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These are the configurable settings for the Blogger Archive Calendar. All of these are in the top section of the script.

var bcLoadingImage = "";
This is the url for the loading image while the calendar loads. I've 'borrowed' the one Blogger uses for FTP uploads and made the background transparent so it should look a little better on dark backgrounds. But feel free to grab your own loading image.

var bcLoadingMessage = " Loading....";
This is the loading message that displays. You can change it to anything, or leave it blank. Non-English users may want to modify to their own language.

var bcArchiveNavText = "View Archive";
This is the text for the  link provided to the whole archive page. Again you can change it to anything, or modify to your own language.

var bcArchiveNavPrev = '◄';
This is what is displayed to go to the previous archive in the bottom navigation pane. The current one makes a back arrow. You can change this to anything you want, or nothing and use a CSS background. If you use an image here, you will have to include the whole image tag.

var bcArchiveNavNext = '►';
Same as above, but for the next archive.

var headDays = ["Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"];
These are for the tooltip that comes up if you hover over the day abbreviations in the calendar. You may want to match your own language. Just keep the format (between the quote marks, separated by commas. Also, they have to stay in the same order. with Sunday as the first day of the week.

var headInitial = ["Su","Mo","Tu","We","Th","Fr","Sa"];
These are the day initials that are displayed in the calendar. Again they have to be kept in this format, in this order. But you can change what is displayed to either match your own language, or if you want one more or less character   displayed as well.

The last one is actually a CSS entry and not in the variables, but it functions as a setting so I'm listing it here. If you should not want all the post titles to be listed beneath the calendar, then add this to your CSS section.
Easiest way to find the CSS section if you don't know is to find the ending ]]></b:skin> tag in your template, and paste the following line right BEFORE that tag.

#calendarDisplay {display:none;}