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Rick’s Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there going to be a Percy Jackson movie?

Answer: Chris Columbus (who did the first two Harry Potter films) has been signed to direct and produce The Lightning Thief. Fox 2000 is the movie studio. They are working on a script and the tentative release date is July 2, 2010. Tentative means “maybe,” guys, so it could very well change. So far, there is no information about casting. That’s all the information I have at the present time. Please don’t ask me further questions about the movie. That’s all I can tell you!

I want to be in the movie. Do you have any information on casting?

Answer: No. I get thousands of emails from kids who want to be in the movie. I totally understand why it’s a fun thing to think about, but I can’t give you any information about this. Honest, I have nothing to do with the movie. I am not involved in the casting process in any way, nor can I tell you who to contact. I cannot give you contact information for anyone who is involved with the film. I won’t know more later, nor can I email you if I find out additional information. Basically, I can’t help you, so please don’t ask. Sorry!

How many books will there be in the Percy Jackson series?

Answer: Five. Many fans ask me to make the series longer, and I appreciate it! But I believe it’s important for a series to have a good strong ending. If I tried to keep it going longer, it just wouldn’t be as exciting.  Besides, I’ve finished writing the ending, and I’m not going to change it now! The main story that started in The Lightning Thief will be wrapped up in book five, but don’t get too sad. I’m planning another Camp Half-Blood series in a couple of years, and you may see some of your favorite characters again in those books. It’s way too early to tell you anything more about the next Camp Half-Blood series. As soon as I’m ready to share more, I’ll post information on the website.

When does the next book come out?

Answer: Book five, THE LAST OLYMPIAN, will be published on May 5, 2009, in the US, Canada and the UK.

Can you tell me anything about what happens in book five?

Answer: No. As soon as I’m ready to share any information, I will post it on the website, but most of the details will remain secret until the book is published. Anything that isn’t posted on the website, I can’t tell you!

Do you have any advice for writers?

Answer: You bet! Check the website here. Please note that I’m not able to read and provide individual comments on people’s stories because I get too many requests like that, but hopefully the advice on the website will help you!

I’m a teacher, librarian or bookseller interested in booking an event. How do I do this?

Answer: Unfortunately because of my writing schedule I’m no longer booking school visits. Check the website here for more information.

Is there really a Camp Half-Blood, and how do I sign up?

Answer: I know of two bookstores that run Camp Half-Blood sessions during the summer — Bookpeople in Austin, Texas, and the Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Georgia. These are day camps for kids, and they’re lots of fun, but I am not directly involved in the camps. For more information on registration, you would need to contact the sponsoring bookstores.

Where did you get your inspiration for the Percy Jackson series?

Answer: Check the website here.

I’m doing a report for school. Can you give me some information?

The website has a ton of information for school reports. Check here for biographical information on me. Read an interview with me here. These are just to get you started. There’s much more. I can’t do individual interviews for school reports, but do some searching around the website and you should find everything you need. Good luck with your project!

How can I get a signed book?

I always post my public events on my web calendar. Most of these events happen around the time a new book is released. If you don’t live close to an event, you can contact any store that is hosting me and preorder signed books. The store will get your books signed on the day I do my event. Then they will ship them to you. Almost all bookstores are happy to take orders from out-of-town customers. This applies only to bookstores. Please don’t attempt to mail your books to me for signature. I get too many requests to accommodate shipments of books, and by the time they get to me (if they get to me) they tend to be in pretty bad shape.

Why are there different authors for the 39 Clues books?

There will be ten books in the 39 Clues series and each will be written by a different author. I designed the general story arc for the whole series and authored the first book, Maze of Bones, but the other books will be published in such rapid succession — roughly one book every three months — that it would be impossible for me or any other author to write them all. The editorial team works with each author to make sure the story and the characters stay consistent, but they also allow each author to bring their own personal flair to the story.

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