Editors - Manchester, UK - Winter 2005
1/30/2006 5:21:51 PM
Meeting in the Back Room

Just don’t call them Joy Division.

Over the past twelve months, Birmingham’s Editors have been slowly but, very surely, causing some called-for hysteria. The four-piece (who met at Stafford University before relocating to Brum) have been plagued with comparisons to ‘80s luminaries - the Bunnymen and JD - but their intense, brimming and harmonic clatter has earned them a bastion of alleged ‘doom ‘n’ gloom’ followers, around 2,000 of whom will be present tonight.

‘I can’t believe here’s sold out. It’s mind-blowing, really - playing the Night and Day a couple of months ago and then just upgraded to here,’ fidgets drummer Ed excitedly. So, you’re not at all nervous?

‘It’s a little bit nerve-wracking, obviously, but I just can’t wait to get on. It’s that kind of room where, if it’s full, it’s going to be incredible.’

So it would appear, so far, that Editors are wont to this, seeing the larger shows as an opportunity to reach more and more people; much like the re-release of first single, ‘Bullets’. When it was put out in January, the 500 copies were sold in just two days.

‘When we first put it out, it was always regarded as the most poppy song we had and so I think we made a conscious decision to re-record it. We were happy with the album version, but we didn’t think it really filled its full potential, so we had a little bit of a rework and we’re really pleased with the results.’

He becomes self-conscious at the commercial politics of such a decision. ‘I know it’s a re-release... but I think it’s changed substantially.’

So you’re aware that it would be one of the most popular tracks then?

‘We were quite conscious that it’d be radio-friendly. But hopefully not in a James Blunt kind of way.’

No danger there (otherwise we wouldn’t be here); ‘Bullets’ is a stirring and intensely powerful song that perfectly showcases their stand. And so on to that sound: although the ‘80s comparisons are inevitable, it turns out that they are completely unintentional.

(In fact, the band’s biggest influences are REM and Manchester’s very own Elbow.)

‘Tom (Smith, Editors vocalist)’s favourite album is REM’s ‘Murmur’, so they were his favourite band whilst growing up and I think they’ve always maintained a certain cool vibe about everything they’ve released. They haven’t sold out at all, so they’re big influences not just in songwriting, but the way they’ve protected themselves as musicians and as a band.’

And Elbow?

‘We are huge fans of (Elbow) and we all agree, they’re the only band we all have the same opinion of; everybody likes them to that great extent. I’m pretty sure Guy (Garvey, of Elbow) will be along tonight, poke his little face in. We’ve become really good friends with them after that, so it’s been a fantastic opportunity. We were all quite star-struck.’

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