New Aquafresh Iso-Active™ Foaming Gel works beyond paste.

This is no ordinary toothpaste.

A new dimension in Aquafresh Triple Protection.

Designed for your whole mouth.

The Product - How is it different?

Aquafresh introduces a breakthrough in oral care.

One look tells you that this is no ordinary toothpaste. New Aquafresh iso-active™ contains a special ingredient that activates as you brush to create rich foam. The unique formulation works beyond the brush to remove more bacteria than an ordinary toothpaste.

It's so advanced, no ordinary tube could hold it.

Amazing Science

Aquafresh's Triple Protection has reached a whole new dimension.

The breakthrough gel has a unique action that generates twice the foam of an ordinary toothpaste. The foam directly targets bacteria to fight a key source of oral malodour. The activated foam penetrates hard-to-reach places to help remove debris and bacteria, fight plaque and deliver amazing freshness.

Try it and feel the difference for yourself!

Your mouth is amazing

Have you ever wondered how amazing your mouth is? We have...

The scientists at Aquafresh understand just how complex, unique and amazing it is. We are dedicated to understanding every nuance of your mouth and to develop products that keep it performing its daily marvels for you.

It is this commitment that led us to create new Aquafresh iso-active™.

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