Thoughts on Sunday

I think I’m going to try doing some regular posts on my observations of service at my church each week.  Of course the first one is a bit late but that’s okay.

Here we go:

  • Pastor Marshall continued his series on Spiritual Disciplines - talking about serving and stewardship.  Wow - pretty brave to tackle such tough topics together! - but I think he did a great job.
  • “Serving God is not an option” (Joshua 24:15)
  • We don’t serve God to BE forgiven - we serve because we ARE forgiven

Some points on Stewardship:

  • God Owns Everything!
  • Giving is an act of Worship
  • Giving reflects faith in God’s promises.
  • “get ready to give”
  • “give generously”
  • “go for the great harvest”
  • “give cheerfully”
  • “generate blessing”

Sunday PM:
Sunday night the team that went to the Ukraine (of which I was a part of) shared about our experience.  Pretty cool.  I’m going to be posting some video and powerpoints of the presentation on our church website this week sometime and I’ll update the links here.  It was really neat reliving our experience there.  I’m also hoping this week to post observations from my trip to Ukraine on my blog.

Trying out Soup

A tumblr like service I've decided to give a go at

A tumblr like service I've decided to give a go at

No…not the food - Soup is a tumblr-like service that seems like it’ll be a fun way to aggregate my various web presence and other stuff.  I’m looking for an easy way to collect that kind of info for archiving and retrieval.  I’ve put the feed of my soup in the sidebar here.  We’ll see if it fills up in the coming week (the displayed feed is only of original posts to my soup account - I’m not including the aggregated stuff…yet!).

Merry Christmas 2008!

It’s that time of year again where I get woken early by my kids and mumble, “just 5 more minutes” while they are bouncing up and down on their Daddy’s tortured body.   It’s that time of year again when I finally roll out of bed and half fall down to the stairs with a big smile on my face as I look forward to seeing my children gleefully shred wrapping paper with wonder in their eyes at the gifts they’ve received.  It’s that time of year again when my wife and I look at each other with that understanding and gratitude for the blessing of sharing this moment with our children and just the wonder of being together.  It’s that time of year again when I’m reminded that if it weren’t for the incarnation, the most extravagant gift of God in Jesus Christ - that none of this would be possible.

Hope you had a great day today folks with family and friends!

Organize Series 2.0.8 released

It’s time to get out of beta and get this version onto so more users can enjoy all the goodies.  Once again, a big thanks to all the people who have helped test and fix the bugs that first got introduced way back when WordPress 2.6 was released.  There’s so many of you I’ve lost track - but they are in the feed ;-)

Click here to download Organize Series 2.0.8

Here’s a list of fixes/features with this new version:

New features

  • Added a new argument to the “wplistseries” function - “number” which enables users to limit the number of series displayed
  • Reworked the layout of Organize Series administration integration with WordPress so it “fits” with WordPress 2.7 - including showing “Series” in the Dashboard “Right Now” widget.
  • Organize Series interface can be floated around and respositioned in the write/edit posts screen for WordPress 2.7
  • moved the “Manage Series” menu item to the Posts submenu area for WP2.7 (previous versions stay in the same location)


  • fixed an inconsistency with ’showlastupdate’
  • fixed some bugs with the atom feed (was an early update…not sure if it’s still working correctly now)

New Look: Unfolding Neurons 3.0

Time for a change around here.  A change that’s actually been in the works for quite a while.  I started working on a new theme for Unfolding Neurons at the beginning of 2008 but got sidetracked by changes in my life and never could get back to working on the theme I was developing (realized I didn’t like it anyway).  Part of the prep for the new look involved restructuring my blog and doing a major decompress of all my categories.  I eliminated over 40 categories I was using and decided I would use categories for the major themes in my blog and tags for all the other ways of describing what I write.

When I saw what was coming through the pipes with WordPress 2.7 I decided that rather than developing a theme from scratch, I’d take a look at what other good themes are out there and modify one to suit my needs.  That’s when I came across the excellent “Hybrid” theme framework by Justin Tadlock which he developed with WordPress 2.7 in mind.  What I like about Hybrid is that it is a framework that you can build child themes off of and if Justin updates Hybrid I can switch in the update without having to worry about the custom changes I’ve made for my site.  Unfolding Neurons 3.0 is actually built off of a child theme for Hybrid that Justin created called “Old School“.

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