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VMOps is a venture-backed startup developing a software stack which allows service providers to create and manage an elastic computing service. By deploying the VMOps Cloud Stack, service providers are able to offer customers the ability to deploy hosted virtual machines over the Internet. The VMOps Cloud Stack gives service providers the entire software platform necessary to profit from cloud computing and to offer their customers unprecedented flexibility in utilizing managed IT services.

The Problem
Today, service providers face trying to build their own elastic computing services face a daunting challenge. First they must integrate a patchwork of software including hypervisor, management software, user interface, network virtualization and storage management. Once the software stack is put together they are faced with a costly requirement to build using specialized storage and networking equipment that supports proprietary extensions required by hypervisor vendors.

Perhaps all of this can be overcome with enough time and money, but even then, existing virtualization infrastructure does not support the level of scale (tens of thousands of servers and dozens of data centers) needed to provide large-scale cloud computing service.

The VMOps Solution
VMOps offers service providers the entire software stack necessary to launch a profitable service, including:
  • The advanced VMOps Multitenant hypervisor, which allows for dynamic resource provisioning and complete isolation of CPU, memory, storage and network resources for virtual servers.
  • Management tools that allow service providers to: define service offerings, integrate with back-office systems, manage user accounts, and generate billing records.
  • End-user self-administration interface and APIs that give users powerful controls for launching applications on the cloud.

VMOps has built a solution that allows organizations of any size to launch an elastic computing service. With industry leading innovations around security (the VMOps Secure Vault Technology), networking (the Hypervisor Aware Networks™ Technology), and storage (the Hypervisor Attached Storage™ Technology), VMOps offers a solution that was built from the ground up to provide a safe and scalable computing cloud for service providers.

VMOps is founded and led by Sheng Liang, a seasoned technologist who developed the Java Virtual Machine at Sun, co-founded Teros Networks (acquired by Citrix), and, as part of the senior management team at SEVEN Networks and Openwave Systems, developed software products for over 100 wireless operators and wire-line service providers around the world.

Shannon Williams leads VMOps’s sales and marketing effort. Shannon was previously VP of Sales and GM of EMEA at Solidcore Systems, and has held management roles at five previous technology start-ups, including SeeCommerce (acquired by NCR), Teros Networks (acquired by Citrix) and Securant Technologies (acquired by RSA).

The product development team consists of senior engineering talents from top computer infrastructure companies in Silicon Valley.

Redpoint Ventures

Redpoint Ventures focuses on partnering with and funding innovative companies that have the potential to define, lead, and change industries. Redpoint partners have many decades of experience and success in technology investing; combined with this foundation, the firm is able to leverage a thriving network of entrepreneurs, partners, and industry experts to accelerate building market-leading companies. Redpoint was founded in 1999 by partners from two of the top firms in the venture capital industry and currently has over $2 billion under management. The firm is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA with offices in Los Angeles and Shanghai, China.
This video provides an introduction to the VMOps Cloud Stack and walks you through the core product features.

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