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The Cook County Sheriff's Boot Camp is designed to provide non-violent offenders a strict detention program based on military discipline, fundamental vocational skills, education and alcohol/substance abuse treatment. In addition, the Boot Camp features an 8-month long post-detention supervision program where participants must return to the Boot Camp on a daily basis to continue educational programming.

The Department of Corrections is one of the largest single-site pre-trial holding facilities in the country. Sheriff's Correctional Officers are responsible for the security of more than 9,000 detainees, most of whom are awaiting trial in the criminal court system.

The Court Services Department provides security for all courtrooms and aides judges and other court officials in the orderly operation of daily business. In addition to providing courtroom security, deputy sheriff’s operate metal detectors at the entrance of each of the courthouse facilities where many arrests are made every year of individuals attempting to bring weapons and contraband into the facilities.

The Department of Community Supervision and Intervention draws its population from the DOC and from the court system. Each of DCSI’s Divisions is unique in its operations, but together they form a cooperative and mutually supportive team that offers a sliding scale of corrections alternatives from community service to incarceration.

The Sheriff's Police Department is charged with patrolling unincorporated areas of Cook County. Approximately 109,000 people live in unincorporated communities. Sheriff's Police also assist suburban police departments in routine police operations as well as drug, vice and gang crimes operations. Contact Sheriff's Police

The Department of Women's Justice Services is a newly created department withint the Cook County Sheriff's Office which administers gender responsive drug treatment programs for female offenders.

The Jail Diversion and Crime Prevention Division was designed to make the Cook County Sheriff’s Office more useful and accessible to residents.

The Office Of Professional Review investigates allegations of various types of misconduct throughout the Sheriff's Office.

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