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Alien 3 Workprint (1992) DVD

Alien 3 Workprint (1992) DVD
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Alien 3 Workprint (1992) DVD Product Information
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In 1979, we discovered in space no one can hear you scream. In 1992, we will discover, on Earth, EVERYONE can hear you scream.

The bitch is back

This time it's hiding in the most terrifying place of all

Our worst fears have come true. It's back!

3 times the suspense. 3 times the danger. 3 times the terror

Start running...again.

ALIEN3 picks up where Alien 2 left off. Ripley crash lands in a shuttlecraft on Fiorina 161, a distant prison planet. The only survivor, Ripley learns the ship has brought an alien with it, and one by one the religious fanatics in the dilapidated penal colony are torn apart. This film was heavily edited before its theatrical release, and most (possibly all) of the cuts are included on this workprint NTSC, Letterbox, English Language, Time coded, Film Only, 2 hours 5 mins

Alien 3 Workprint also known as Alien³, Alien 3 (France), Alien 3 (Germany), Alien 3 (Portugal), Alien 3 (Spain), Alien 3 (Turkey), Alien 3 (USA), Alien³ (Denmark), Alien³ (Finland), A Vegso megoldas: Halal (Hungary), Alien³ - I teliki anametrisi (Greece), Obcy 3 (Poland), Osmi potnik 3 (Slovenia), Yaratik 3 (Turkey).

Alien 3 Workprint was directed by David Fincher, written by Walter Hill, Larry Ferguson, David Giler, Dan O'Bannon, Ronald Shusett, Vincent Ward, and released in 1992. Filmed on location in Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage, Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK (studio) (interiors - blast furnace) Blast Beach, Northumberland, England, UK (Planet Surface) Blyth Power Station, Northumberland, England, UK Dawdon Beach, County Durham, England, UK Los Angeles, California, USA Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, England, UK (studio), Alien 3 Workprint was produced by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation, Brandywine Productions Ltd.. Alien 3 Workprint (Alien³) was filmed in Color (Eastmancolor) with English audio track and 114 min / 145 min run-time.

Alien 3 Workprint Cast

  • Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
  • Charles S. Dutton as Dillon
  • Charles Dance as Clemens
  • Paul McGann as Golic
  • Brian Glover as Andrews
  • Ralph Brown as Aaron
  • Danny Webb as Morse
  • Christopher John Fields as Rains
  • Holt McCallany as Junior
  • Lance Henriksen as Bishop II
  • Chris Fairbank (AKA Christopher Fairbank) as Murphy
  • Carl Chase as Frank
  • Leon Herbert as Boggs
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as Jude
  • Pete Postlethwaite as David
  • Paul Brennen as Troy
  • Clive Mantle as William
  • Peter Guinness as Gregor
  • Dhobi Oparei (AKA Deobia Oparei) as Arthur
  • Philip Davis as Kevin
  • Niall Buggy as Eric
  • Hi Ching as Company Man
  • Danielle Edmond as Newt
  • Tom Woodruff Jr. as Lead Alien

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