increase on South West Trains last May, would be ruled out.