You’ve read about the weirdest home remedies, and you know about some of the strangest diseases to plague humankind. But the positively implausible treatments of yesteryear deserve a mention also. Here are just a few bizarre outdated home remedies that are virtually guaranteed not to work. These are all real folk remedies that have been used at one time or another. (In case you’re wondering, we don’t endorse or condone the actual use of any of these treatments.)

crazy home treatments snail earache

1. For earaches, de-shell a snail and put the snail’s “froth” in your ears. (If anyone knows how to harvest snail froth, please leave a comment. We’re dying of curiosity.)

2. Is your child suffering with a bad cough? No worries. Just pass them under the belly of horse three times and their cough will disappear.

3. Rub your warts with a black snail, then impale the snail on a thorn tree. Folk medicine practitioners obviously have something against snails.

mad dog bite weird home remedies

4. If you’re ever bitten by a mad dog, two small white bumps should appear under your tongue, according to one Southern treatment. All that you need to do is cut those two bumps out and - presto! - your nasty case of rabies is cured.

5. Is that kid of yours sick again? This time with the croup? Simply mix together equal parts urine and goose oil and administer by mouth.

deafness xray bizarre treatment

6. Apparently, even the worst cases of deafness can be reversed with x-ray treatments. (Maybe this isn’t exactly a home remedy, but it sure is weird.)

7. Rubbing snow on frostbitten skin. For some reason, many people still believe this one to this day. In case you were one of those people, please take note: rubbing frostbitten skin with cold snow is not a good idea.

8. Putting butter on a burn. This is another one that’s still used by some people today. The butter holds the heat in the burn while creating a perfect bacteria breeding ground. It’s like a bacteria disco in there. Run your burned flesh under cool water for several minutes instead. And avoid ice - that will just do more tissue damage.

frog freckles sore throat worst home remedies

9. Rubbing a live frog on your freckles is said to leave you smooth and freckle-free.

10. While you’ve got that frog, if you can manage to spit into its open mouth you’ll also be free of your sore throat.