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Published: September 19, 1993

I suppose that Ron Rosenbaum was trying to be humorous in his portrayal of the life styles of the not-so-rich and infamous of Long Island, but the anti-Italian comments were unnecessary. ("The Devil in Long Island," Aug. 22). No other ethnic group is singled out for ridicule.

After telling us that Amy Fisher is a product of a "Matzoh-Pizza" marriage, Rosenbaum goes on to say: "Amy was fleeing her Jewish side (or at least in flight from her Jewish father) and seeking danger -- a walk on the wilder side of her Italian heritage -- with rough-talking, gangster-moll-manque Italian girlfriends and tough guy car culture." Excuse me? Amy's mother looked rather quiet to me, hardly a woman to walk on the "wild side."

And then there is the anecdote about the housewife who "openly sought a hit man" and asks a county official with an Italian surname: "Are you connected to the mob? . . . I'm looking for someone to kill my husband." Evidently, the wife was dumber than most in more ways than one. But Ron Rosenbaum, I assume, knows better and recognizes a gratuitous slur when he hears one. GERALDINE A. FERRARO New York, N.Y.